First race display&market bugs?

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First race display&market bugs?

Post by Robyklebt » Wed Nov 08, 2023 4:38 pm

Not sure if it's a bug, seems nothing extremely urgent for sure, but I have a question:

New team, first race today.


1) Looked at the inscription on mobile from the train, it already said "first race 08.11.23". Even if he was only inscribed. Seems weird.

2) While looking at the team found this, so the post gets longer:
Kelvin Chilunga:
Value: $2,542,477
Tranfer: $2,521,689.

Why is/was Chilunga marginally cheaper than his value? D6 shouldn't have cheapened riders. And actually he should be having the D7 market. Which wasn't the same as D6 exactly. If I remember correctly for example 20 year olds weren't available until you reached D6.

3) That's number 3. He has a 20 year old.

So points 2+3 (that I only disovered now...) are more important than one. Was there a change of policy for newcomers? Cheapened riders, 20 year olds? Or is it a bug? Or an inadvertent unwanted change? Or do I remember the rules for D6 and D7 wrong?
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