Points and Cash HC KAt Mountain TdF

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Berliner Bären RC
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Points and Cash HC KAt Mountain TdF

Post by Berliner Bären RC » Wed Jul 15, 2020 7:42 pm

Hi all,

There will be a problem with the HC Mountain points
P 9 =0 Points
P10 = -2 Points

I think the minus 2 points dont count but i am sure you must pay every time 1.400 money for it.
Today i get twice the 10th place and have a negativce income at the "Umsatz Zwischenwertung" of 2.800.
Yesterday the same but only one time 10th and -1.400.

Bergwertung Ausser-Kategorie:
1.Fabio Antinori (Big Donkey): 20
2.Beltran Barrientos (Liquigas-CND): 15
3.Ljuben Schiwkow (Team-Phoenix): 12
4.Nikolas Roche (Ugao TE): 10
5.Ethan Metz (Bike Tales): 8
6.Emmanuel Thirifays (Feiting Siebing): 6
7.Alberto Fernandez (Novostil): 4
8.Theo Thornquist (Gipfelstuermer): 2
9.Quirin Quathammer (Gipfelstuermer): 0
10.Cas Willems (Berliner Bären RC): -2


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