Attac and/or sprint (at the last km)

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Attac and/or sprint (at the last km)

Post by bergwerk cycling » Sat Feb 11, 2023 5:37 pm

is it supposed to be like that or is it a bug?

last kilometer
Alejandro Velasco (stevens) attackiert
Guillaume Payot (Big Donkey) schafft es nicht mitzugehen

Harry Blind(bergwerk) sprintet von vorne
Guillaume Payot(Big Donkey) hängt sich hinten dran
Najee Harris(RSV Gera) hängt sich hinten dran
Gaizka Gerenabarrena(T-Mobile-A) hängt sich hinten dran

this happened in the last 7 month not in my races so i really ask if its supposed oder a bug?

My idea was to sprint at 500 meters as I was definitely the worst climber and i really thought that noone is in my wheel.
What happen? Payot cant follow Velasco and change to the wheel who will do it offensiv ... and hangs on my ass???
and the others too

What would happen if Velasco cant get out of the group and sprint like the others at 50m? Payot hang on him and Blind is 500 m gone and have a good chance to win ....

so why is it so?? cant follow this idea?

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