Reflections on a year of C4F

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Reflections on a year of C4F

Post by Bright » Tue Mar 26, 2024 1:21 am

Hi Guys,

Maybe noone is interested but I've been playing C4F for just over a year now and wanted to give my reflections on it.

+++ The fact you can ride with real players and every km is new. You have a deeply strategic game with countless possibilities, which is truly awesome.
+++ real stages, real tours. This brought back some of the fun I had cycling myself and watching cycling on tv. No doping or other shit. Just strategy
+++ developing your own riders as you see fit, with again endless possibilities.
++ many friendly people. There are lots of great and friendly people here in this game, talking to them and enjoying conversations makes it worth my time.
+ naming your riders (tiny detail, but I like it, makes it more personal)
-the community is a bit small, you often ride against the same couple of teams, I won't if there's ever been like 2000 teams or so, making it more interesting I'd think.
-- The fairplay ratings. Either they should be removed or they should be counted, but as it is now, it seems redundant.
---Only big downside I see happening quite often. With a small community rivalry is likely to happen, as is disagreement about strategy. That's okay, but there's too much toxicity between some of the teams. From the first month on I noticed some people kept bashing other's (not offensive, but on content) For myself I've noticed that again today and it diminishes the fun I'm having in game.

So mostly ups and a few downs. No clue what you guys think of it, but just wanted to give an honest review of a somewhat new player

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Re: Reflections on a year of C4F

Post by flockmastoR » Tue Mar 26, 2024 8:46 am

Thank you very much for sharing your experiences. The views of new managers are extraordinary valuable.

I think the main value of the Fairplay commentary always was to get an impression of a team when you never have raced before with that team. Of course always through the eyes of other managers. But stuff like teams being off while in escape repeatedly, refusing to cooperate in specific situations could help you out sometime. Nowadays it is mostly used for letting each other know that you don't like each other.
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Re: Reflections on a year of C4F

Post by bergwerk cycling » Tue Mar 26, 2024 10:27 am

Hei Bright ... I agree with you 100%.

The Game is really fantastic and is probably the most interesting one in the long run for years!

and the negativ thing i agree unfortunately with you 100% too!!!

The rivalry between some teams and some aggressive behavour is really annoying - it bothers me personally too and makes
some races more to a negativ entertainment show.

but i normaly like the fairplay ratings - Some of them I more or less simply ignore

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Re: Reflections on a year of C4F

Post by Gipfelstuermer » Wed Mar 27, 2024 12:09 pm

Thank you for those comments, Bright, and great to have new players like you. These posts are encouraging and motivating for me as an admin (even though lack of motivation is less of a problem than lack of time...).

I understand the two main things are: We need more players and better fairplay. It's also true that it belongs together a bit. With more players it would be less likely to have such extreme rilvary sometimes.

One question:
Bright wrote:
Tue Mar 26, 2024 1:21 am
-- The fairplay ratings. Either they should be removed or they should be counted, but as it is now, it seems redundant.
How would you "count" them? To have something like an average fairplay rating per player?

Otherwise it is important to say that currently all admins, designer, FPC, NC etc. are volunteers. We are not making any money (which has pros and cons). So I think as admins we need to focus on those volunteers. Develop better tools and manuals for the volunteers, so that in turn we have more time for coding. But we also depend on the community. Everyone can help :)
Gameplay: Flexible Min-Tact. Improve Sprint System. Windkante.
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New Players: Fair Start Budget, New Tutorial.
Fairplay: Improve FPC features, Fair Prize Money Disribution.

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