22h Campeonato de los Andes

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22h Campeonato de los Andes

Post by Gipfelstuermer » Sun Nov 07, 2021 8:19 pm

22-year old Satoru Gojo wins first stage of the 2022 Campeonato

81 riders from 9 teams stood at the start ramp in Urrao, Colombia for this year's edition of the toughest c4f race. The riders will have to complete more than 2,700km and 67,000m of elevation gain over two weeks and it's most likely not all of them will reach the finish on the 5,900m high volcano Cotopaxi in Ecuador.

Among the brave riders are this year's Giro-, TDF- and Vuelta-winner Luca deMarchi (Los Galacticos) as well as his super domestique Simon Dolberg. While his main competitors were defeated throughout the season, climbers like Florian Absalon (Idefix), Willem DeWit (Gipfelstuermer), Bana Hamawandi (Team Toto) and Wyn Masters (Bearclaw Cycling) will try to challenge deMarchi in the upcoming high altitude stages.

Apart from these opponents, who know each other quite well after a long season, there are some newcomer climbers who want to replace the established riders. Little Grillo (Carrera Blue Jeans), Geronimo DeRazza and Kilian Wernink (both Pokemonogatari) are the most promising talents, while Alejandro Otxoa (Los Galacticos) is expected to ride as another super domestique for deMarchi to prove that he is worthy to ride for GC in 2022.

Among the starters, there also super strong classic riders like Rocco Bombini (Carrera Blue Jeans), Asketil Baastrand (Rhodan Underdogs) and Jonathan Aguilar (Los Galacticos).

However, it was the 22-years young Satoru Gojo (Pokemonogatari) who stole the show in the opening 60km time trial taking the win 43'' ahead of DeWit. So do we have to look at the super young riders like Gojo and Bohu (both Pokemonogatari), like Campagne and Chanson (Idefix) or like Pierre Pagie (Gipfelstuermer) to find the GC winner of the 2022 Campeonato? Most likely they are too young but it will be interesting how they develop throughout the race and who can become a real GC contender for the 2022 season.

6.11.2021,22 :00 Campeonato de los Andes : C.d.l.A. Et.1 Rigoberto Uran: ITT Urrao: Individual Time Trial
1. 00:00:00 Satoru Gojo (Pokemonogatari)
2. 00:00:43 Willem DeWit (Gipfelstuermer)
3. 00:02:17 Kilian Wernink (Pokemonogatari)
4. 00:02:35 Bana Hamawandi (Team Toto)
5. 00:02:45 Luca deMarchi (Los Galacticos)
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