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Berliner Bären RC
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Post by Berliner Bären RC » Thu Jan 07, 2021 1:47 pm

I'm going to try my hand at being a flying pencil for the MIT tour.

Hello to all,

2 flat stages + 1 flat (cobbles)
1 team time trial
1 individual time trial
4 classic stages partly with cobblestone passages
1 mountain stage with steep downhill section
1 mountain finish

So it is not surprising that the teams have sent their top sprinters to the training camp and that there are a lot of classics in the peloton.
Led by RSF points leader Jose Orozco (Alkworld), Jonathan Jones (Kreativ) with weaknesses in the time trial and also Quirin Quathammer (Bahrai-Merida), if he can play to his strengths in the cobbled sections and manage his regeneration.

It remains to be seen whether the mountain specialists Beat Orlik (Alkworld) last times often noble helper of Orozco, Mbutu Agonago (Ciccio Sport) soloist without a helper will play a role in the overall classification in this profile.
Dustin Cooper (Kreatief) and Attila Valtter (Palasteam) will probably concentrate on the white jersey.
However, the last 30 km of the tour will be very hard for the climbers and could cause some changes in the overall classification.
In top form, Mike Crawford (Kreatief), Ikoba Italeli (SV Furpach), Gylfi Bjarnason (Falkenbier), Mark Schröder (Jäger-LeCultre), Wilhlem Klink (Bahrain-Merida) or Timmy Chandler (Hessen Cycling) could cause a surprise and fight for the TOP 10.

Report of stage 1

11 teams, a total of 99 riders, started the race.
Shortly after the start, a group of 5 broke away.
Christof Marent and Remo Grass (Jäger-LeCultre)
Mauro Schmid and Ethan Hayter (Rasmussen)
Jonny Acosta (SV Furpach)

Berliner Bären RC sent Cedric de Kerpel to the front of the peloton and controlled the pace with the help of Alkworld, so that the lead increased to a maximum of just over 3 minutes.
From KM 90 onwards, Falkenbier also joined the chase.

15 km before the finish, the escapees gave up and Alkworld, Falkenbier and Berliner Bären kept the pace high until the bunch sprint.

The sprint train of Berliner Bären dominated and Alex Clavadetscher perfectly pulled ahead of the inexperienced Lars van Aubel.
Ernesto Juantorena (Falkenbier) went out of the slipstream in the last metres, but could not catch van Aubel (Berliner Bären RC) anymore.

Tomorrow could be a day for breakaways. Hilly terrain, some challenging cobblestone sections at the halfway point but not too long at 140 km.

All the best until then.
Your flying Pencil

Berliner Bären RC
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Re: MIT 9 AM

Post by Berliner Bären RC » Fri Jan 08, 2021 7:26 pm

Welcome to the daily MIT report,

Wow what a stage was that?

A nervous start, until the peloton finally allowed a 6-man escape group at KM 10.
Robin Froidevaux and Matthew Brammeier (Rasmussen)
Paolo Wanchope (SV Furpach)
Gerhard Vallaster (Jäger Le Cultre)
Bafetimbi Ouatarra (Falkenbier)
Paul Atreides (Ciccio Sport)

Robin Froidevaux pedalled hard and there was only half-hearted pursuit in the peloton. The Berlin Bears RC didn't seem to have the strength after yesterday's work and probably didn't have the best prospects of defending the yellow jersey in the upcoming final.

At KM 82 the lead of the escapees was 3:30 and the race was going along smoothly when suddenly Bahrain-Merida sent Louis le Beou to the front of the peloton and tightened the pace.
Cobbles hardly a chance to win the Tour, but today was one of those days to lose the Tour, Attila Valtter (Palasteam) had to feel that painfully. After a crash at the entrance of the first cobbled section he lost the connection to the peloton.
Palasteam immediately dropped some riders to the side of their captain, the fight for the white jersey and probably also a top place in the overall classification seems hopeless already after stage 2. Let's hope that the injuries are not serious and that Valtter recovers before the mountain stages.

Team Kreatief took over the pace in the peloton, swallowed the leading group before the second cobbled sections and gave the group around Attila Valtter no chance to catch up with the peloton again.

Team Kreatief led the peloton into the last mountain of the day.
At the top of the hill, a group of 11 riders with all the remaining overall class favourites broke away, but there were still 25 mostly flat kilometres to go to the finish.

It was the day of accidents and misfortunes.
24 KM to the finish in the downhill Jose Orozco got steered off his bike and had to let the leading group go. The captaincy question at Alkworld is clearly settled and so Beat Orlik grudgingly dropped back to his leader.
21 km before the finish, Teodoro Fernandez (SV Furpach) was also hit. With a good chance in the leading group of 9 riders, he had a defect. Fortunately, the bike change went very quickly and he was at least able to keep up with the second group.

The Crawford brothers (Kreatief) seemed to have saved a lot of energy on the hilly stage so far.
The lead of the leading group of 8 riders grew from KM to KM.

With 16 km to go, the second group was divided and the peloton, including the man in yellow Lars van Aubel, was able to catch up again, but the lead of the escapees had already grown to 44 seconds.

Even though the peloton was pushing the pace with combined forces, the group managed to save a lead until the finish, mainly thanks to the work of team Kreatief.
In the steep downhill sprint, Jonathan Jones (Kreatief) and Quirin Quathammer (Bahrain-Merida) were able to break away from the group.

Jonathan Jones was able to cheer on the finish line and also take over the overall lead with today's stage win.

We'll hear from you tomorrow from the team time trial.
Your Flying Pencil

Berliner Bären RC
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Re: MIT 9 AM

Post by Berliner Bären RC » Sat Jan 09, 2021 11:20 am

News from Flying Pencil.

The team time trial on stage 3 of the MIT Tour was made by the teams of
Jäger-LeCultre and Alkworld.

In the end, the Jäger-LeCultre boys won by a narrow margin of 9 seconds.

Thus, the yellow jersey is once again on new shoulders.
Since Maximilian Salzgeber (Jäger-LeCultre) was the first to cross the finish line today, he can start in yellow tomorrow.

In the overall classification, Team Alkworld has created the best conditions for Jose Orozco.
Quirin Quathammer (Bahrain Merida) 1:09 behind
Jonathan Jones (Kreatief) 1:27 - He never rode a good TT so far
Wilhelm Klink (Bahrain Merida) 1:30
Dustin Cooper (Kreatief) 1:44 (White leader)
Timmy Chandler (Hessen Cycling) 2:02
Ikoba Italeli and Teodoro Fernandez (SV Furpach) over 4:30.

Let's take a look at the 4th Stage. Maybe we will see another switch of yellow tomorrow. The profile leads us over 2 mountains of the 1st category, but for the fight for the overall classification and also for the red jersey the 5th stage looks more exciting.
Tomorrow a breakaway group could possibly get through.

Goodbye your
Flying Pencil

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Re: MIT 9 AM

Post by Alkworld » Sat Jan 09, 2021 11:58 am

Great race reports, thx Berliner Bären RC!
You really made me think that Jose actually had some problems yesterday and I didn't mess it up myself :lol:

And yes, this just looks too easy for Jose. So let's see, if the team management gets even sloppier the next days ;)

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Re: MIT 9 AM

Post by GreenMotion » Sat Jan 09, 2021 1:30 pm

Thanks for the race reports from Berlin!

The Jäger boys are pretty tired after today. Everyone in the team is happy about the tight and probably given victory. Thank you Alkword!
The next few days will be difficult and we will try to use the remaining energy to stay close to the favorites and white.

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Re: MIT 9 AM

Post by Weezel » Sat Jan 09, 2021 3:52 pm

Nice reports, this is what makes c4f more fun!
I enjoy reading even if I'm no participant.
Only one thing made me wonder: You write about three riders, who crashed at the second stage. As I know it's not possible here, so as an outsider I really wondered what happened^^
Manager von T-Mobile-A

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Re: MIT 9 AM

Post by Robyklebt » Sat Jan 09, 2021 3:54 pm

They crashed. It's clearly written. It happened, believe it. It's not 0s and 1s, it's riders, they crash! VIVA Bären.
Kraftsystemrevision! Include the distance!
Basics reform: Give blue a chance!
Don't punish bugusers. We all have to use bugs, since most of them are declared as "features"!

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Re: MIT 9 AM

Post by Weezel » Sat Jan 09, 2021 4:42 pm

Robyklebt wrote:
Sat Jan 09, 2021 3:54 pm
They crashed. It's clearly written. It happened, believe it. It's not 0s and 1s, it's riders, they crash! VIVA Bären.
Okay, will have a look at the crash-possibilities in future 8-)
Manager von T-Mobile-A

Berliner Bären RC
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Re: MIT 9 AM

Post by Berliner Bären RC » Sun Jan 10, 2021 2:53 pm

Welcome to the 4th stage of the MIT tour.

As expected, the attacks started right after the neutralisation of the race.
After 9 km the group of the day was formed, but it was clear from the beginning that the interests were very different.
(Rasmussen) Ethan Hayter and Quentin Guex, as well as (Palasteam) Csaba Békés and Atilla Valtter seemed to be aiming for the mountains jersey and so the rest of the group left the leading work to the two teams.
Kolbeinn Sigborsson and Paolo Wanchope (SV Furpach)
Wilhelm Klink (Bahrain-Merida)
Atahualpa Yupanqui (Alkworld)
and Cedric de Kerpel and Ralf Krüger (SV Berliner Bären) completed the group.

In the peloton, Team Jäger-leCultre started to set the pace early. The group with Yupanqui, Krüger and Klink was apparently too big and a threat in the fight for yellow.
And so the escapees were only allowed a lead of just over 3 minutes.

Surprisingly, Attila Valter increased the pace already 2 km before the first mountain top, so that the group completely flew apart and only Guex could follow. At the top, Valtter secured the points ahead of Guex.

A race developed as if we were already on the last climb.
KM 60:
After the descent, there was only a short flat section in the valley before the next category 1 mountain awaited the riders. Quentin Guex (Rasmussen) seemed to have noticed that Atilla Valtter (Palasteam) had overstretched himself a bit on the first climb and twitched briefly.
The chasing group about 1:00 minute back had found each other again downhill and Kolbeinn Sigborsson (SV Furpach) and Cedric de Kerpel (Berliner Bären RC) made the pace.

In the peloton about 5:00 minutes back Jäger-leCultre still controlled the calm pace.

The second mountain classification of the day was won by Guex with a narrow lead over Valtter.
The chasers were already 4 minutes behind at the top and the peloton followed at 6:30.

Valtter, normally a good downhill rider, seemed to have lost some of his confidence after yesterday's crash. At least he lost 4 minutes on the chasers in the following downhill, which looked dangerously shaky in parts.

At the bottom of the last climb, Guex (Rasmussen) was 2:20 ahead of the chasing group and 4:20 ahead of the peloton.

On the last categorised climb, Bahrain-Merida and also Falkenbier joined in the lead work and so the advantage melted away on the last climb.
Guex (tomorrow he will wear the red jersey) was able to secure the 3rd category classification but with only 2 minutes left and 80 kilometres to go, it all came down to a mass sprint.

Apparently the sponsor of Jäger leCultre had promised a special bonus or Maximilian Salzgeber wanted to present the yellow jersey on TV again, in any case he attacked together with his team mate Rupert Schindler 65 km before the finish. 65 km and the 60-strong peloton breathing down his neck, a rather ambitious escape attempt.

Falkenbier and Berliner Bären RC let the two escapees ride on a long leash. Another escape attempt by Louis Trousselier (Alkworld) and Maggiore Bonacelli (Bahrain Merida) was also unsuccessful.
And so it was Gruppo completto 11 km before the finish.

In the mass sprint van Aubel (Berliner Bären RC) showed his lack of experience today, he stayed too long on the rear wheel and only came in 6th place.
The work of Team Falkenbier paid off Ernesto Juantorena took the stage win and also the green jersey from Lars van Aubel.

Every day a highlight.
This time an embarrassing mistake from Maximilian Salzgeber. The jury stripped him of his yellow jersey because he had held on to the team vehicle too long while fetching a water bottle.
Luckily for Team Jäger-leCultre, the yellow jersey remains in their ranks and tomorrow it will be worn by Mark Schröder.

Side note
Micky Moriaty (Ciccio Sport) unfortunately didn't make it to the finish within the grace period today, so there are only 98 riders left at the start tomorrow.
Otherwise there were no changes in the overall classification.

I am looking forward to tomorrow's queen stage of the MIT tour, as the favourites were able to take it easy today, we should hopefully see an action-packed race tomorrow.

Best regards
Flying Pencil

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Re: MIT 9 AM

Post by Bahrain-Merida » Mon Jan 11, 2021 10:48 am

the game doesnt work here.
Anyone same problems?

Berliner Bären RC
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Re: MIT 9 AM

Post by Berliner Bären RC » Mon Jan 11, 2021 12:06 pm

For technical reasons, there is unfortunately only a short report today, as we already have an editorial deadline in 5 minutes.

The 5th stage and the overall classification has a new face.

Jose Orozco (Alkworld) did not show any weakness on the queen stage. He won by 13 seconds ahead of Atilla Valtter (Palasteam) and Dustin Cooper (Kreatief), thus consolidating his claim to the Tour victory. From tomorrow on we will also see him in the yellow jersey.

Top 5
1st Orozco (Alkworld)
2nd Orlik (Alkworld) 0:31
3rd Loacker (Jäger-le Cultre) 1:19
4th Quathammer (Bahrain-Merida) 1:52
5th Schindler (Jäger-le Cultre) 1:58

The fight for the white jersey is much more exciting. There are still 4 riders with good chances.

1st Loacker (Jäger-le Cultre)
2nd Cooper (Kreatief) 0:42
3rd Suter (Rasmussen) 1:14
4th Klink (Bahrain-Merida) 1:41

Tomorrow we will see each other in Ibiza. Let's see if racers are also in a party mood.
Flying Pencil

Berliner Bären RC
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Re: MIT 9 AM

Post by Berliner Bären RC » Fri Jan 15, 2021 7:30 pm

Hello to all,
after a short break again a report from the MIT tour.

9 stages are finished and a lot has happened. Some classments seem to be decided.

Stage wins
2* Jose Orozco (Alkworld)
1* Beat Orlik (Alkworld)
1* Lars van Aubel (Berlin Bears RC)
1* Jonathan Jones (Kreatief)
1*Maximilian Salzgeber (Hunter-leCultre)
1* Ernesto Juantorena (Falkenbier)
1* Alex Acuna (SV Furpach)
1* Quirin Quathammer (Bahrain-Merida)
9 stages and 7 different teams have already taken a stage win.

Sounds pretty balanced but Team Alkworld is dominating the Tour at will.
The overall standings before the last 2 stages speak a pretty clear language.

1 Jose Orozco (Alkworld)
2 Beat Orlik (Alkworld) 0:02
3 Quirin Quathammer (Bahrain-Merida) 2:37
4 Jonathan Jones (Kreatief) 3:03
5 Joel Suter (Rasmussen) 3:42

On the last two days Orozco, can only be stopped by technical problem or a crash.
The fight for 2nd place could still be exciting. Orlik is not exactly known for his cobblestone qualities and on the last stage a 30 KM hell of gravel passages awaits him.

The mountain classification has already been decided, congratulations to Quentin Guex (Rasmussen).
The sprint classification is as good as decided. Here Quirin Quathammer (Bahrain-Merida) leads almost uncatchable.
For the white jersey are currently still fighting 4 drivers.
1 Joel Suter (Rasmussen)
2 Dustin Cooper (Kreatief) 0:04
3 Laurin Loecker (Jäger-leCultre) 0:19
4 Wilhelmn Klink (Bahrain-Merida) 0:39
Cooper and Suter with slight disadvantages in upcoming individual time trial
Cooper and Loecker with strong deficits on the gravel sections of the final stage.
Let's look forward to a gripping battle in this Classment on the 2 race days.

Until tomorrow, then I'll get back to you with a report from the individual time trial, but if there is no weather chaos and all riders have the same conditions, then I would bet on Oscar Aleman (Alkworld). The betting odds are 1:1,01, so doesn't really make sense.

Your Flying Pencil

Berliner Bären RC
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Re: MIT 9 AM

Post by Berliner Bären RC » Sat Jan 16, 2021 10:53 am

Good morning from sunny Greece.
The time trial spectacle of the MIT tour took place today on the island of Chios.

The individual time trial ended without big surprises Oscar Aleman (Alkworld) won sovereignly.
Orozco clearly extended his lead in the overall classification.

The fight for the white jersey, on the other hand, was action-packed, as expected.
At the start of the last stage Laurin Loecker (Jäger-leCultre) will be allowed to wear the jersey, but whether he will get it after the stage is rather doubtful.
Wilhelm Klink (Bahrain-Merida) is only 1 second behind Loecker, which should be tough for Loecker in the difficult cobbled sections.
32 seconds behind Klink, Joel Suter (Rasmussen) still has a chance to win the jersey.

See you tomorrow
Your Flying Pencil

Berliner Bären RC
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Re: MIT 9 AM

Post by Berliner Bären RC » Sun Jan 17, 2021 12:53 pm

The last stage of the MIT tour,
Race report by Flying Pencil.

From KM 1 it was clear that Team Rasmussen wanted to do everything to get Joel Suter into the white jersey. The team did not give any escape group a chance today. Ethan Hayter and later Quentin Guex sacrificed themselves for their captain and pushed the pace at the front of the peloton.

At the climb at KM 12 the peloton split, about 40 riders, mainly the mountain specialists, but they were not interested in keeping the group going and so Team Rasmussen was still alone in the pace.

Team Falkenbier worked calmly and completely relaxed in the 2nd group. And after the first 66 kilometres of the race were over, the two groups merged at about km 80.

Part 2 of the race could begin, largely flat but with a lot of gravel and cobblestone passages.

A breakaway attempt by a promising looking group of 4 riders followed.
Donald Thomas and Vala Flosadottir (SV Furpach)
Jeff Wellington (Kreatief)
Vincent Vanasch (Berliner Bären RC)

But it was not to be the day of the runaways.
In the fight for the podium, Bahrain-Merida took over the pace in the peloton and the escape group gave up the attempt after about 20 KM.

30 km before the finish, the circuit around and through Patrika began with 7 loops of 4 km each, light rain set in, no fun on the last metres of the tour.

From lap to lap the peloton got smaller until 3 laps before the finish 4 riders were in the lead.
Today's very strong Joel Suter (Rasmussen) and 3 riders from Team Falkenbier were in the lead.
Ursin Kindschi, Sander Kuusk and Jaden Mc Kenzie.
In the fight for the white jersey, however, Suter had no helpers at his side, while Klink (Bahrain-Merida) still had 2 helpers, who also always had the leading group in sight.

In the last lap, Kuusk and McKenzie made everything clear and ensured a double victory for Team Falkenbier.

Congratulation to all winners
Yellow Jose Orozco (Alkworld)
Green Quirin Quathammer (Bahrain-Merida)
Red Quentin Guex (Rasmussen)
White Wilhelm Klink (Bahrain-Merida)
Team (Bahrain-Merida)

Looking forward to the next tour
Flying Pencil

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