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Big Donkey

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Big Donkey

The management and staff

Teammanager: Big Donkey
Assistant General Manager:
Directeur sportif: L. Gaouaoui
Directeur sportif adjoint: A. Farkas, N. Tukhtasinov, H. Matsubara
Pavécoach: H. Matsubara
Flatcoach: C. Faye
Sprintcoach: L. Recordon
TT Coach: E. Zipoli
Mountaincoach: L. Zafzaf
Advanced age riders coach: L. Gopal
Scout: T. Umesao
Chief mechanic: M. Nganang
Mechanics: M. Balderis
Cook: S. Poggi
Masseur: N. Kashiwabara, Masseuse H. Kashiwabara
Team doctor:
Public Relation: Anonymous

Wins: (stages+ 1 day races, without TTT)
2006: 39
2007: 32
2008: 44
2009: 19
2010: 30
2011: 52
2012: 34
2013: 50
2014: 39
2015: 25
2016: 17
2017: 45
2018: 57
2019: 48

stage race wins

2006: 1
2007: 1
2008: 5
2009: 2
2010: 3
2011: 2
2012: 6
2013: 4
2014: 2
2015: 3
2016: 2
2017: 6
2018: 9
2019: 1

Robyklebt/petit singe/Big Donkey: Rider of the season


02: A. Hasler
03: A. Hasler
04: A. Hasler
05: C. Gygax
06: U. Guevara
07: V. Kharlamov
08: Ja. Jammerlappen
09: V. Kharlamov
10: T. Kühlschrank
11: A. Oesch
12: L. Tismeanu


01: A. Tschannen
02: J. Rotzellipse
03: J. Rotzellipse
04: K. Zhou
05: Z. Hochuli
06: R. Liechti
07: B. Ghurani
08: D. Pitu
09: V. Pugachov
10: D. Pitu
11: A. Hochuli
12: H. Hochuli


01: H. Hochuli
02: R. Wang
03: N. Pucci
04: H. Hochuli
05: H. Hochuli
06: F. Gygax
07: H. Hochuli
08: N. Pucci
09: T. Aldea
10: N. Pucci
11: F. Gygax
12: E. Schmalztorus


01: F. Gygax
02: M. Vannini
03: F. Gygax
04: E. Schmalztorus
05: M. Guggisberg
06: P. Ruiz
07: T. Guggisberg
08: P. Ruiz
09: X. Nedelcu
10: R. Ying
11: Y. Gamov
12: P. Guggisberg


01: Y. Gamov
02: P. Guggisberg
03: Y. Gamov
04: P. Guggisberg
05: Y. Gamov
06: I. Buonarroti
07: Y. Gamov
08: S. Berlogea
09: I. Buonarroti
10: I. Buonarroti
11: S. Berlogea
12: S. Berlogea


01: F. Conti
02: F. Conti
03: F. Conti
04: F. Conti
05: P. Haryono
06: F. Conti
07: F. Conti
08: F. Conti
09: F. Conti
10: L. Alighieri
11: O. Fahrny
12: O. Fahrny


01: T. Olteanu
02: D. Mattarozzi
03: O. Fahrny
04: L. Alighieri
05: M. Yrjönpoika
06: N. Legrand
07: N. Legrand
08: M. Yrjönpoika
09: Y. Ramirez
10: T. Häfeli
11: M. Trapani
12: Y. Ramirez


01: R. Momyshuly
02: N. Legrand
03: D. Sekiguchi
04: V. Villa
05: M. Trapani
06: R. Momyshuly
07: R. Momyshuly
08: R. Momyshuly
09: D. Gao
10: D. Gao
11: P. Groselj
12: C. Zibi


01: A. Tasman
02: M. Creek
03: P. Groselj
04: Y. Tabakov
05: M. Creek
06: P. Groselj
07: Z. Kopelyan
08: G. Lajeunesse
09: G. Lajeunesse
10: G. Lajeunesse
11: M. Creek
12: G. Lajeunesse


01: J. Ghazali
02: U. Tobler
03: J. Ghazali
04: V. Dourado
05: V. Dourado
06: V. Dourado
07: T. Stratigopoulou
08: L. Gaouaoui
09: M. Vargas
10: T. Umesao
11: T. Stratigopoulou
12: J. Peixe


01: I. Wassberg
02: M. Quiroga
03: T. Umesao
04: Q. Gfeller
05: S. Cayetano
06: I. Wassberg
07: I. Wassberg
08: J. Garita
09: E. Zipoli
10: L. Recordon
11: E. Zipoli
12: C. Faye


01: E. Zipoli
02: E. Zipoli
03: E. Zipoli
04: D. Kehrli
05: E. Zipoli
06: E. Zipoli
07: E. Zipoli
08: D. Kehrli
09: J. Sax
10: L. Zafzaf
11: L. Zafzaf
12 E. Kaniuk


01: S. Almeida
02: L. Zafzaf
03: L. Zafzaf
04: L. Zafzaf
05: L. Zafzaf
06: L. Zafzaf
07: C. Aeschlimann
08: E. Tobar
09: K. Gopal
10: E. Tobar
11: Hiro. Matsuyama
12: H. Matsukaze


01: H. Matsubara
02: H. Matsubara
03: His. Matsuyama
04: His. Matsuyama
05: His. Matsuyama
06: H. Matsukaze
07: S. Wiedmer
08: H. Matsukaze
09: H. Kunonga
10: His Matsuyama
11: YG. Son
12: F. Antinori


01: F. Antinori
02: T. Bogarin
03: T. Bogarin

Rider of the year
2006: Anton Hasler
2007: Helios Hochuli
2008: Helios Hochuli
2009: Edgar Schmalztorus
2010: Yuri Gamov
2011: Fabrizio Conti
2012: Nicolas Legrand
2013: Daiken Sekiguchi
2014: Gaston Lajeunesse
2015: Vinicius Dourado
2016: Ingemar Wassberg
2017: Evaristo Zipoli
2018: Lotfi Zafzaf
2019: Hisashi Matsuyama
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Re: Big Donkey

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Stages/1 day races (10 minimum)

1 Fabrizio Conti 32
2 Lotfi Zafzaf 22
3 Michael Creek 14
3 Evaristo Zipolo 14
5 Anton Hasler 13
6 Edgar Schmalztorus 11
7 Helios Hochuli 10
7 Leonardo Alighieri 10

Stage races

1 Lotfi Zafzaf 9
2 Evaristo Zipoli 4
3 Helios Hochuli 3
Kraftsystemrevision! Include the distance!
Basics reform: Give blue a chance!
Don't punish bugusers. We all have to use bugs, since most of them are declared as "features"!

Team SWE: "I'm a multi and I don't care about fairplay,"

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Re: Big Donkey

Post by Robyklebt » Thu May 09, 2019 11:52 am


Kshetra Gopal (Nepal) 01/07/17-01/02/19 Start skills: 53-70-79-51-57, 53 reg. Topskills: 63-84-79-50-58. 311 races 5299 points, 7 wins. 1 stage each in the Andes, Giro and Tour. Plus Brussel and Bernocchi. Now "older rider coach", 33-39 at Big Donkey.
Gordon Knoblauch(USA) 01.08.2017-28.02.2018 start value: 49-70-75-49-62, 36 reg, 71,8 pavé, internal pavé 76. Topskills: 53-83-75-49-65, 80,9 pavé. 203 races, 2912 points. 2 wins, career goal PR only 6th. Now Surfer in Hawaii.
Elias Tobar (Ecu) 01/07/17-30/03/19 Start value: 56-70-77-59-52. 45 reg Topvalues: 76-79-79-59-52. Classic leader. 219 races, 8436 points, 8 wins. Most important wins, Brabant, San Sebastian, a TdF stage and Montréal. Works as a DS or DS adjoint for Tukhtahuaev (probably fired by now)
Barrington Salkey (Jam) 01/11/2017-03/05/2019. Start value 46-74-49-56-56 with 35 reg Best skills 48-88-50-56-56. 259 races, 1090 eternal points. 1 win, the national championships in Jamaica. Works as a sports instructor in a hotel in Jamaica now.
Jaime Valdelomar: (Peru) 01/12/17-07/06/19 Starting values: 52-68-61-56-56 with 56 reg. And 71,9 pavé, internal value 81lue of 81. Top values: 57-86-55-55-55 (or something similar, the values that count are mountain, flat, sprint) with 84,5 pavé. Values at retirement: 45-78-45-40-47 and 78,9 pavé. 166 races, 3185 points and 4 wins. The most important one clearly a TdF stage in 2018. Pavé rider and stage race helper thansk to his reg. Works as a construction worker in Peru now.
Lorenzo Innocenti(Italy)01.12.2017-29.06-2019. Starting skills: 51-70-76-46-45 with 48 reg. Topskills:60-81-77-46-45. 281 races, 1176 points. 2 wins. A 60-80 helper with little own ambitions. Part of the Zafzaf generation, did his job helping well. Now cycling commentator for RAI.
Abong Pilioko (Vanuatu) 01/01/2018-31/07/2019 Starting skills 54-68-77-59-48 with 40 reg. Top skills 67-79-78-59-48. 1 win, 1854 eternal points in 177 races. A semi classic with TT, which proved to be not exceptionally useful. Now working on the Kava farm of his brother in Vanuatu.
Hiroshi Matsuyama (Japan) 01.07.2018-30-08-2019 Starting skills 73-49-76-50-48 with 65 reg. Topskills: 86-52-78-50-48. 34, 5231 points in 81 races, 1 stage race win, the Andes 2018. . Otherwise no wins. 3rd place in the Flèche. Wallonne his only other palmarès entry. Underperforming climber with lots of reg. We have no idea what Hiroshi Matsuyama is doing now, neither do we care.
Fiu Sofiga (Tuvalu) 01.02.2018-31.08.2019 Starting values 49-62-55-52-62 with 35 reg. Top values: 49-69-5x-50-78. 3614 points in 223 races, 3 wins. Paris Bourges, cat 3 the most important one. 3rd in Schelde. Flat sprinter, useful for placements and got wins too. Now training for the Tokyo Olympics, he aims to qualify for the swimming competitions. We just hope he stops aging that fast, otherwise he'll have trouble qualifying. After that he plans to work in his brothers diving school as an instructor.
Hiroshi Matsuishi(Japan) 01.05.2018-04.09.2019. 47-70-66-53-55 with 55 reg 71, 8 pavé, internal pavé 76 starting skills. Topskills: 53-83-67-5x-55, with 80,9 pavé. Planned pavé leader, never fully delivered. 3rd Paris Roubaix 2019 his best pavé result. 134 races, 1 win (non pavé race, Münsterland Giro) 1864 eternal points. He now plays the guitar in his band, the "Pinetree Stones" and owns a recording studio.
Hiroshi Matsushita (Japan) 01.03.2018-30.09.2019. 47-74-52-50-50 with 63 reg. Top skills: 50-85-5x-50-51 280 races, 2 wins, 1433 eternal points. 1 stage at Paris-Nice 2019. Important flat and high regeneration helper for Lotfi Zafzaf, was in the team in all stage races from March 2018 to June 2018, all won by Zafzaf. He is now training for ultra marathons, with the (illegal) support of the team.
Hisashi Matsuyama (Japan) 04.09.2018-14.10.2019 73-54-72-49-54 with 65 reg. Top skills: 86-55-73-50-54 86-55-73-49-54. Climber, GC leader, first younger climber that takes over the leadership position from the older climber in the history of the team. 83 races, 9884 eternal points, 6 wins, 1 stage race win. 1 mountains jersey. He won the Flèche Wallonne, Giro dell'Emilia, 2 Giro stages and a stage in Catalunya. So 5 of his 6 stage wins were high level. Plus Napier Bluff Hill, cat 2 winter classic, his first win. In stage races after winning Catalunya he arrived second to Vangramberen both in the Giro and the Tour. Mountainjersey in the Giro. Generally good career. No idea what he does now, and as with his older brother, we don't care.
Hiroshi Matsuoka (Japan) 01.04.2018-31.10.2019. 56-71-74-52-43 with 40 reg. Best skills: 76-79-75-50-43. 193 races, 4312 eternal points. 4 wins, Andes stage and 3 cat 1 races. Not a very successful rider, but he was mostly a helper. 43 sprint, and with Tobar first he had another superclassic ahead of him, with Son later one with sprint. He is now doing an apprenticeship to be a lacquerware master on the Noto peninsula.
Hiroshi Matsubara, (Japan) 04.06.18-29.12.19. Flat rider, 48-73-67-48-58 with 47 reg Top skills: 53-89-66-48-60. 3159 points in 295 races. 4 wins, most important GP Almeria. Now DS adjoint and pavé coach.


Son YoungWon (South Korea) 01.08.2018-28.02.2020 56-70-77-65-59 with 40 reg. Best skills: 75-76-78-66-60 (thought 61, but seems 60). Allround classic, mountain-TT-sprint there. 8381 points in 246 races, 6 wins, Laigueglia 2019 the most important. 3rd place Amstel. He know works for an advertisment company in Seoul.
Snorri Kolbeinsson01.10.18-01.04.20 flat rider. 48-72-70-46-44 with 37 reg starting skills. Best skills 50-91-75-46-44. First Donkey rider with 91 flat. 4 wins, most important London Surrey classic. 263 races, 1544 points. Now working on an Icelandic whaling ship.
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Re: Big Donkey

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Grands Tours:

Giro d'Italia

2006: 4. Universo Guevara 13. Vladimir Kharlamov ?? Laurentiu Tismeanu 2 étapes, C. Gygax, Ja. Jammerlappen
2007: 5. Zeus Hochuli 14. Zhou Kaicheng 2 étapes, 2x Z. Hochuli
2008: 4. Helios Hochuli 8. Niccolò Pucci 4 étapes 2x H. Hochuli, 1x E. Schmalztorus 1x C. Machiavelli
2009: 5. P. Ruiz 17. F. Gygax, 23. R. Guggisberg 3 étapes: M. Guggisberg, E. Schmalztorus, P. Ruiz
2010: 1. Y. Gamov, 11. I. Buonarroti, 22. T. Guggisberg 1 Etappe, K. Eiterolloid.
2011: 5. O. Fahrny 9. S. Urganov 22. B. Qian, 1 Etappe P. Haryono
2012: ----------------
2013: 4. M. Trapani 11. R. Momyshuly, 15. D. Sekiguchi, 2 Etappen, M. Trapani
2014: 3. P. Groselj, 15. I. Tansykbayev, 19. G. Trenteseaux, 2 Etappe, M. Creek, S. Poggi, Punktetrikot, M. Creek
2015: 2. V. Dourado, 11. T. Stratigopoulou, 1 Etappe, V. Dourado
2016: 7. I. Wassberg, 8. J. Peixe, 19. Z. Grabkowsky, 2 Etappen, S. Cayetano, I. Wassberg
2017: 1. E. Zipoli 7. A. Uppdal, 20. K. Sax 2 Etappen, A. Farkas, E. Zipoli
2018: 1. L. Zafzaf 2. C. Aeschlimann 18. E. Tobar, 6 Etappen, 3x C. Aeschlimann, 2x L. Zafzaf, 1x K. Gopal
2019: 2. His. Matsuyama 5. Hir. Matsuyama, 18. YW. Son 2 stages, 2x His. Matsuyama, mountain jersey, His. Matsuyama, team classification

Tour de France:

2006 -------
2007 -------
2008 -------
2009: 4. P. Ruiz 17ème V. Vittoria 26. T. Guggisberg, 1 étape T. Guggisberg
2010: 5. Y. Gamov, 14. I. Buonarroti, 24. S. Berlogea 4 Etappen, Y. Gamov
2011: 2 O. Fahrny, 28. O. Uchigasaki 2 Etappen, F. Conti, Punktetrikot F. Conti
2012: 8. Y. Ramirez, 13. M. Trapani, 3 Etappen, T. Olteanu, N. Legrand, D. Sekiguchi
2013: 7. R. Momyshuly, 10 P. Groselj, 23. P. Scodreanu, 3 Etappen, D. Gao, R. Momyshuly, P. Groselj, Bergtrikot R. Momyshuly
2014: 1. Z. Kopelyan 12. G. Lajeunesse, 13. I. Tansykbayev, 2 Etappen, M. Creek, Y. Tabakov
2015: 2. T. Stratigopoulou, 1 Etappe, MZF
2016: 5. I. Wassberg, 6. J. Peixe, 17. M. Quiroga, 22. L. Recordon, 2 ETappen, Q. Gfeller, I. Wassberg
2017: 1. E. Zipoli 9. A. Uppdal 5 Etappen, 4x E. Zipoli, 1x A. Uppdal
2018: 6. C. Aeschlimann 10. E. Tobar 20. K. Gopal 7 Etappen, 4x C. Aeschlimann, 1x K. Gopal, E. Tobar, J. Valdelomar, Bergtrikot C. Aeschlimann
2019: 2. His. Matsuyama, 12. Y. Son, 18. S. Wiedmer

Vuelta a Espana

2006: 3. Vladimir Kharlamov, ?? Universo Guevara 2 étapes, V. Kharlamov
2007 10. Helios Hochuli, maillot gris. 1 étape, V. Pugachov
2008: 3.. Niccolò Pucci, 8ème Ferdinand Gygax 3 étapes 2x T. Aldea 1x B. Iseli.
2009-2018: ----------
Kraftsystemrevision! Include the distance!
Basics reform: Give blue a chance!
Don't punish bugusers. We all have to use bugs, since most of them are declared as "features"!

Team SWE: "I'm a multi and I don't care about fairplay,"

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Re: Big Donkey

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Milano Sanremo 3 wins

2006 5. A. Hasler
2006 5. J. Rotzellipse
2007 6. C. Machiavelli
2009 27. G. Hänni 28 C. Suciu ....57. E. Schmalztorus
2010: 2. T. Guggisberg, 24. K. Eiterolloid
2011: 1 F. Conti
2012: 2. M. Yrjönpoika 7. L. Alighieri
2013: 11. A. Tasman, 27. P. Scodreanu
2014: 7. M. Creek, 21. A. Tasman
2015: 1 J. Ghazali
2016: 6. P. Dahlerup
2017: 4. L. Recordon 16. J. Sax 20. J. Garita
2018: 2. E. Kaniuk
2019: 4. H. Matsukaze 5. Y. Son
2020: 1. T. Bogarin 6. H. Belhassen

Tours des Flandres 1 win

2006 ------
2007 2. D. Pitu
2008 16. R. Wang 20ème B. Iseli
2009 2. N. Vannini 3ème G. Hänni
2010 8. P. Guggisberg
2011 14. B. Qian
2012: 5. L. Aligheri 17. M. Leibundgut 19. C. Todea
2013: 1. D. Sekiguchi 14. F. Mollagholipour
2014: 9. S. Poggi, 18. I. Tansykbayev
2015: 24. S. Saddler
2016: 13. M. Quiroga, 20. Q. Gfeller
2017: 6. M. Balderis, 10. R. Kehrli,
2018: 10. J. Valdelomar, 20. V. Babic
2019: 12. H. Matsubara 13. H. Matsuishi
2020: 7. H. Belhassen

Paris-Roubaix 5 wins
2006 1. A. Hasler 10. L. Frigorifero 17. G. Kühlschrank
2007: 8. W. Hadorn
2008: 13. M. Zhang 18. R. Wang
2009: 6 A. Tiendrébéogo
2010: 11. I. Duculescu 17. A. Grillboy
2011: 8. O. Duculescu 19. B. Sagyrbayuly
2012: 1. L. Alighieri 15. M. Leibundgut
2013: 1. V. Villa 13. T. Häfeli
2014: 1. Y. Tabakov 7. W. Ford
2015: 7. T. Umesao, 8. S. Saddler, 11. O. Generalic
2016: 2. Q. Gfeller, 6. C. Squarcialupi 27. I. Rääts
2017: 8. S. Almeida, 17. N. Kashiwabara 23. I. Rääts
2018: 6. G. Knoblauch, 12. J. Valdelomar, 14. V. Babic
2019: 3. H. Matsuishi, 4. J. Valdelomar, 6. H. Matsubara, 15. H. Matsushita, 20. S. Kolbeinsson
2020: 1. G. Lafargue 8. O. Hikmet, 17. S. Quttiboyev

Liège-Bastogne-Liège 2 wins

2006: 7. F. Cellini 12ème Ja. Jammerlappen
2007: 1. K. Zhou 6 L. Tismeanu 9 A. Oesch
2008: 3. N. Pucci 12. H. Hochuli 20. O Margineantu
2009: 12. F. Gygax 15. P. Ruiz 21. R. Guggisberg
2010: 8. I. Buonarroti, 9. T. Guggisberg, 12. Y. Gamov
2011: 17. O. Fahrny, 20. S. Urganovm 21 B. Qian
2012: ----------------
2013: 7. R. Momyshuly, 11. D. Sekiguchi, 13. M. Trapani
2014: 4. P. Groselj, 20. A. Tasman, 21. G. Lajeunesse
2015: 3. T. Stratigopoulou 5. V. Dourado, 10. U. Tobler
2016: 2. J. Peixe, 13. I. Wassberg, 19. Z. Grabkowski
2017: 2. E. Zipoli, 10. A. Uppdal, 17. J. Garita
2018: 1. L. Zafzaf, 7. E. Tobar, 13. C. Aeschlimann
2019: 4. YG. Son, 12. Hisa. Matsuyama 13. H. Matsuoka
2020: 3. T. Armas 9. F. Antinori 17. H. Belhassen 23. J. Larios

Giro di Lombardia

2006 ???
2007 4. H. Hochuli
2008 6. F. Gygax 14. N. Pucci 20. M. Vannini
2009 17. R. Guggisberg
2010 17. B. Qian 22. I. Buonarroti
2011 10. S. Urganov, 13. O. Fahrny 28. C. Todea
2012 11. Y. Ramirez, 14. M. Trapani, 18. N. Legrand
2013 2. A. Tasman, 7. P. Groselj, 20. R. Momyshuly
2014:1. G. Lajeunesse, 8. P. Groselj, 17. I. Tansykbayev, 18. Z. Kopelyan
2015: 2. C. Matuska, 5. I. Wassberg, 7. T. Stratigopoulou
2016: 5. J. Garita, 15. M. Quiroga, 22. E. Zipoli, 25. J. Peixe
2017; 7. A. Uppdal, 9. J. Sax, 15. L. Zafzaf, 17. S. Vienuolis
2018: 3. E. Tobar, 8. Hiro. Matsuyama, 9. C. Aeschlimann 13. H. Matsuoka, 15. Hisa. Matsuyama
2019: 4. F, Antinori 6. His. Matsuyama, 7. YG Son 9. T. Armas 10. J. Larios
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Basics reform: Give blue a chance!
Don't punish bugusers. We all have to use bugs, since most of them are declared as "features"!

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Re: Big Donkey

Post by Robyklebt » Thu May 09, 2019 11:54 am

Other important stage races

Paris-Nice 1 win
2006 13. D. Rous 18. F. Sitzmann 2 étapes A.Hasler T. Kühlschrank
2008 1. N. Pucci 5. H. Hochuli
2009 2. P. Ruiz 4. F. Gygax 2 étapes, F. Gygax et P. Ruiz
2011 3. S. Urganov 13. B. Qian 1 Etappe, F. Conti
2013: 7. R. Momyshuly, 20. N. Legrand, 1 Etappe R. Momyshuly
2014: 2. P. Groselj, 7. G. Lajeunesse, 19. S. Poggi, 2 Etappen, M. Creek, P. Groselj
2016: 7. I. Wassberg
2017: 2. E. Zipoli 4. A. Uppdal. 1 Etappe, E. Zipoli
2019: 5. Hir. Matsuyama 10. H. Matsuoka, 1 Etappe, H. Matsushita
2020: 4. F. Antinori, 8. T. Armas, 1 stage, T. Armas

Tirreno-Adriatico 2 wins
2007 ?? Lost results, but catastrophic
2010 1. Y. Gamov, 15. I.Buonarroti, 1 Etappe Y. Gamov
2012 2. D. Mattarozzi
2015: 4. V. Dourado, 1 Etappe, MZF (MacBradaigh, Poggi, Dourado, U. Tobler, Topal, Cayetano, Umesao, Vargas)
2018: 1. L. Zafzaf 9. E. Tobar, 12. S. Vienuolis. 3 Etappen, L. Zafzaf. Punktetrikot L. Zafzaf

Volta a Catalunya 4 wins
2011 10. O. Fahrny, 14. B. Qian 18. S. Berlogea 21. O. Uchigasaki 4 Etappen (F. Conti) + Punktetrikot F. Conti
2012 1 O. Fahrny 2. Y. Ramirez 17. C. Todea 1 Etappe, O. Fahrny
2013 1. M. Trapani, 15. N. Legrand, 16. R. Momyshuly 23. D. Sekiguchi, 2 Etappen, M. Trapani, 1 Etappe D. Gao
2017: 4. A. Uppdal, 5. J. Sax 14. D. Kehrli. 1 Etappe, A. Farkas + Teamklassement
2018: 1. L. Zafzaf, 2. C. Aeschlimann, 8. S. Vienuolis, 1. Etappe, L. Zafzaf
2019: 1. His. Matsuyama 11. Y. Son, 2 Etappen, H. Matsukaze, His. Matsuyama.

Vuelta a Pais Vasco 1 win
2007 6. Z. Hochuli 1 Etappe, A. Hochuli
2009 14. P. Ruiz
2012 7. D. Mattarozzi, 15. O. Fahrny
2018: 1. L. Zafzaf, 9. S. Vienuolis, 14. E. Tobar

Tour de Romandie 1 win
2008 7. H. Hochuli 1 étape H. Hochuli
2013 7. M. Trapani, 8. R. Momyshuly
2015 2. V. Dourado, 7. U. Tobler 14. C. Matuska 19. P. Dahlerup, Jungfahrertrikot P. Dahlerup, 1 Etappe, V. Dourado
2016: 3 I. Wassberg, 6. J. Peixe
2018: 1. L. Zafzaf 4. C. Aeschlimann, 10. E. Tobar 2 Etappen, E. Tobar, L. Zafzaf

Dauphiné Liberé 2 wins
2010 5. Y. Gamov, points jersey Y. Gamov
2016: 1.I. Wassberg 3 Etappen, I. Wassberg, Punktetrikot, Wassberg
2018: 1. L. Zafzaf 9. E. Tobar, 2 Etappen, 2x L. Zafzaf

Tour de Suisse 2 wins
2008 2. F. Gygax 5. H. Hochuli 1 étape F. Gygax
2011 3. O. Fahrny, 21. O. Uchigasaki 1 etappe, F. Conti
2012 12. C. Todea, 21. L. Alighieri
2013 2. R. Momyshuly, 4. M. Trapani, 16. N. Legrand, 3 Etappen R. Momyshuly, 1 Etappe M. Trapani, 1 Etappe A. Tasman
2014 6. P. Groselj, 17. G. Lajeunesse, 20. I. Tansykbayev, 1 Etappe, P. Groselj
2015 1. V. Dourado
2017 1. E. Zipoli 7. R. Kehrli. 4 Etappen, E. Zipoli Punktetrikot Zipoli
2019 5. Hir. Matsuyama, 13.S. Wiedmer, 14. H. Matsukaze. 1 stage, H. Matsukaze


Tour de Pavé: 1 win
2006: 1. A. Hasler, 1 étape A. Hasler
2008: 6. C. Suciu
2009: 16. T. Guggisberg 17. A. Grillboy 20. X. Nedelcu
2010: 6. I. Duculescu 10. B. Qian 20. O. Duculescu, Jungfahrertrikot Duculescu
2011: 2. L. Alighieri, 6. M. Leibundgut, Punktetrikot L. Alighieri, 1 Etappe L. Alighieri
2013: 7. V. Villa 8. T. Häfeli 10. D. Sekiguchi, 1 Etappe, V. Villa, 1 Etappe H. Peterhans
2014: 4. Y. Tabakov, 5. W. Ford
2017: 4. M. Balderis, 5. I. Rääts 6. N. Kashiwabara
2019: 5. S. Quttiboyev, 6. O. Hikmet, 1 stage, O. HIkmet, youth rider jersey, O. Hikmet

Campeonato de los Andes (Fantasy) 6 wins
2006 11. V. Kharlamov 13. U. Guevara 1étape L. Tismeanu
2008 5. F. Gygax 11. N. Pucci 22. P. Ruiz 3 étapes, B. Iseli, N. Pucci, F. Gygax Maillot a pois: N. Pucci
2009 2. Y. Gamov 12. R. Guggisberg 18. I. Buonarroti. 2 étapes, Y. Gamov, maillot a pois, Y. Gamov
2011: 1. O. Fahrny 4. S. Urganov 16. D. Mattarozzi 18. C. Todea 1 Etappe, S. Urganov
2012: 1. M. Trapani, 7. Y. Ramirez, 11. N. Legrand, 13. R. Momyshuly 3 Etappen, 2x Gong, 1x Ramirez
2013: 1 P. Groselj 8. Z. Kopelyan, 9. R. Momyshuly, 12. A. Tasman, 4 Etappen: MZF und 3x Groselj
2014: 2. V. Dourado, 7. T. Stratigoupolou, 3 Etappen, 2x U. Tobler, 1x V. Dourado
2016: 1. E. Zipoli 9. A. Uppdal 10. M. Quiroga, 2 Etappen, M. Quiroga + E. Zipoli
2017: 1. L. Zafzaf 3. A. Uppdal, 10. J. Sax, 4 Etappen, 2x L. Zafzaf + K. Gopal + A. Uppdal.
2018: 1. Hiro. Matsuyama 7. C. Aeschlimann 12. Hisa. Matsuyama 3 Etappen, MZF, L. Innocenti, H. Matsuoka, Mannschaftswertung

Tour de décembre(fantasy) 1 win
2006: Baikal: ------
2007: Balkan: 13? H. Hochuli 1 étape: H. Hochuli.
2008: Eurotour: 7. N. Pucci 10 F. Gygax 23. G. Hänni. 2 étapes, 2x E. Schmalztorus, maillot vert, E. Schmalztorus
2009: SPIH 09: retiré après 3 étapes.
2010: Sheik Tour: 3. S.Urganov, 12. S. Berlogea 14. B. Qian, 1 Etappe S. Berlogea, weisses Trikot S. Urganov
2011: Tour of Yemen: 2. O. Fahrny, 9. D. Mattarozzi, 17. C. Todea 2 Etappen, O. Fahrny + C. Todea
2012: Japan Tour --------
2013: Tour of Sulawesi: 2. P. Groselj, 14. A. Tasman. 3 Etappen, MZF, P. Bochini+N.A. de Pellevoisin
2014: Mexico Tour: 2. V. Dourado, 8. U. Tobler, 10. G. Lajeunesse, 1 Etappe, G. Lajeunesse
2015: Vuelta Norte de Mexico: 1. J. Peixe 4. Z. Grabkowski 15. M. Vargas, Jungfahrertrikot J. Peixe, 3 Etappen, MZF + 2x Q. Gfeller
2016: Atlantico-Pacifico: ------
2017: SPIH Nostalgia: 3. L. Zafzaf , 3 Stages, 2x L. Zafzaf, 1x E. Kaniuk
2018: Atlas Tour: 6. Hiro. Matsuyama. Mannschaftswertung
2019: Philippines Tour: 2. F. Antinori, 3. J. Larios, 9. T. Armas 4 stages, H. Matsukaze, 2x F. Antinori, T. Armas. Youth jersey J. Larios
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Re: Big Donkey

Post by Robyklebt » Thu May 09, 2019 11:54 am

Classics February-April

Het Volk 0 wins
2007 18. W. Hadorn
2010 13. P. Guggisberg, 21. I. Duculescu
2011 4. B. Qian, 14. I. Duculescu
2012: 6. M. Leibundgut 8. L. Alighieri 16. F. Montandon
2013: 4. V. Villa 13. F. Mollagholipour
2014: 5. Y. Tabakov, 8. W. Ford, 15 S. Poggi
2015: 7. S. Saddler, 17. O. Generalic
2016: 3. C. Squarcialupi, 8. Q. Gfeller
2017: 2. M. Balderis, 4. N. Kashiwabara, 9. I. Rääts
2018: 8. G. Knoblauch
2019: 6. J. Valdelomar
2020: 2. T. Armas 5. S. Quttiboyev

Strade Bianche 1 win.
2007-2012 results not recorded.
2013: 1. Daiken Sekiguchi
2015: 12. T. Umesao 21. C. Matuska
2016: 16. Z. Grabkovsky, 20.S. Cayetano
2017: 18. D. Kehrli
2018: 5. E. Tobar, 8. S. Vienuolis, 15. J. Sax
2019: 4. H. Matsuoka, 5. Hir. Matsuyama
2020: 12. T. Armas

E3-Harelbeke 0 wins
2007 10. A. Oesch
2009 7. G. Hänni 15. V. Vittoria 17. M. Vannini
2010 5. P. Guggisberg, 15 T T. Guggisberg
2014 13. I. Tansykbayev, 18. W. Ford
2015 17. S. Saddler
2016: 2. Q. Gfeller 20. C. Squarcialupi, 23. T. Umesao
2020: 16. H. Behassen

Gent-Wevelgem 1 win
2008 1 V. Pugachov
2010 15. P. Guggisberg
2014: 10. J. Ghazali, 11. A. Tasman
2015: 26. J. Topal, 27. P. Dahlerup 30. O. Generalic
2016: 5. P. Dahlerup (MInirennen...5 Teams)
2020: 35. A. Brotcorne

Dwars door Vlaanderen since 2017 as cat 4 0 wins (1 win before that)

2018: 11. G. Knoblauch, 16. J. Valdelomar, 18. V. Babic
2019: 15. YG Son
2020: 2. H. Belhassen, 12. S. Kolbeinsson

Scheldeprijs 1 win

2006 1. A. Hasler
2009 25. A. Tiendrébéogo
2010: 4. P. Guggisberg, 11. A. Grillboy 13. I. Duculescu
2011: 4. B. Sagyrbayuly, 10. O. Duculescu 13. T. Fouché, 17. B. Qian
2013 6. D. Gao
2014: 2. M. Creek, 12. W. Ford
2015: 2 J. Topal
2017: 8. L. Recordon
2019: 3. F. Sofiga 9. H. Matsubara
2020: 5. T. Bogarin, 8. H. Kunonga, 13. G. Lafargue

Brabant 1 win
Didn't keep track from 06-15, but no win. Found some results
2010: 17. G. Hänni
2015: 12. R. Tobler
2016: 20. M. Vargas, 23 P. Dahlerup
2017: 4. J. Garita, 10. L. Recordon
2018: 1. E. Tobar 2. S. Vienuoli
2019: 8. YG. Son 17. H. Matsuzaka, 18. H. Matsubara
2020: 4. T. Bogarin

Amstel Gold Race 1 win
2006 5. F. Cellini 13. Ja. Jammerlappen
2007 16. A. Oesch
2008 5. F. Gygax 15. H. Hochuli 16. N. Pucci
2009 6 F. Gygax 19. M. Guggisberg 26. V. Vittoria
2010: 3. T. Guggisberg 9. Y. Gamov
2011: 2. B. Qian, 15. O. Fahrny, 33. O. Uchigasaki
2012: 6. Y. Ramirez 14. M. Trapani
2013: 10. A. Tasman, 20. N. Legrand
2014: 1. P. Bochini 7. K. Borthwick, 9. I. Tansykbayev
2015: 3. U. Tobler, 20. C. Matuska, 26. M. Vargas
2016: 8. P. Dahlerup 10. Z. Grabkowski 25. M. Quiroga 26. M. Vargas
2017: 4. L. Recordon, 11. A. Farkas, J. Sax
2018: 3. V. Babic, 6. S. Vienuolis
2019: 3. YG Son, 12. H. Matsuoka, 14. H. Matsukaze
2020: 6. T. Bogarin 21. H. Belhassen

Flèche Wallone 5 wins
2006 17. F. Cellini
2007 6. L. Tismeanu 10. K. Zhou
2008 1. H. Hochuli 8. N. Pucci 15. F. Gygax
2009: 2. P. Ruiz, 15. F. Gygax
2010: 2. Y. Gamov
2011: 5. O. Fahrny, 9. S. Urganov, 16. S. Berlogea, 29. B. Qian
2012: ---------
2013: 7. M. Trapani, 8. R. Momyshuly
2014: 2. P. Groselj, 9. Z. Kopelyan
2015: 1. V. Dourado, 5. T. Stratigopoulou 9. U. Tobler, 16. C. Matuska
2016: 3. I. Wassberg, 6. J. Peixe 25. M. Vargas
2017: 3. E. Zipoli, 8. A. Uppdal, 13. J. Garita
2018: 1. L. Zafzaf, 4. C. Aeschlimann, 8. E. Tobar
2019: 1. His. Matsuyama 3. Hir. Matsuyama 6 H. Matsuoka
2020: 1. F. Antinori 2. J. Larios 12. T. Armas
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Re: Big Donkey

Post by Robyklebt » Thu May 09, 2019 11:55 am

Classics July-October, update planned before then, or might just start with 2019 :lol:
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Re: Big Donkey

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Record point holders: climbers sprinters classics 60-80

1 Evaristo Zipoli 17'551
2 Lotfi Zafzaf 17'098
3 Fabrizio Conti 13'599
4 Primoz Groselj 13'080
5 Yuri Gamov 12'339
6 Omar Fahrny 12'176
7 Rakhat Momyshuly 11'689
8 Niccolò Pucci 11'543
9 Michele Trapani 10'974
10 Ferdinand Gygax 10898

11 Helios Hochuli 10'463
12 Vinicius Dourado 9975
13 Hisashi Matsuyama 9884
14 Abel Tasman 9422
15 Leonardo Alighieri 8775
16 Elias Tobar 8436
17 YoungGwon Son 8381
18 Ingemar Wassberg 8315
19 Michael Creek 8205
20 Gaston Lajeunesse 7665

21 Caius Aeschlimann 7581
22 Universo Guevara 7326
23 Nicolas Legrand 7187
24 Gao Daoquan 7157
25 Edgar Schmalztorus 7039
26 Pedro Ruiz 6877
27 Joao Peixe 6840
28 Aasmund Uppdal 6792
29 Daiken Sekiguchi 6618
30 Qian Baoyu 6282

31 Yesid Ramirez 6274
32 Vladimir Kharlamov 6242
33 Taxiarchis Stratigopoulou 6223
34 Eitan Kaniuk 6063
35 Laurentiu Tismeanu 5962
36 Johannes Rotzellipse 5757
37 Shamshi Urganov 5710
38 Jhemp Sax 5700
39 Karl Eiterolloid 5477
40 Zhores Kopelyan 5365

41 Kshetra Gopal 5299
42 Adrian Oesch 5243*
43 Osamu Uchigasaki 5239
44 Hiroshi Matsuyama 5231
45 Ivan Buonarroti 5210
46 Urs Tobler 5126
47 L. Recordon 5111
48 Dragos Pitu 5067
49 Jamaluddin Ghazali 5038
50 Ares Hochuli 5001
* only points gained at our team.
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Re: Big Donkey

Post by Robyklebt » Thu May 09, 2019 11:55 am

Races ridden

1 Dario Erioli 429
2 Feng Ouyang 411
3 Wassissi Machoro 404
4 Gilbert Pflock 385
5 Xenocrate Nedelcu 383
6 Saburo Mori 357
7 Bakhtiyar Sagyrbayuly 353
8 Tiberiu Aldea 350
9 Abdoulayé Tiéndrébéogo 341
10 Selwyn Cayetano 334
11 Titus Olteanu 333
12 Costante Macchiavelli 331
13 Lakhdar Gaouaoui 322
14 Gong Bang 320
15 Lakhdar Gaouaoui 322
16 Frédéric Montandon 319
17 Anthony Grillboy 313
18 Kshetra Gopal 311
19 Attila Farkas 310
20 Pramoedya Haryono 308
21 Markus Leibundgut 306
22 Wei Dehuai 303
23 Stefano Uzielli 302
24 Tatsuya Hara 300
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Re: Big Donkey

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And another safety open post...
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Basics reform: Give blue a chance!
Don't punish bugusers. We all have to use bugs, since most of them are declared as "features"!

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Re: Big Donkey

Post by Robyklebt » Fri May 10, 2019 10:47 am

Welcome to the first Big Donkey monthly
press report in the English section. If you
ask yourself, why the Donkey (well, not the
Donkey but me, his press secretary) is writing
on the left side only, the answer it's simple.
Lennao in the German section voiced his fear that in English he wouldn't be able to read past the 4th line, so with his legendary friendliness and unmatched concern for his fellow managers the Donkey ordered me to make the first 5 lines shorter, so that Lennao would exceed his expectations!


11th place in D1 with 11'686 points. 2 wins. The important races:
Dwars: 15th with Son, no chance, outclassed in this race, of which I remember nothing. But 15th sounds outclassed.
RVV: 12. Matsubara, 13th Matsuishi. A somehow more interesting edition of the most predictable monument, Kalenchuk (Tukh) beats Camenisch and Pankratov. Deserved win, good race. Even if the Donkey probably told Tukh that he did all wrong.
Scheldeprijs: 3. Sofiga, as is often the case there we're there, but not good enough to win.
PR: A special, but not bad, but special edition of PR. 2 very strong teams, Tukh and Monks, then team no 3, Donks that can somehow hope to surprise them, the rest of the small group complete outsiders. Brodar Tukh, Alaphilippe Monks ahead, 1-2. 3rd Matsuishi at 14", but the real third was Pankratov once again, once again it was he that pulled his teammate to the win. But then decided to fall back. Donkey 4th and 6th too, so ok, even if it was a small group. Here I remember that I told Tukh that he did it all wrong.... The guy will never win more than 2 cobbled monuments in a season with such tactics!!! Actually the Donkey for a very short moment looked to have a chance to ride for the win, but that moment was past soon. As it is with moments, if it weren't they wouldn't be moments.
Brabant: 8th with Son.
Amstel: 3rd Son
Zug-Aarau: Matsushita with his second career win, again in a low energy sprint. We had hoped this great race would give us Bonuspoints in the CBJ Trophy, had been assured of it by our secret contact (can't tell you who, wouldn't be secret anymore, but we communicate through the mirror) that we would get those points. But no. Scandalous. The great win stays though.
Fleche Wallonne: 2 years ago the Big Donkey was fighting major depressions after managing not to win the greatest 1 day race on earth once again. For the 3rd time in the history of the team as the big favorite, we managed not to win. 1 year ago before the Flèche Big Donkeys Job was on the line. And Zafzaf saved his ass. Donkeys ass, not Zafzaf's ass, since Zafzaf didn't own the Donkey, but the other way around. This year, Hiroshi Matsuyama as captain, great attack blocked by Son, then depression took over for the rest of the race again, Notari the expected winner, but Hisashi Matsuyama turned out to be stronger. WIN! And now we're 4 time winners of this great race, record, at least we think so. Big Donkey, Flèche Wallonne specialist.
LBL: 4th Son. A depressing race, and early attack, nobody rides, except the Donkey very late, nobody helps, except some newbie with masstempo for a while. Even with that unnecessary and unfair help, we still missed the front group by 1'59" Never had a chance to come back. But at least we attempted it, unlike the rest in the peloton. Patachon from Schartner the solo winner, after dropping his escape companions with an attack in the last kms.

So 2 wins, thanks to the Flèche Win a good month despite the lack of success in most other classics. RVV never had a chance, doesn't matter, PR don't think more was possible, unless Tukht Monks fight each other too much. Amstel we rather not win, shitrace, and LBL, well, that was a failure.

Rider of the season: For the second month in a row the same script. Matsushita wins, hopes to get the most prestigious award in c4f, but then Hisashi Matsuyama takes it away.

Short interview with Hisashi Matsuyama:

- Hisashi, congrats, 2 month in a row rider of the month!
- Thanks.
- Let's talk about May first. Tomorrow the Giro starts, are you excited?
- Excited? Not really. I'm mentally concentrating on the Tour de France already, I want the double. I know I'll win the Giro, I know how I'll win it, there's no need to get excited about that anymore. I need to prepare for the Tour already.
- Ok, but why aren't you in Bologna yet? Except Matsukaze who is riding some race in Switzerland the rest of the team is in Bologna, why are you here in Japan?
- Why should I go to Bologna already now? Since we clearly don't use airplanes in this Cycling series, unlike the UCI series, there's no need to hurry up. We can ride in Vladivostok till 2 in the morning, then start in Brienz at 9 this morning, no plane can do that, we use some sort of beam, like Star Trek I gues
- Sorry, Hisashi, but we alll know how transportation works at c4f, what I wa
- Sorry! But why are you in Japan still?
- There's no need to be in Bologna yet, the race doesn't start for another 28,5 hours. Let the helpers organize themselves there, they need to talk to each other about what I need, I'm not needed there. And why would I spend my free time with that bunch of weak riders, helpers, wannabes? Plus most of the can hardly count to 2'548'121. That's how dumb they are.
- 2'548'121????
- Yes, that's how far I can count, I tried it.
- Wow.. eh, impressive!
- It's a joke dammit, don't you have a sense of humor?
- Sorry! But, ok, but you'll join tomorrow?
- Yes of course, what kind of question is that?
- I apologize again Hisashi. Ok, let's talk a bit about April.
- April=Fleche Wallone, I won. As I knew I would. Despite Big Donkey making a mess of the tactic. Give Hiroshi the number 1? Have him as leader? Seriously? That idiot? But I'm loyal, I follow team orders, so I accepted this sabotage attempt at my chances. I knew Hiroshi would fuck it up. And then I could ride for myself. And so it was.
- Your brother and Matsuoka attacking from far, the plan to me made sense though.
- The plan was horseshit, the implementation laughable. The lack of winning instinct, class in Hiroshi is really amazing. It really surprises me that 2 persons with the same parents can turn out so differently. One full of talent and class, intelligence and brilliance, the other... well, Hiroshi. Enough said.
- There were some rumours that you payed Son to block your teammates attack?
- Pay? Me? The chon?
- Please, there's no need for racial slurs here!
- What slur, that's what he is, the chon. First, I knew they would lack the intellegence to implent that plan. And even if I thought it might work, I wouldn't have interfered, as I said, I'm loyal, I follow the orders. And I had no problems with one of the helpers, even if it's my useless brother, getting some success. I'll win the Giro and most likley the Tour, so... But if I wanted to make the chon, ah, ok Son, otherwise you'll have a heart attack, if I wanted to make Son block that attack I simply would have ordered him too. I have that natural leadership charisma, the helpers do what I demand. If I say something, people do it. Like you, I tell you to apologize, you apologize!
- I apologize!
- Shut up, not now, I was saying I had nothing to do with Son blocking the attack, the 3 helpers fucked that up all by themselves.
- Ok, thanks for this interview Hisashi.
- My pleasure, see you in a month!

+1'556'275 yeah!


Excellent I think. Son +1 Sprint and TT and mountain. Hiroshi Matsuyama +1 mountain, so now we have 2 86 climbers. Rest probably was superb too, but not noteworthy.

New rider
Tulio Armas from San Cristobal, Tachira, Venezuela 56-73-62-59-54 with 50 reg for 1'791'971. Classic rider for April May 2020. For the first months he's just expected to train, but after that he'll become the leader of the classic faction soon. After all Matsuoka and Son are 34 and 30 respectively. He's an untypical Donkeyclassic in the sense that he has too much reg, not enough downhill, usually a no-no. But has happened before as well.... 56-73 at 95% was too good to pass up.
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Re: Big Donkey

Post by Robyklebt » Mon Jun 03, 2019 5:01 pm


Place 13 in D1, 10'108 points, 2 wins, first Pilioko, Andong Jecheon, fantasy race, at 37 finally Pilioko won something. Beating Zingle, showing him how it would hopefully all work out at the Giro. Well... .Anyway, nobody but Pilioko and the Donkey cared about that race, all that counted was the Giro. 1 stage in May, Hisashi Matsuyama to Courmayeur. And place 2 in GC, 2 stages before the end for Hisashi Matsuyama, 20" behind Peter Vangramberen. (Spoiler, it would be the same place at the end of the Giro). Couldn't crack Vangramberen and his team. In the end 6", but that's is much closer than the race really was. Both Vangramberen and Hisashi (Hiroshi even more, he managed to rule himself out of contention pretty impressively) lost some seconds here and there easily in the first part, first TT 1 km standard setting, bad long TT for Hisashi, L'Aquila and mistaken early (buggy?) attack for Peter.. but doesn't matter. In the end what was decisive:
-Vangramberen with 87 mountain and more flat.
-Outstanding support team for Vangramberen.
On the first one, that's what it is, have to adjust to that, ride differently.
Second one more important, the Donkeys actually had a good team. Matsuoka 76 mountain, Son 75, superior to the 2 Feiting classics. Both with downhill, but without reg. The problem was that there weren't too many stages where this superiority could be used. Without having at least one completely dead classic the next day. Sort of used it on Mortirolo and on the June stage, that we'll include here too, since we already spilled the beans (cleaning up now) on what happened in June...Where else possible to use? Maybe missed some day, but even to Ceresole Reale for a few km Matsuoka he was clearly under 1000 the next day. Courmayeur? Maybe could have, but it means no helpers for one of my climbers as well.... small advantage. The problem was behind, the 60-80es. Big fan of those, so a bit depressing that I was outclassed in exactly this department. Mine were good. Matsuzaka 63-83-77 with 47 reg, and the younger still training Wiedmer, 60-81-79 with 62 reg. And as extra battery Matsukaze with 62 mountain. But had no chance vs Feiting Siebing. Cyclope 65-84, no reg, no downhill. Bouteiller 65-82-77 with 58 reg. Zingle 61-84-74 with 59 reg. And the sprinter as battery in the mountains too, 60-69 Wauthier. So while I had 7 guys over 60, in most races that would be a very strong team, I could control the early mountains easily, against this team... I was on the defensive. Plus Wiedmer and Matsukaze were possibly the 2 weakest of those 60+ riders, Matsukaze because of the flat once again, and form setting too possibly. Often behind Wauthier, AND fighting a lot at times. So he was under reg even when doing nothing. Example the stage to Ceresole Reale, I did nothing all day with him, next day still dead. And the damn Feitings despite working the day before... still there, hoped to have a numbers advantage that day, didn't. Wiedmer did well, used him a lot for escapes etc too, but in the end was behind Zingle (who seemed to have early form, like Wiedmer too I think) almost each time. Bought too late maybe. Anyway, Feitings team enormously strong, fit perfectly for the sprinter too, I was outclassed there. Had the Donkey been a bee, he would have lost his sting there. But in a mystery of nature, the Donkey lost his sting even being a Donkey.
Anyway, in the end, 6", could have been a minute too, on paper now it's close, in reality it wasn't. Few chances to get time, Mortirolo first and foremost, didn't do the right attack. Not enough guts to race it hard, that means not collaborating to Courmayeur, but even there, with no collaboration it still would have been hard to actually gain time that day. An attack on the 7 in the last otherwise unsiebable climb... maybe I get away, but then I gain what, 3" ? If I have a big power advantage, without I'm just caught again. The flat.... Not collaborating would have made sense, more for the next day and keeping Matoussi in, than for actual time gain that day. So second place it was, tried, but not really to the end, still ok finally. Wasn't easy against such a team.

Short interview with Hisashi

- Hisashi, second place in the Giro, but for the third time in a row rider of the season! Congrats!
- Thanks.
- Rider of the season, more important than winning the Giro, correct?
- You're an idiot.
- No need to get insulting, do it like the Donkey, stay Zen at all times!
- You're an idiot...
- OK, anything else you want to say? Great stage win at the Giro in Courmayeur, real class!
- Yeah.. I was the strongest rider at the Giro, but my support just wasn't good enough. This Peter is quite ok actually, pretty could climber, he can match me when he has a good day, but he had a really strong team. I didn't. If the helpers hadn't failed, I would have won this, no doubt. I hope the Donkey buys some more talented guys for the Tour.
- Let me guess, your brother Hiroshi wasn't strong enough?
- Actually Hiroshi for once did ok. Even well, surprisingly. He seems to have accepted that I'm better and worked well for me. It's more Hiroyasu and that swiss guy, or Matsukaze, what were they doing 3 weeks? One rode on the way to Courmayeur, but didn't manage to drop anybody, he just rode... the Swiss moron thought he should attack most of the first 10 days, how about keeping energy for the mountain stages? And Matsukaze thought more about his weak sprints than bringing me bottles, plus he usually was chatting behind with the icelandic weakling.
- Wasn't it more a case of the Feiting team being strong than ours being weak?
- Ours? MINE. And I demand that I get a decent team. Don't need to have the strongest, I will make the difference myself. But this one was under par. Good enough to win the Tour de Kumano, but not the Giro.
- Ok, but still second place, mountain jersey and team classification, plus 2 stages not that bad.
- The only thing that counts is the GC win, we failed there. I saved the day with 2 stages, and everybody including the Donkey has been claiming that the second one was a present. No no, I saw the look on Peter's face, I simply was much stronger than him in that sprint too. Hisashi Matsuyama just sprints, and climbs better than the Belgian!
- Well, looked different, but ok ok, before you get angry again, we believe you. Plans for June? Tour de Suisse or Dauphiné?
- We'll see, maybe I ride the Tour de Suisse. Dauphiné clashes with my sleep pattern, and the manager claims to be working at those times, not that I would believe that a useless guy like that has work... but ok. TdS maybe, we'll see.
- So maybe only Hiroshi for the Tour de Suisse?
- Are you crazy? That's like not starting at all. Not an option, it's clear, either the team starts, I'm leader, or we give it a pass. Again, according to our little lying Donkey he claims that 14h is a bit early for him, he misses the start on Tue/Wed/Thu... not that I believe him really... but anyway, he claims that because of this we will possibly not do the Tour de Suisse.
- Luxembourg? Slovenia?`
- No. TdS or nothing.
- Ok, thank you and we wish you success in June.
- Thanks.

Matsushita at 35 managed to lose 4 flat, we finish the Giro, want to use him again and realize that his second most useful skill, flat, is basically gone. Matsuoka at 34 on the other hand good, only lost 2 flat, but no mountain (of the important skills, some TT and sprint gone too, but nobody cares)
Rest ok, Son +1 mountain, excellent, Wiedmer +3 mountain fantastic. Haqqi and Kolbeinsson +1 flat, Armas perfect training at 21 +4 +4. So generally good training I'd say.

-1'117'258 in May. Giro not ended yet, so big minus, but June now will be a big plus..

New rider
Fabio Antinori from Firenze, 21 year old obviously, 73-52-79-49-46 and 54 reg. After our double 65 reg with the Japanese brothers, a guy that has a bit less, but still over 50 seemed a good idea. For June and July we expect him to train, nothing more, no Tour de France most likely, no Tour de Suisse most likely either, although both is possible. Depending on our mood in August/September, Vuelta... we are thinking about stopping our boycot after 10 years. But only thinking about it. Most likely his stage race debut will be the Andes. But well, we're thinking about not starting there as well, it has become too easy winning the Andes in the past years, our Giro centered team building usually guarantees us a strong team for the Andes too, too strong for the opposition in past years. And if we start, then we do with our best team... so maybe better not to start? Dec tour debut then for Fabio. But classics before, San Sebastian for sure.


On May 3rd Barrington Salkey retired at the age of 39. 46-74-49-56-56 with 35 reg his skills when he joined the team in November 2017. Best skills 48-88-50-56-56. So an excellent and typical flat rider with some TT as bonus. 259 races, 1090 eternal points. Despite his good flat/sprint combination, he never managed to win a race until the jamaican national championship in February 2019, not an overly impressive win btw. He was the only rider interested in racing, the rest was happy being back home and were just waving into the (small) crowd the whole race. While Barrington attacked and raced. In the end though it was a rather unexciting career really. Lacking any semblance of talent on pavé, he never could be a factor there, with his good flat skills he would have been perfect as last man for a star sprinter, the team didn't have that either. Late attacks in flat races, never worked (don't remember if we tried even, but probably yes). Stage races with his reg and mountain skill not really something for him, so he was mostly there as a cheap and good flat rider on one day races. The highlight of his career was his sale. We got 162'030 for him. That puts him at number 1 for the cheapest sale competition for 2019. Number 2 in the team behind the legendary Cheik Faye. And number 12 worldwide since 2009 (that's when probably there was a rule change, there's much much cheaper sales before that, but stop suddenly in January 2008, but 2009+2010 there were no sales under 250'00 at all, maybe another rule there too?) We hope he can keep his lead in that competition for 2019! Barrington now is back in Jamaica, works as a sports instructor at a Hotel. We wish him all the best in his new job.
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Re: Big Donkey

Post by Robyklebt » Sat Jul 13, 2019 2:30 pm


Late as is often the case. But not much happening anyway.

13th in D1, 10'108 points. 5 wins without the the end of the Giro. 2 of them worthless NCs, online alone, hehe. Most important win a stage at the Tour de Suisse by Matsukaze.

The TdS ws the main goal too obviously, Well, not that obviously, wasn't really planned to start it. But after all we did. Main goal, get 5000 career points for Hiroshi Matsuyama, So that he doesn't have to ride the Tour. Mission accomplished, 5th place in the GC, could have been a bit better, but 2nr or 3rd or 5th doesn't matter, 5131 eternal points. Now he's training for the Vuelta, were he demands to be leader. The idiot hasn't realized that a) we won't ride the Vuelta b) by the time the Vuelta starts there is a decent chance he's retired.
Matsukaze saved the Tour de Suisse with his third career win, with a Catalunya win and a TdS win now he has a decent palmares, a GT or classic win would be nice, but we'll take what we get.
Matsukaze with that win is the rider of the month as well. But since he's in France, riding the Tour, he's not available for any interviews.

Fantastic, even if we don't remember anything.

+3'944'524. Disappointing. Well... actually not that good since the Giro money is included, forgot how much it was, but we hoped to reach + 4 millions including that

New rider:
Andreas Nägele, son of Alexandra Häfeli, niece of Thaddäus from Schaffhausen. But his father, comes from Vaduz, Liechtenstein, so he rides for Liechtenstein. But Andreas, who grew up cycling every weekend from Vaduz to Schaffhausen, to visit his grandfather, whom he loves very much (he dislikes his uncle though), still loves Schaffhausen a lot, that's why he signed 2 contracts. First with Big Donkey, Hugo Marxer, our former DS, recommmended him to us. And then he signed with Falkenbier. After our complaints to Luques, nothing happened, only when the Big Donkey contacted Putin, things started to move. The c4f bureaucracy decided after thorough analysis of the case that our contract with Andreas was valid, not Falkenbier's. Correct decision, so here he is. He joined the team on the 1st of June, 51-73-77-48-44 with 45 reg. For 1'457'541. Even if the statistic says 1'456'789. That's the amount Falkenbier offered him, he attempted to criminally underpay him. After all though we're not sure how much we paid him finally, maybe really only 1'456'789, the difference a fine for Nägele for signing 2 contracts?
Anyway, he is a revolutionary rider for our team. Not because he's from a third world country, we had others before. But because we'll attempt something new with him. A 65+-80! So far we've always tried to get 60-80, lately they rather overtrained and ended up at 62-63 stuff like that. Our ideal 60-80 basically has 60-80-75-50-50 with 50+ reg (sometimes less, but ideally 50-55) With Nägele and his 45 reg, we'll try to go higher in mountain, rather 67-79 than 62-83! And think about riding the Giro 2020 with 2 climbers, one real classic, then Nägele before the 2 normal 60-80es. We'll see how the training goes first though. For the moment Nägele is not riding much, TdF, he wasn't selected, from August on he should start more often. As helper. We expect some results, not necessarily wins, from him starting from September.


Jaime Valdelomar: 07.06. he retired at the age of 39. He joined the team 01.12.2017 for 1'863'681. Starting values: 52-68-61-56-56 with 56 reg. And 71,9 pavé, so an internal pavé value of 81. He was bought for 2 reasons, one, his pavé, second, his reg, as help for Latfi Zafzaf who at that point was already a 88 or 89 climber. Paris-Roubaix 2018 then was too early for him, he finished 12th. One year later he was rather too old, but still managed to finish 4th. In his career he rode 166 races, got 3185 points and 4 wins. The most important one clearly a TdF stage in 2018. He finally won a pavé race in January 2019 too. His top values were: 57-86-55-55-55 (or something similar, the values that count are mountain, flat, sprint) with 84,5 pavé. Values at retirement: 45-78-45-40-47 and 78,9 pavé. Jaime now has gone back to Peru, where he works as a construction worker. Buildings, not roads. We wish him all the best.

Lorenzo Innocenti: Later....
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Re: Big Donkey

Post by Robyklebt » Tue Aug 13, 2019 8:05 pm

August, August, so we have to do July.

0 wins, 6th place in D1 with 12'968 points in 29 races.
The main and only goal the Tour de France, 2nd place in GC, roughly 2 weeks in yellow with Wiedmer, 0 stage wins. That's why we're so late with this update, the shock of not winning a stage in a GT was just too big. In our 27th GT for the first time we didn't win a single stage! The only positive thing is that it won't happen again, the next time we won't win a stage it won't be the first time anymore. Ok, it will be the first time that it's the second time, but that's less of a shock, and we'll know how to deal with that better, control our breathing, focus on moving objects, don't break any pencils, gently rub our left buttock, then all gets better. So a positive learning experience this whole disaster. Maybe.

Anyway, 0 stage wins, happens. For the first time though, wasn't supposed to happen. Damn. The TdF a failure. In the end we simply didn't create enough chances to win a stage. One reason for that was stage 5, escape winning with 24' over the peloton, Wiedmer in yellow, he lost it on stage 18 to Valloire. Result was that after that most of the time we were busy defending the advantage, keep yellow as long as possible, if we have it, honor it. So out of escapes, team often tired, since Marinheiro the closest guy to yellow insisted on not attacking yellow by going in almost every escape, which of course whe had to unhappily chase. And Wiedmer in yellow, we lost an important helper to a protected position, we lost an expected escaper to defending yellow in the peloton. Yes, we could have sent him after Marinheiro, thus forcing Feiting to chase, he certainly didn't want to lose another 10' to Wiedmer, but well, not really what we wanted to do, let's honor yellow.

So in the end we had only 2 real chances for a stage win. The first one on the Planche des Belles Filles, good stage, completely fucked up the end. Too nervous, too impatient, too distrustful, we had the stupid idea that after all maybe Feiting had kept Barreau fit. A paranoid theory that didn't make any sense. We had made sure he could keep only one rider fit, normally that has to be Vangramberen. He had announced that he was going to be his leader, form-wise having Barreau, being younger, in form in the Alps more logic too. But then Feiting put Vangramberen in Tempo. What? What? :?: :?: :?: :o Barreau fit? ARgh, argh, need the win, attack. Of course Vangramberen was fit, it was just a (maybe overly defensive) action by Feiting to minimize any potential time loss. Or maybe it was a brilliant move designed to confuse the weak minded, like the Donkey. Who then attacked, instead of just waiting, hanging on Vangramberen and try to attack the last km. If we had done that, we might have had a chance. Like this, Vangramberen caught Hisashi soon, then in the last km he ended up behind Peter. Bah.
Second chance, more of a half chance really, was to Tignes. After losing time due to stupidity to Valloire, we thought, hoped, that that could help us in the coming days, more freedom for Hisashi, he was already 51" back. Of course a short leash, while never really dangerous, he still was the most dangerous opponent for Feiting. But hoped controlling him would be enough. Wasn't the case. The great dangerous super attack to Tignes... wasn't all that great or dangerous, but at least we tried. In the early escape, Matsuzaka and Wiedmer (well, originally Matsukaze and Wiedmer, wrong rider attacked, fortunately CC attacked shortly after and brought Matsuzaka, we then finally realized why the fitter, in better form rider who had attacked red was behind Wiedmer after the attack... wrong rider. After that didn't look promising, 70-80es there that didn't even seem eager to ride, lets go with Son-Matsuyama at km 37. Originally Son wasn't planned at all, if anything a sieb to isolate Peter a bit, but attack seemed the better option at this point. Go. Gained time, good ride, Son on the Iseran, but behind the sitter for Feiting did a very good job. Too good, GC was under control fast, stage seemed impossible too. 27"? at the bottom of Tignes, not a huge advantage, but the group didn't gain much time, until Peter decided to ride himself. But not interested in the stage win himself, if he was he probably would just have attacked. Grrr... that's exactly the situation I hoped I could profit from, Hisashi under control, Feiting not bothering with more stages... ok, let Schappy, CC or anybody else that wants the stage ride (which they did a bit, one of them at least, Schappy I think, some help after Iseran). Let Hisashi get to the final climb with 40-50", not 27". Which seemed completely hopeless, but actually wasn't, sometimes I think Luques is changing the game without telling anybody, was sure I'd be caught in 4 or 5 km, finally was only caught one km after the GPM... and that needed Peter riding a km or even 2. And then not riding with Peter, just controlling with Barreau. let Schappy catch me for Hansen at this point. But no, this Feiting was ruthless, red all the way to the bottom, then Peter to catch me in the last km or last 2 km of the climb .Which is ok too, I just had hoped that with my 51" disadvantage I might be allowed to sneak home... Didn't happen.

Second place in GC for Matsuyama, nothing to be proud of, that really seemed the most likely outcome before the start of the Tour, and even likelier after the TTT when CC lost a lot of time. Only real "risk" was Feiting fireworks, which he had sort of announced, but then never happened. Most likely because he had trouble being on enough, often just found time for the app, not really ideal to do fireworks. If he had, then maybe I end up 3rd, 4th, 5th, since the most likely outcome of fireworks would have been: Barreau and Vangramberen ahead. In the back CC being out of GC does nothing, Schappy having no reg and not liking to ride anyway not riding either, the Donkey not being interested in riding alone... all ending in a wild attacking for nothing festival i nthe back. But in any other scenario I really was going to be second with Hisashi anyway. And that's what happened, just being there and showing some interest in GC was enough. Never managed to threaten Feiting, he had the race under control at all times.

The team: One climber, one classic. So weaker than the Giro. Was ok, don't regret not bringing Hiroshi. A second classic would have been an option yes, if I had a second useful one. Matsuoka was already happily losing flat, a 75-74 at the start of the Tour, if I calculated correctly, that's just not really that useful anymore for offensive actions, good on climbs, but in between? And being 36 he could be expected to lose more. Downhill not as good as he used to be either of course. Just one of my classics, with little reg of course was not perfect for offensive actions either, try once, he's done for the next stages. So maybe should have brought Matsuoka... for Armas. Or for one of my sprinters, but then there's the "ride the Tour cheaper" rule. It was still too expensive, Hisashi with his reg, Son with his mountain/TT/sprint... add Matsuoka for a sprinter? No no. So not unhappy with the team, that did what it had to do. One sprinter too many, yes, probably, bring Haqqi instead, but with no reg not really useful either. No, probably would start with the same team again.

Rest of the month, nobody cares, that includes the Donkey.

Rider of the season: Stephan Wiedmer. For his long stint in yellow.

- Stephan, congrats, rider of the season!
- Thanks, it was a really great month for me.
- But you didn't win shit!!!
- I wore the yellow jersey for 2 weeks. That is more important than winning a stage for me.
- But in a year nobody will remember you in yellow. A stage win? Yes.
- I will remember. The Donkey too I fear... he still swears at me for destroying the team plans by getting yellow. But ok, in 2 years I should have no contact with that fearsome animal anymo.
- Don't call our beloved team manager a fearsome animal!!!
- Sorry. But I won't have contact with him in 2 years anymore, so even if he remembers, that's ok with me. But what counts is that I, my teammates, who were always behind me,
- Even Hisashi?
- Could you please be kind enough and stop interrupting me all the time?
- Ok ok.
- My teammates were always behind me as I said, I won't comment on individuals. They will remember. The fans, mine if I have any, or just generally cycling fans, that saw me on TV will remember, the public on the side of the road will remember, the fans were really supportive. That what counts. So it won't be in any palmarès? I don't care, the experience of wearing yellow is bigger than that.
- I don't want to diminish your experience, your accomplishments, we just would have liked to have a stage win too.
- Of course, having Kaze or Son, Hisashi or Happyton, or one of the others in
- Why do you mention Hisashi in third and not first?
- Oh please, let me finish... having any teammate win a stage would have been brilliant. But for me having yellow was enough. On a personal level I'm very very happy with my Tour de France. From a team perspective I think it still was a good Tour, even if a stage win is clearly missing.
- Has your standing in the team changed after the Tour?
- Not really. My role is still the same, I'm there to help our leaders, and to escape if there's a chance. Of course with my stamina my chances for a successful escape would be best in a stage race, but we're not riding many of those... next one probably the Andes?
- The Donkey, he confides in me a lot, he trusts my judgement has told me that he's thinking of not riding the Andes this year. It has become too easy to win there he says, there's not challenge anymore, with our Giro oriented team building we always have a climber at 25 or 26 that is already near his strongest, in addition a younger one 23-24 depending on the year. Plus an older one, Hisashi it would be this year, 35. Plus usually one 27-28 year old classic, add riders like you at 60+ mountain... he says it's simply too easy nowadays. So wouldn't be so sure that the Andes will be our next stage race.
- Ah, ok. Then no idea when we'll ride our next stage race. We'll see. But anyway, I'm still improving as well, I think I will have a chance not only in stage races, I hope to do well in the classics as well. Not Lombardia, that's too hard for me I think, but others, the Canadian ones, Plouay, Bruxelles, Italian semiclassics.
- So you're standing in the team is higher than it used to be?
- Well, a bit yes, but that has less to do with the yellow jersey in the Tour, more with me developing as a rider.
- So your goals for the next month are the classics. Any specific one you target?
- Agostoni probably would be my favorite, but I'm not alone in the team. We still haven't won that, the Donkey has promised us a big bonus (he'll have to insult somebody and pay a fine for that, that's the way it works here) if we finally manage to win that. So I'll say Paris-Tours.
- Ok, good luck, for both Agostoni and Paris-Tours then.

Finance: +1'285'260. Good, including a GT in which I started way too expensive, good.

Training: Who knows, I suppose it was outstanding.

Retirement:Abong Pilioko retired on the 31.07. He joined the team 01.01.2018, with the following skills 54-68-77-59-48 with 40 reg. A classic with TT and low flat, but while there is not much to say about him, one thing is for sure, he never developed into anything useful. 67-79-78-59-48 his best skills, very disappointing mountain training. In Vanuatu he was a climbing star, but clearly that didn't translate to the rest of the world. He trained flat well, but not well enough to really good, he never was supposed to be that anyway. And without 70 or more mountain he simply ended up being mostly just there. With 37 he won his only race, a fantasy before the Giro, that really was the only highlight of his career. Got a win, so we shouldn't be too hard on him, not all our riders turn out to be winners. 1854 eternal points in 177 races, not that many for a career spanning a full 19 seasons, that shows again that he just wasn't really regarded as useful most of the time. His TT skill made him more expensive too. He now went back to Vanuatu and is thinking about a career in politics, but for the moment he's helping his older brother on his Kava farm. We wish him all the best for the future.

New rider: Ticio Bogarin, from Areguá, Paraguay. 51-68-73-51-61 with 39 reg for 1'478'741 When we offered him a contract
the idea was to develop him into a weak classic with some sprint. Some sort of Pilioko with sprint if you want. After the first training, he didn't train flat despite having 83% chances, but took the much lower sprint, probably around 35% we finally recognized his true nature, realized that this wasn't some sort of of a weird almost-classic with some sprint, but our future sprint star. Not 66-78 with 61 sprint, but 66-68 with 75 sprint! Milano Sanremo his career goal. We simply hadn't realized his real calling because a) we're still suffering from the after effects of not winning a tour stage and b) we usually buy our star sprinters cheaper and with lower skills. But since Ticio promises to be stronger than legendary sprinters like Ganguly, Kaniuk, Sofiga, Matsukaze and Kunonga, it's ok that we paid more for him. Even without realizing what kind of rider we were buying. For the moment we don't expect top results of him, but regular sprints into the top 20. From October on he should challenge Matsukaze for the leadership position in hilly races. And in flat ones with Matsukaze-Kunonga-Bogarin we'll have an outstanding train, supported by our flat armada with Kolbeinsson and Haqqi, hopefully Quttiboyev too. But as we said, he's career goal is Milano Sanremo, so from December on we expect results, wins, in preparation for the big one in March.
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Re: Big Donkey

Post by Robyklebt » Tue Sep 17, 2019 7:25 pm

August, late as usual.

Place 6 in D1, surprisingly high, but ok, still the Tour points... 9722 points.
Goals, few... Basically follow the category, San Sebastian and Hamburg at 5, then Surrey at 3, then a few 1 day races at category 2. Hm, did surprisingly well after all. Main goal San SEbastian, knew how it was going to end the moment I saw the group and so it did. Escape went through easily.
Still 4 wins:
Matsukaze: Fantasy race plus Hamburg, both in decent groups, so nice
Kolbeinsson: Surrey in a 5 team race with 2 giving up..... not worth much, but cat 3, so amazing!!!!
Kunonga:Venendaal, downgraded to cat 2, rightly so.

Rider of the month: Clearly Hiroyasu Matsukaze

-Hiroyasu, 2 wins in August, including a World Tour race. And you're rider of the season for the second time after June.
-Satisfied? Obviously yes. After stages at Catalunya and the Tour de Suisse, now Hamburg, so I'm building a nice palmarès.
-But no win in Milano-Sanremo.
-Yes, of course that was my career goal, but wasn't to be. We did a decent race, but the right situation simply didn't present itself. And of course I would have liked to win a Tour de France stage as well, failed there too. But I try to focus on the positive, the races I have won, not the ones that I didn't. And I think I can be pretty happy with what I've won.
-In August all the successes came from sprinters and the flat riders, well one, Snorri. Is the team going into a new direction?
-No no, all the same. Just that in August in the end there were more races for us than for the climbers and classics. But we do have a good sprint team now. Snorri, Mohammed very strong flat riders, Matsubara still strong too. And with me, Happyton and Sofiga until last month, now Bogarin in certain constellations we do have a good train, or 3 good sprinters too. So we hope to continue to have success in the coming months.
-Coming months, let's talk about September, what are the goals?
-For us sprinters obviously the sprint races. Bruxelles, Fourmies and Agostoni. We haven't won 2 of them yet, Fourmies and Agostoni, so that's the big challenge for us. And then later in the month minor sprint races. For the classic faction there's more this month, Montréal the most important, but then Québec, Plouay, Sabatini, Wallonie, Matteotti. Normally the climbers/classic faction should rebound in September. While we hope to keep winning.
-And for the rest of the year?
-I'll concentrate on September first, but of course there's races for us in October too. Paris Tours might be too difficult for me now, but Gran Piemonte, Vendée, etc are still goal.
-November, I know you probably don't care yet, but it seems very likely that the team will not go to the Andes this year. That opens up more chances for you, no?
-Yes, of course. Although if we ride the Andes chances would be I'm there too, but obviously as a pure helper. Without the Andes I should have the possibility to ride for the win a few times. But can't give you specific targets yet obviously.
-OK, then, thanks for the interview and good luck in September!

Good training for Antinori, 84 with 23. While Armas only got 1, so 69 with 24. Forgot the rest. Ah, Wiedmer went up 1 in mountain for sure, otherwise no idea anymore. But Antinori-Armas were the 2 most important riders. Ah, Quttiboyev, was disappointing, stuck at 83, his goal is 86 for Paris Roubaix, still has time, but being at 83 with 25 is not ideal. Start at 71, hoped for more after 20 trainings.

+2'005'769 So lots of money, we might have to start overpaying riders soon if it continues like that.

Retirements in August:
Hiroshi Matsuyama, Left on the 30.08.2019 34, 5231 points in 81 races, 1 stage race win, the Andes 2018. . Otherwise no wins. 3rd place in the Flèche Wallonne his only other palmarès entry. Joined the team 01.07.2018 withe the following skills 73-49-76-50-48 with 65 reg. Topskills: 86-52-78-50-48. So he got a decent mountain value, 86 is enough, but didn't know what to do with it. His Andes win had less to do with his skills, more with the strength of the team. An asshole, never happy with anything, always demanding stuff, complaining non stop, he didn't get along with anybody in the team. Not even with his younger brother Hisashi, that might be because that guy is an asshole too. And we won't be sad to see him go either. As we weren't sad to see Hiroshi go. A failure as a human being, a failure as a rider. As older Big Donkey climber usually you are leader for the Giro, he wasn't, he simply wasn't good enough. First time ever that the older climber wasn't the leader. His help for Hisashi during the Giro was ok, despite what Hisashi claims. But both simply were not good enough to seriously challenge Vangramberen. As leader in the Tour de Suisse he only managed 5th place? But ok, there the management was to blame too. A more focused riding would have resulted in second or third place, but since that didn't really matter, why bother focusing.
We have no idea what Hiroshi Matsuyama is doing now, neither do we care.

Fiu Sofiga: Left on the 31.08.2019. Joined the team 01.02.2018. Starting values 49-62-55-52-62 with 35 reg. Top values: 49-69-5x-50-78. So good training. 3614 points in 223 races, 3 wins. Paris Bourges, cat 3 the most important one. Then GP Izola cat 1 non-fantasy and the NC of Tuvalu. 3rd in Schelde. 3 wins, one huge fan, Golden STate Warrriors. We are very happy with his performance over the last 19 years/seasons/month. His good flat helped him get over mountains a bit too, but of course he was mainly a man for the real flat races.Toward the end of his career more often than not he was not the main sprinter anymore, but helping Matsukaze and later Kunonga, a job he did very well too. He's now training for the Tokyo Olympics were he hopes to qualify for the swimming competitions. We just hope he stops aging that fast, otherwise he'll have trouble qualifying. After that he plans to work in his brothers diving school as an instructor.

New riders for September:

It took time to find the right climber... we finally got him on the 31st. And on the same day a pavé talent as well.

Javier Larios, Spain, 73-48-78-51-48 with 41 reg. Price: 2'579'752. Fans weren't fully convinced of this addition to the squad, not enough flat, no reg, what is he for? We even heard some whistles after the announcements (there's always hundreds, on cool days sometimes thousands of fans waiting to catch a glimpse of the Donkey or one of the riders (but mostly the Donkey) in front of our house). But well, we're not unhappy with Javier, otherwise we wouldn't have bought him. Little reg, not a bad choice after having 2 guys with 65 this year. Started the Giro with a salary of over 580'000, that just idiotic. A lower salary is simply better for the game, and even if we're earning too much money consistently, we'd rather start overpaying for riders than further escalating the salary wars. His flat, yes, like Hiroshi Matsuyama his flat his highly unconvincing. But it is what it is, after all we're seriously contemplating starting the Vuelta in 2020, after boycotting it for 10 years. So we wanted a Spaniard, and in the end Javier was the best one available. And he has 48 flat, that's how it is. Those unhappy fans whistling can whistle as long as they want, we have those bastards on our surveillance camera anyway, we already started our real life mobbing of them. Javier is ok! His goals? Train! Real debut in October with Milano Torino, Emilia and Lombardia, as helper obviously, maybe a top 20 or so somewhere. Since we're not doing the Andes this year most likely, the first race we'll demand results, or good perfomances will probably be the December tour. After that the usual program until the Giro, whatever that is, Giro presumably as number 2, if Antinori feels well enough to do the Tour no Tour for Larios, but then the Vuelta as sole leader.

Orhan Hikmet, from Istanbul, Turkey. 48-73-52-48-44, 42 reg with 73,8 pavé, so an pavé value of 79. Clearly a pavé rider. Starting at 73 we hope he'll reach 86, well hope for more as usual, but 86 would be ok. His other skills are all a bit underdeveloped, so he'll never be more than a guy for flat pavé races and an unlikely winner, but if his flat develops as it should he'll be useful in flat sprintraces too. Normally he should have his first chance at showing his talent at the pavé tour at the end of October, by then normally he should have 80 flat and 79,7 pavé. And then preparation for Paris Roubaix.

Goals for September:
Well, half is over....the 5 category 4+ races obviously (all over) then the cat 3 ones with a focus on Italian ones.

Team 19: Is starting to take form.
Bogarin for MSR, he'll need a good team around him, with flat, so important for Nägele to keep training that.
Nobody as usual for RVV
Quttiboyev with Hikmet in support for Roubaix
FW, Antinori and Larios
LBL: Right now we don't really have a good leader for that yet, Armas needs to become stronger in mountain, or we need a guy that can sprint a bit.
Giro: Antinori, Larios climbers. Armas classic. Nägele 60-80 Bogarin for sprints. So basically 5 spots are already filled, the other 4 will hopefully join the team soon. Some of the riders already in the team, HIkmet or Quttiboyev (1 of the 2, both unlikely), Kunonga (will be 35, but if he has a good career and still good skills, why not?) have chances to be nominated too.
Tour: Antinori, then as usual with a weaker less planned team, but right now Bogarin looks a likely starter too.

So since we have the core of the team for our main goals for the spring, we'll start concentrating on a) finding a leader for LBL, we might go with 3 classics for the 2020 season, since we have less reg with the climbers (but only 2 at the Giro usually) b) building a team for autumn 2020
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Re: Big Donkey

Post by Robyklebt » Tue Oct 01, 2019 4:53 pm


Scandalously early, I know, but why not exceed expectations from time to time?

Place 11 in D1, 7847 points. Surprisingly good, I was convinced we would be fighting against relegation, the Vuelta teams with all their points, but no, in the end it was never an issue, we always were in a safe position to stay in D1.

4 wins, 5 if we count the U23 ITT title with Rümbeli, but we don't really, so 4 it is.
Kunonga won Fourmies and a fantasy race, Matsukaze won Agostoni, Son a fantasy race. Excellent. Because there were 2 races we really wanted to win, GP de Fourmies, we had never won it, and even more the Coppa Agostoni, which we had never won either. We won both.
The month started badly,
01.09 Plouay, 3 team race, brrrrr. We went eating after a while, who cares.
07.09 GP de Bruxelles: 3 Matsukaze, but unfortunately we forgot the details, looks sort of an interesting race, but... early press release doesn't guarantee remembering races it seems.
08.09. Gp de Fourmies, and Happyton Kunonga wins. A 4 team race, Kolbeinsson attacks repeatedly until Burkhanov is dropped and Kunonga the strongest sprinter in the group, where he then won the sprint.
13.09. Gp de Québec 4 Armas, big tactical mistake with Son, attacking himself instead of following in the decisive km. Québec is one of the easiest and most boring races somehow, you know where what will happen, but I still managed to do the wrong thing. Brr, takes a lot to be this inept.
14.09. Agostoni. A 6 team race, one team gave up, 4 were very very nice to the Donkey, never siebing, never trying to get rid of Donkeys, so in the end he could bring Kolbeinsson over the circuit, despite misusing him as a helper early on. Very friendly opponents, some even rode for a sprint late on. But we'll take it, not a mythic win, but a win, finally Agostoni.
15.09. GP de Montréal: 3 Hisashi Matsuyama, interesting race, siebing attacking, in the end Armas was in the right group, but there was no collaboration, somebody escaped, that was it. Hisashi from the back 3rd
18.09. GP de Wallonie: 3 Son, interesting race, dominated by one team. Which wasn't the Donkeys.
19.09. Coppa Sabatini: 2. Antinori
21.09. Memorial Pantani: 2. Bogarin in a weird attempt to get a win for him in a 3 team race.
23.09. Trofeo Matteotti: 5 Son, in another boring race

That's more or less the races that counted. 2 wins, a few placements, could have done better in some, but in the end I won exactly the 2 I hadn't won yet and actually care about.
Generally the sprint faction continued to be outstanding, 3 wins like in August, combined August-September 6 wins, 1 cat 5, 4, 3 and 2 each. Plus 2 fantasy races, 3 wins each for Matsukaze and Kunonga. Only 2 other wins in the same 2 months.

Rider of the month:
Candidates obvious, Matsukaze with Agostoni, THE greatest goal of the season, and Kunonga with GP de Fourmies. 638 points for Matsukaze, 458 for Kunonga. 2 wins for Kunonga, one for Matsukaze. And the rider of the season is:

In the end the fact that GP de Fourmies was more of a battle, even with a smaller peloton, more of a real race than Agostoni was the decisive factor. Winning Agostoni was more important to us, but at times that seemed like a procession to a sacrifice from the other teams... Kunonga had to fight for Fourmies, so Kunonga gets this coveted award.

-Happyton, first time rider of the month! Congratulations. Are you happy?
-OF course I'm happy. What a questions. I'm happy a ton!
-Your puns are almost as bad as those of Team FL, ever thought of joining his team?
-No, I'm happy, HAPPY a TON here!And I gave the team a ton of happyiness!
-Definitely, but I doubt it can take one more gram of this happiness, so let's change the topic. You're now 28, 3 wins in 105 races. Hap, eh... Satisfied?
-Who am I, Satiston?
-I'm just so happy, you know... can't help it.
-Ok, any regrets? Not necessarily a ton...
-Well, I feel I would have been a more logical leader than Hiroyasu for Bruxelles to be honest. Even though it was a slightly uphill finish, I was in excellent form, very close to my topform, which I hit the next day btw,
-Just say you had form 99...
- Yes, ok, form 99. While Hiroyasu had 92. I feel I would have been a more logical leader there. But generally no, we work very well together in the team, Hiroyasu, me, Bogarin too now, in the preparation Kolbeinsson and Haqqi, Matsubara too. We know what to do, we know how to ride for each other, we can deal with changing leaderships, that's why we had the success we had in the past 2 months.
- So you are looking forward to October too I guess?
- Yes, even if there is much less for us than we would have hoped. Gran Piemonte
-GIRO DEL PIEMONTE, we refuse to call it by this new ridiculous name!
-Ok, you still use fax too I guess.... ok ok, the Piemonte thing is not for sprinters anymore, Paris Tours neither, so... Vendée, Paris Bourges, stuff like that for us. We hope to do well, but we hoped to have more opportunities.
-Is Paris-Tours really too hard for you?
-I will start, for sure, but I fear yes, it should normally turn out to be too hard for me, I'm not all that comfortable on dirt roads, and there's quite a few hard km there. But ok, I will have at least the chance to try, Hiroyasu and Bogarin won't. On the other hand they will have chances where it's too hilly for me.
-So leadership for Paris-Tours, you and Kolbeinsson then I guess?
-Open leadership., Me, Kolbeinsson, but also Matsubara, Haqqi and whoever feels well. We'll decide during the race.
-So the goal for October are?
-I think I just talked about that...
-Ah, yes, right... anyway, good luck and a ton of happiness for October too!
-THANK YOU, you're such a nice interviewer!

Armas outstanding, 4 of 4, so now 73-80 after his bad August. Antinori 2 mountain, so now 86 at the end of 24, that's good. Kolbeinsson up to 91 flat, Matsukaze and Kunonga both +1 sprint, Haqqi 88 flat, Nägele 2+3, Bogarin 4+3, a very satisfying training month.

+1'822'408, very good also

Hiroshi Matsushita, or just Hiroshi for short, the only Hiroshi in our team that was actually called by his first name. He joined the team 01.03.2018 as a 47-74-52-50-50 with 63 reg. Only one reason, and that was Zafzaf, we felt we needed more regeneration to protect Lotfi from early attacks. We had Valdelomar with 56 reg, then Gopal and Innocenti with 53+47, but with their mountain skill they shouldn't have to ride in the early flat parts of the stages. We needed Hiroshi for that. And he delivered from the start, he started in all of Zafzaf's stage race wins from March on .Tirreno, Catalunya, Pais Vasco, Romandie, Giro d'Italia and Dauphiné. Twice finished last in the GC, usually close, but that didn't matter, his one and only job was to ride for Zafzaf. And in a way he turned out to be the most important helper for Lotfi. Despite his mountain skill never going over 50. 50-85-50-50-50 his best skills (downhill maybe 51 or so, since he started at 52. And seems to have trained sprint to 51 at one point). But Zafzaf was so good in the mountain, in the end that's not were he needed the support most, his 90 intimidated his opponents too, having Aeschlimann as helper good, but he almost never had to work (Catalunya the big exception, without Aeschlimann, no win there) so the mountain guys were there, but mostly just there and scaring opponents. Matsushita had to work, protect his leader during the long approach to the mountains, and he did that to perfections. After Zafzaf left, Matsushita's role was a bit of a mystery, expensive with his reg, some help for sprinters etc. It was only at age 33 that he won his first race, a stage at Paris-Nice nonetheless, a low energy sprint, he won a fantasy race in April in the same manner, no wonder, he was used to riding with low energy, so he was good at sprinting with it as well. 280 races, 2 wins, 1433 eternal points, roommate and flat lungs for Lotfi Zafzaf. A great career, a superb helper, who even won a stage in a cat 4 race. What more do you want? He is now training for ultra marathons, with the (illegal) support of the team. We wish him all the best for the future. He left the team on the last day possible, 30.09.2019

Edit: Just realized Hiroshi Matsuishi left the team in September too. 01.05.2018-04.09.2019. 47-70-66-53-55 with 55 reg 71, 8 pavé, internal pavé 76 starting skills. Topskills: 53-83-67-5x-55, with 80,9 pavé. We hoped for a bit more flat training, starting at 70 he had higher percentages than 74 starters still only 13 +he was supposed to be our pavé star for 2019. IN the end 1 win, Münsterland Giro in October 2018. And third in Paris Roubaix. 134 races, 1 win, 1864 eternal points. He now plays the guitar in his band, the "Pinetree Stones". And since the band isn't really making much money, he owns a recording studio as well.

New rider:

Habib Belhassen, from Tunis, capital of Tunisia. 54-72-73-48-57 with 41 reg, for 1'600'061. A future classic, since Armas the first classic has only 63 downhill, we needed one with more. 73 really the absolute minimum, more would have been better, but ok. 54-72 fits well. We hope he becomes a 70-80 basically, with emphasis on the 70. If it's only 78 or 79 flat, no problem, rather get more mountain to go with the downhill. His role in the first months will be to train and help Matsukaze+Bogarin, depending on the race Son/Armas too, but mostly for loading. From December on we'll want more activity, long term with 57 sprint we expect some good placements as well, ideally of course in important races. His role at the Giro should be second classic, next to Armas.

Goals for October:
Paris Tours
Milano Torino
Not that we really have ideal riders for the 2 most important races, but not chanceless ones either. Emilia, Milano Torino and Piemonte for climbers, we hope one of our 2 climbers finds a good day and wins.
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Re: Big Donkey

Post by team fl » Tue Oct 01, 2019 4:58 pm


Scandalously early, I know, but why not exceed expectations from time to time?
October already, that's scandalously early indeed after one race...
I didn't mean to say it. But I meant what I said.

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Re: Big Donkey

Post by Robyklebt » Tue Oct 01, 2019 5:13 pm

I could claim it was to check if people read here or not :lol: But ok, hiding that in line 1 maybe not so clever. There is a mistake in there somewhere that I realized but let be though....(by now don't remember what it was)

And ok, can't find a decent excuse for claiming it's the October report. The report in October for September?
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Re: Big Donkey

Post by Robyklebt » Mon Oct 14, 2019 2:58 pm

Possibly we are doing the November report already, we're not sure, we lost track of time after all. Or it could just be a special report.

Hisashi Matsuyama retired. Furios as usual, first, he wasn't leader for Lombardia, despite the better sprint value, and second, we told him that we're not riding the Andes, and even if we were, he wouldn't be leader. So even though we wanted to keep him until the end of the month, and humiliate him by forcing him to ride cat 1 fantasy one day races, the first climber since... Zeus Hochuli/Zhou Kaicheng? Or did Pucci/Helios/Gygax still do that? So well, we were cheated out of this fun revenge for the endless years (no wonder we lost track of time) of badgering us, complaining demanding, bla bla by this guy.

But, he still deserves a special report, if this is indeed one.
He joined the team on the 04.09.2018, starting values 73-54-72-49-54 with 65 reg. Top skills: 86-55-73-50-54 So horrible flat training, while the rest was ok, 86 mountain is satisfying, only +1 flat not, and he was doing our regular training. He claimed he didn't need to train flat, since such a thing didn't exist, flat according to him was when the climb and downhill were exactly the same, so +5and -5 at the same time=flat. So he insisted on only claiming climbing and a little downhill. The argumentation seemed somehow sensible to our beloved team manager.. so he let him try, but soon insisted on real flat training, Hisashi claimed to comply, but we doubt it. Skills now, at retirement: 86-55-73-49-54.

9884 eternal points, hihi, what a loser, not even 10'000, With 1369 points he has the most current points in our team right now.
6 wins, 1 stage race. And that's the reason he still deserves a special report. His 2 most important wins are la Flèche Wallonne and the Giro dell'Emilia. 2 races that by now we've won 4 times each (and should have won even more often) but never with the same rider. So while that wasn't a goal, in retrospect nice to win it with the same rider.
In addition he won 2 stages at the Giro, 1 in Catalunya and the winter classic Napier Bluff Hill.
In GC, he won Catalunya. And ended up second behind Peter Vangramberen in both the Giro and the Tour. He was twice beaten by a better rider with a better team under better management. In the Giro there was one possible opening that Hisashi had, but even if he had taken it, management opted not to try, and been successful he still would have had a very hard time defending the possible advantage later. IN the Tour not even that, it was the great Peter Vangramberen the whole way. Peter btw started with 53 flat and ended at 60. And was a great rider all around, retired without an announcement by his teammanager on 02/10. Clearly one of the riders of the year, if he had tried the triple we're confident he would have succeeded. Viva Peter.
Back to Hisashi, like with his older brother Hiroshi, we don't care what he does now and we don't wish him luck. Good rider, could have been even better, but good riddance.
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Re: Big Donkey

Post by Robyklebt » Fri Nov 01, 2019 5:29 pm


Place 12 in D1 with 8261 points. 4 wins (6 if we count the NCs, but... ok, one NC win was interesting this time, Son and a Falkenbier beating the shitriders Son winning the sprint.) Emilia, Famenne Ardenne, Seychelles (ok, that was a 1 team race..) and a stage at the pavé tour.

The important races:
Emilia: 1-2 with Hisashi Matsuyama and Antinori
3 Valli: Son 8th
Milano-Torino: Antinori 2nd, same time as the winner, Hisashi 8th, last of the group 4" back
Piemonte: Antinori 3rd, Hisashi 4th
Lombardia: 4th Antinori. 6th Matsuyama. 7th Son 9+10 Armas and Larios. Great teamresult, in a race with 12 teams. The problems was a bit that I had a plan until after the Muro di Sormano. Big sieb there and go, climbers. We had 2 (or 1?) Poke classics there, who attacked a bit before. Was thinking about going myself, but thought too many followers after the Ghisallosieb... so no. If necessary we can do the flat part after the Muro with the climbers I thought. Larios downhill, then all in. With the Poke there, easy, Cost and Fraegg gave up in the back, weirdos, so was clear we go through. And my problem was that I hadn't made my plan further...So was there with my 2 climbers and no clue what to do. It showed, 4th and 6th in the 6 climbers group, Hisashi dropped at the end. My back option though worked perfectly, Son+Armas in the first group from the back.... there 7th and 9th, so first and third... bah, should have ridden less in front. But well, if it's for the win in the back it goes differently too. But generally ok with the race, my plan worked well, just that I probably would have needed to think about the end a bit before... slow thinker, then might have come up with something.
Paris Tours: Happyton 5th. Many on topform, Wiedmer too, he went into the escape, in the back Happyton unfortunately dropped, then not let back, had to fight and waste my blocker Kolbeinsson to get back. Ok, the morons in front finally were able to block without him, so ok. Tricksprint, by LiqLiq, Alk gifting the win to Poke. Well, the teamnames mentioned say it all, avoid the morning, avoid playing with classless babys like that always better. Not that my win would be more likely without them, the fun though much more.

Finally 1 win, Antinori good overall perfomrance, 2 second places, one third, one fourth, what was missing is the win. Donkey always more or less there, just missed the final decisive thing often. Like a plan for the final in Lombardia.

Rider of the season
Antinori with 1196 season points, good, no 2 in the team, but Hisashi with 1369 when he retired and the all important win of course wins the rider of the season award. Since he's not part of the team anymore obviously no interview.

Winning Emilia a nice end to a finally quit good career, finally more successful in classics than GTs, both Flèche and Emilia won... of all the climbers classics clearly my no 1 (Flèche) and 2. Not that there's many more, Milano Torino and now this year Piemonte... but well, those 2 are quite high up in my overall favorite classic ranking too, probably top 5.

Training: Armas to 75, great, no Antinori (unless 86 was this month, but don't think so), but Armas 75 is nice. Now superclassic in Donks parlance, maybe he wants to go mega? Nägele not good I think, on the other hand Bogarin good with his sprint. Just Nägele needs to go higher than 82 flat really for him.

Finance: +1'306'143. Not as high as I'm used to lately, not really sure why actually, but perfectly fine, have the riders I need, right now, so not in desperate need of money.

REtirements: Matsuyama Hisashi was mentioned before, so we are left with Hiroshi Matsuoka. Joined the team 01.04.2018, 56-71-74-52-43 with 40 reg, typical Donk classic really. Trained well, best skills: 76-79-75-50-43. A typical helper, despite his very good mountain skill not really a rider to go for wins, his sprint doesn't help there. Got 4 stage wins in his career, a stage in the Andes and 3 cat 1 races. All between October 18 and January 19, so between 27 and 30. A bit more probably ok, but with Son in the team he seldom was leader even if it was for classics. 5th Montepaschi, 6th Flèche his best results as far as we remember. Or are ready to check.. He left the team on 31.10.19. 193 races, 4312 points. For a superclassic that's not a lot, but again, he had Son in the team, a guy with some sprint and who trained well too. at the start Tobar another superclassic aging, but still there when Matsuoka hit is prime. So he was almost always no 2. And then 43 sprint, so wouldn't collect the placement points others get. Still a good career, we were happy with him. He now is doing an apprenticeship on the Noto peninsula to become a lacquerware master

New riders:
- Felix Krankl from Austria, Feldkirch. We hoped to get his more talented teammate Felix Gesundl, but being afraId of the nationscommittee... We tried to have Nägele, who knows the 2 guys bribe FL, but Nägele never managed to find that guy, are we sure he actually is from Liechtenstein? Anyway, Krankl, 48-72-76-49-51 with 51 reg. Those who know the Donkey, know that he sees a future 60-80 in him. We really hoped to get Gesundl, he might have been ready for Milano Sanremo, having more classic skills, 53-74 to start but as we explained before, the risk too big. Even if Bogarin could use a 60-85... We hope Krankl will be a 60-80, not more, and not necessarily for MSR. Hm, maybe we miscalculated, he could very well be a 60-80 by then, 60 by the end of January seems assured. Excellent! Giro start likely for him, Nägele-Krankl the 60-80 faction.

- Armand Brotcorne: After Vangramberen's success in 19 we decided we needed a talented belgian again. After Trenteseaux, here is Brotcorne, from Gaurain-Rougecroix (or croissant) of course, the capital of Belgian cycling. 50-74-67-61-47 with 37 reg. Clear case, a flat star. Snorri 34, Haqqi 30, Quttiboyev and HIkmet are for pavé, so we needed a nice cheap flat star again, Brotcorne fits the bill perfectly. Although now we have some doubts. 60-85 training might be worth a thought? We'll think more. But if we go for this revolutionary 60-85 with no reg, we'll need another flat rider soon. Armand and GTs... with his TT not impossible, despite his low reg. A top 20 in TT is nice too:)

Goals for November:
Nothing much really. No Andes this year, 3 years in a row won, time for a break. Probably no other tour either, just one day races are fine. Although timewise Guadeloupe would fit well, better than those late 1 day races, we'll see. So let's say 3 wins, one in a winter classic, that's the goal.
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Re: Big Donkey

Post by Robyklebt » Wed Dec 11, 2019 8:36 am


A bit late, as is often the case.

No Andes this year, a break doesn't hurt from time to time, so we expected 5 or so wins, turned out to be only 3. Expected more, but well, doesn't matter that much. Place 11 in D1, 7200 points. The 3 wins, Son in San Francisco cat 2, Nägele Tobago GP and Antinori Villalba GP, cat 2 as well. At least 2 offseason classics. 2nd place for Son in the Tour de Guadeloupe hurt most, we should have won that, either with Son or with Larios, but killed the team for Son on the second last day, were out of energy and more importantly tactical know how on the last stage, so Lavanchy, got yellow there too.

Rider of the month: Son, second in Guadeloupe, winner of San Francisco.

- Young Gwon, rider of the season, congratulations!
- Thank you.
- Guadeloupe was hard, but you bounced back well and won a few days later.
- Yes, I was so close to my first stage race win, then failed to block the decisive km myself. We were too sure to win it already, so.... happens. Shouldn't but it does. But of course I felt good in November generally, the form didn't just disappear, so winning something later wasn't a big surprise.
- So 6 wins in your career now, 37 years old, doubtful you'll add more to your tally, right?
- Yes, of course, I feel the age. Not so much in the hills, I still feel I can defend myself rather well there, but my sprint isn't what is used to be. Of course that never helped me winning lots of stages either... And can't bring the power in the flat anymore either. That's aging I guess.
- 6 wins, twice Korean champion, your biggest wins are Aargau and Laigueglia. Satisfied?
- WEll what should I say, I'd have liked to win more races. Or a bigger race. But it is what it is, I think I did my best, won't complain. And finally managed to become rider of the season with 36, so that's not too bad.
- In December you'll be 37. Your goals?
- I won't start in the December tour the boss told me. So my goals are clearly the races right after. We will take a team break after the 22nd, rejoin the circuit 3 weeks later, so you can see which races I'll be targeting pretty clearly. Of course I'm getting weaker, but I'll still try to get another win of course. If the form is right, the constellation right, then it can work. And let's not forget that many of the other riders will be coming from the December tour, tired and not as fresh as I'll be. So it's not hopeless.
- So we'll see you again in a month?
- As rider of the season? That's unlikely, but if it happens either I win 2 or more races or the December tour was catastrophic for the team. Both seem unlikely.
- I assume you'll ride until the end of February?
- Yes, that's the plan.
- Any big goals till then?
- Not really, no, winning another race as I said, but there isn't a race I will especially target, I race day by day.
- Ok thanks for the interview and good luck in December.
- Thanks.


Mostly forgot it, Larios +2 mountain, so ok, we always hope for +3, but well, +2 is ok, in the end it's 23+24 together that counts, there we want +4 basically. Bogarin was good, for the rest ?

Finance: +2'097'489, very good.

No retirements, but still one new rider:
Gérard Lafargue from Clermont Ferrand, 49-73-52-52-65, 71,5 pavé, 39 reg. Sprinter or pavé rider? Pavé rider with sprint! Only 68 internal pavé, but by training 10 flat he'll still be a 78,5 pavé rider. And if it's more, he becomes a possibility to reach a sprint in harder pavé races too. 16 trainings until PR, or 17/18 probably actually. 7 safe ones, one almost safe till the end of January, then like for climbers the 2 months in which we hope for 4.... that's 85 and 79,9 pavé, normally still a bit too low to really challenge for PR, but depending on the opponents he still has some chances. And the team should have pavé, unfortunately little flat. We'll see. His job at first is training anyway. Later score some points and bring some money in flat races, with his sprint. And then for PR we'll see how far he is.

Goals for December:
December Tour, then the 3 cat 2 offseason classics right after. A decent GC showing in the December tour and 2 stage/1 day races wins the goal. Which since we're late is already reached really, we have 2 wins and unless we fall asleep 2nd place in GC seems assured... but didn't know that at the start of the season and after not winning as much as we hoped in November we adjusted our expectations accordingly.

Giro outlook:
Antinori leader
Larios second climber
Armas older star classic
Belhassen: SEcond classic
Nägele: 60-80
Krankl: 60-80
Bogarin: Sprinter

These 7 are already basically assured of their place. Our usual never changing setup, 2 climbers, 2 classics, 2 60-80. The GC team stands. With Bogarin a 60-70 with sprint, so what we're missing is: flat and regeneration. We don't have regeneration in our team right now, so at least one of the spots will most likely go to a rider that isn't in the team yet. Flat: Brotcorne, Lafargue or Hikmet have some chances to join too because of that. Even though their reg is highly unconvincing. Or again, a new rider, but building one with 87+ flat until May sounds hard, especially since we already signed a contract with a sort of handicapped classic for January... So a young flat star from February... little chance to be where we want him when the Giro starts. Some older rider bought of some other team maybe? José Lluis would fit, ideally before PR too. FL could sell him! Great plan.
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Re: Big Donkey

Post by Robyklebt » Fri Feb 07, 2020 11:08 am

Donkey Donkey!

December&January, and the yearly report. And festivities due to 27.01 being the date of inscription at the game, with the 28th the first race. Lots to do.

Training first, forgot most of it, but Belhassen only +5 in Dec+January, 100% and the 60+%. Grrr. But was good in flat, 80, 70-79 would have been ok for me too. Rest trained as they did, those who care can check the training thread. Since not I even care, doubt will see lots of traffic. But, the Donkey is very happy to see that more people post their training results there! Excellent!

1'718'203 in December
1'482'105 in January
With 20 races in December and 26 in January (but off the first days of Colombia). So the Donkey is very happy about his financing, wonderful!


In December place 12 in D1, 6759 points, 7 stage wins it seems. 4 in the Philippines, December tour, Matsukaze, twice Antinori, Armas. Plus twice Bogarin and once Belhassen after. Bogarin in a 2 team race, Belhassen in a winter classic, nice win too.
Antinori and Larios second and third in the Philippines, youth Jersey for Larios, but they never threatened to win it.
Rider of the season? Difficult, Antinori is expected to win, not arrive second, but thanks to the 2 stage wins he managed to beat Belhassen by 2 votes and Bogarin by 7. Rider of the season: Fabio ANTINORI

In January place 6 in D1, 7130 points. 5 wins, Matsukaze and Wiedmer Down Under stages, Kolbeinsson the criterium before Down Under, Antinori and Nägele in Colombia. Antinori won the GC too, with an absolutely brilliant solo action starting 40 km from the finish line on the second to last stage, won the stage with 4' advantage. Small group, difficult to react for the others, wait for classics or go alone (reg and Larios getting a free ride)? They waited for the classics,, but didn't really manage to gain time back after that. So Fabio ANTINORI wins he's second rider of the season in a row. Congrats again, but we don't have time for interviews this time. Here too, Matsukaze was close in the vote, only 3 votes behind. If Antinori had just won 4 ciudades de Colombia, he most likely wouldn't have gotten the most sought title at RSF (forget those Hansatistics, pff), but the way he won it, has to be him.

Retirements: Hiroshi Matsubara, 04.06.18-29.12.19. 1'468'641 Short career, joined 3 days late and left 2 days early. Flat rider, 48-73-67-48-58 with 47 reg when he joined the team Top skills: 53-89-66-48-60. So oustanding training, not only +16 flat , but also only lost 1 downhill, which most likely wasn't covered? Seems strange. And +5 mountain, +2 sprint. And he didn't just train, he brought results too, 4 wins, all between November 18 and February 19. Later 12th in RVV, best Donkey, and 6th in PR, 3rd best Donkey.. despite not being a specialist on Pavé, he defended himself well. Unfortunately didn't manage to win more, he won his races at a rather young age, 26-29, nothing later. And his "best result" in a way came even earlier, 2nd Piemonte 18, at 25, second in the sprint of a group he had created 18 km from the end. 4 wins, not so important ,but nice. 295 races, missed out on 300 due to December holidays, he's a bit unhappy about that, 3159 points. He joined the staff at the team now, as DS adjoint, nr 3 right now, but Farkas plans to leave his job soon, then he'll work more often. Plus due to his good pavé results, he works as pavé coach too for the moment. Not the best skills, but good results, we want to use his secret!

New riders:
Izatullah Totakhyl from Hamburg, Germany. Joined on 01.01.2020 Our first and hopefully last German in the team. Parents from Afghanistan. But he was too good to ignore, plus we needed to WIN the RSF country competition. All nationalities in the team, and we... almost won. Only 1 year and 11 month after FL we completed the quest, in the history of the universe that's a photofinish.
His skills: 55-64-79-52-52 with 35 reg for 1'449'441. His goals... .... ... well, mostly he's there because he's German and because we didn't know who else to buy. Good downhill, very bad flat, he played too much cricket instead of cycling. His goal.... ok, training first, 70+ mountain. Then downhill, 80, reached that so we're ok there. IN the meantime we discovered that he's not untalented on pave either, 78 internal pavé value, so we might change his training from mountain, who needs 70 anyway, to flat at some point? But is a 65-78 with 78 pavé any good? Bah, we'll see. The goal is to get 1000 points, when and where we'll see. GT starts at this point unlikely, possibly the Vuelta?
Oisin Swift from Ireland, somewhere in Ireland we're not sure where joined 01.02.2020. 1'355'531, 47-73-55-48-51 with 50 reg. A flat rider with reg, what we needed. In a way a replacement for Matsubara, similar reg, but no sprint. Of course we don't expect that he trains as well as Hiroshi, but 85+ flat is the goal. And the reg important, when Matsubara was active we had lots of reg, Zafzaf needed that, now we lack it, so Swift is the first in possibly a small series of higher reg guys. Unfortunately he seems rather useless on pavé, but doesn't matter.

The great yearly report that should have been published on January 27th or 28th will be published later.... not today.
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Re: Big Donkey

Post by Robyklebt » Fri Feb 21, 2020 6:02 am

27.01.2006, the team inscribes at cycling4freaks!

14 years later we're still here, although most of the time too late in the forum, like this time too.

The season review for 2019:

Rider of the month:

01: H. Matsubara
02: H. Matsubara
03: His. Matsuyama
04: His. Matsuyama
05: His. Matsuyama
06: H. Matsukaze
07: S. Wiedmer
08: H. Matsukaze
09: H. Kunonga
10: His Matsuyama
11: YG. Son
12: F. Antinori

48 stage and one day race wins
1 stage race win

690'736 points now, no clue how many it was on 27th January.

Best rider (and rider of the year): Hisashi Matsuyama. Not a very liked rider, but in the end has to be him. 4 times rider of the month, won Catalunya, la Flèche Wallonne and the Giro dell'Emilia. Plus got second place at the Giro and the Tour, behind the untouchable Vangramberen.

Favorite riders As usual I get to mention up to 3:
-Hiroshi Matsubara: 89 flat, 47 reg, nice to have him, could do some attacks, could ride for the sprint stars.
-Stephan Wiedmer, as is often the case a 60-80 is one of my favorites. 62 reg makes him incredibly expensive, but still nice, 79 downhill, flat at 82 at his best, 65 mountain. Nice to ride with such a rider.
- Hiroshi Matsuoka: 76-79-75, 40 reg, nice.
But none of them comes close to my favorite riders of past years really.

Most useful rider
Snorri Kolbeinsson: 37 reg! Had lots of reg flat riders when he joined the team, so having one with no reg was very nice to stay cheap in 1 day races.

Best buy
Ticio Bogarin. Because I didn't even know I was buying a sprinter. 51-68-73-51-61 with 39reg. Make some sort of 68-78 with 65 sprint or so I thought, mostly bought him because didn't know what else to buy. Then after his first training, where he took sprint, finally realized that there was only one future for this guy. Sprinter!

Nicest win I have no idea... I miss the time that I won 20-30 races a year, at least I remembered the wins. Now? Mostly not. Plus they are not nice anymore, small groups, But ok, Habib Belhassen, Kisoro-Kabale, attack at 23 km from the end, solo win 6" ahead of the first chasers. Forgot the details, but thought was kind of nice.
Or Fabio Antinori, stage 10 of 4 ciudades de Colombia. Yes, in 2020, but since I started end of January the year 2019 in some cases continued until the 27/28th of January 2020 (respectively 19). Attack at 40 km from the end, solo, won with 4' to the first chaser. Yes, small group, still a nice attack

Most important win

GP de Fourmies: Happyton Kunonga: Small group as usual, Donkey has never won this race. Kunonga does it. Beating Rapid, which is always nice. His sprinter there too, only got rid of him with the last attack, so Kunonga wins. Could be in the nicest win category too. Hm it is, imagine it written above too.
Coppa Agostoni: Another race that was missing, finally won. Nothing memorable, that's why I don't remember anything about the race, but looks like it was a race rode rather softly, with MAtsukaze finally finally finally winning this race for me. Most important win of the year really!

Favorite opponents 0! Nobody! We had that once, so Matsuzaka finally got a win.
But no
-Feiting Siebing: Gaurain in his comeback. Strong opponent, really too strong for me, so we always lost. But nice to have him back. Well, not anymore, stopped again after dominating the Giro and the Tour.
-Tukhtahuaev: Really enjoy riding with him, like his way of riding. He rides for his chances, he doesn't have weird theories about why his rider has no chance, doesn't think riding more than 10 km will kill his riders, he believes in them and rides. Not stupid, (well compared to me yes, but who isn't), so doesn't just ride and ride, but does something for his chances. And the results show he's right, he wins lots. A bit worried that we haven't seen him around lately, don't stop!
-Rapid Vitesse: Another one that wins too much. Incredible run in Autumn, he's the president. Different riding style than Tukh, but don't know him as well, a bît "harder" somehow. Annoying Cleverley and guys like that. But didn't win Fourmies, now I like him.

Newcomer or Comeback of the year
Ariostea: Has to be in, back after years, he hasn't gotten wiser, still thinks the static rotation system used by our team after Margineantu invented it is no good. Insists on having 1 leader. And still wins a lot, so the same. But for the moment probably wins a bit less than usual, but still enough.
ZB: Really back, part time, cool! Giro 06 veteran. Who doesn't believe in Belhassen.
Hansa: Very active, very good. Active for the game, in the forum, that's what the game needs.

There's others who came back who would have deserved the mention here, but only 3, so these 3 it is. But it shows how good the game still is, that there's always some people coming back. Even Radclub Austria and the Bohnenbrecher. Why I mention those at the bottom of the list and not the others near the top is a mystery, but that's the way it is.

We want more comebacks!
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Re: Big Donkey

Post by Z&B » Fri Feb 21, 2020 5:56 pm

I never believed in any of your riders. Well, maybe two, because I liked their names and one of em signed with a better team after you didn't realize his true potential.

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