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Post by team fl » Mon Aug 20, 2018 11:02 am

Hugo Marxer aftermath: Lukas wins BinckBank Tour!

July was Afshin Pirhashemi time winning the Tour de France, August is Lukas Marxer time winning the BinckBank Tour. It seems Hugo Marxer's departure set free some energy for his namesake

It still only two weeks after Hugo Marxer left Team FL in a hurry. And yet, the riders and the management have already coped with it very well. Especially Lukas Marxer, who always was under close guard from his elder relative, seems to feel his new freedom and convert it into wins. As happened during the BinckBank Tour where he not only won the last stage but also the General Classement and almost the Points Classement too. Accmpagnied by team mates in fabulous form too, like Satour, Mrkvicka, Afifi or Timouani, the experienced Liechtenstein rider showed that not only the Prince of Persia (aka Afshin Pirhashemi) is able to win stage races.

Now, the team management will look out for new riders to add to the roster and to bring some young talent to the team, as riders like Marxer and Villafuerte are 34 already. In the meantime, Clément Solaire has already retired after only being at the team for 50 days. It seems he didn't want to stay after Hugo Marxer's departure, who managed to convince him to come in the first place. Anyway, the team goals are clear at the moment: Make the most of Pirhashemi's abilites (but without riding the Vuelta) and then look forward to a new era back to the old days (back to the future kind of...).
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Post by team fl » Thu Sep 13, 2018 1:11 pm

Prince of Persia rules Wallonie

Afshin Pirhashemi, the Prince of Persia, can also win one day races. So he did at the Grand Prix de Wallonie, where he imposed himself over his opponents.

Giro d'Italia, Tour de Suisse, Tour de France. If you look at Afshin Pirhashemi's palmares, you figure out easily that he is a stage race contestant, riding for the general classement mainly. Well, maybe not at the Tour de Suisse, where he won most of the mountain finishes. But still, so far, his palmares was lacking a one day race win. And so the team prepared for the Grand Prix de Wallonie to lead him to last two km, where he could use his strenghts against his opponents. And thanks to the great effort of his team mates, he could do exactly that and won with 4 seconds ahead of the second placed riders. This means that now, the Prince of Persia is only missing a win in a classic race to follow in Luigi Mastragnelo's footsteps in this regard. Anyway, the team is happy to win an important one day race after messing up Quebec and missing Montreal.

Two new faces at Team FL

In the meantime, two new riders joined the Liechtenstein cycling team. The 21 years old riders Thibault Rossard from France and Luca Spirito from Italia have been added to the roster, on the one hand to help Pirhashemi in his future challenges and to prepare the team for the spring 2019 mission. Both riders will most likely develop as allrounders, while Luca Spirito has also a decent time trial skill to be able to help in team time trials or even look out for some decent GC placements in small tours.
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Post by team fl » Mon Oct 01, 2018 1:33 pm

Rejuvenating time for Team FL

Lukas Marxer and Juan Villafuerte retired from professional cycling. To cope with it, Team FL presents two new faces in the roster.

Most of his career, Lukas Marxer was known for his last name. And for his support. First, he was the main helper for Jung Gi Kim and then one of the main factors for Afshin Pirhashemi's Tour de France win. Occasionally he could ride for his own goals and when he did, he did it succesfully. Liechtenstein NC, Tour stage win and and the win of the general classement at the BinckBank Tour are among his most prominent palamres entries. In the end, he could celebrate six stage wins, 1 stage race win and two podiums, leading to a bit more than 4'000 eternal points. With 35 years, he decided that he want to have it a bit cosier and starts vineyard in Eschen.

Also gone with 35 years is Juan Villafuerte. The classic rider from Ecuador has only one entry in his palmares, at stage win Dubai Tour 2018, but his value for the team and the leaders cannot be shown in palmares entries. Some say he retired too early. Somehow, the team management has the suspicion that he will be a good customer at a vineyard in Eschen...

Speaking of Eschen. Baltasar Banzer, a Liechtenstein cycling prospect from Eschen, has joined the team. He will try to follow Etimoni Timouani's footsteps who is 33 years old already. At the same time, also a young Belgian rider (not from Eschen obviously) has been acquired. Pieter Coolman will hopefully become a valuable member of the future Team FL flat rider group, getting together well with Banzer.

As for the team's goals, October will be mainly one day races with a short break in weak two, maybe followed with signing up for the Tour des Pavés or Hainan. Or not. Maybe making money will be more important after all, as the team needs a bit of a cushion for the Campeonateo de los Andes. Not only to be able to ride with a huge salary, but also to be able to acquire a decent climber next to Pirhashemi. If not, the team management will have to reevaluate. Nevertheless, the new riders will have their role, no matter what happens.
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Post by team fl » Tue Nov 27, 2018 9:36 am

Green is the new yellow, or is it?

The Campeonato de los Andes are over and the Prince of Persia finished it on the second place in the GC. Fortunately, he could take home the green jersey of the best rider in the points classement.

From the beginning, it looked like hail mary shot for Afshin Pirhashemi to go for the GC. Although the team looked good regarding pavé and some time trial skills, it was nothing compared to the "three headed Donkey". And in the end, the team with the best mountain skills won the GC almost like a walk in the park, although we still don't know the specifics about that park: is it big? dangerous? hilly? But I guess most people think about Central Park. But then again, it was the Campeonato de los Andes and not the New York marathon. What a race for chickens. Wait, Luques was there too... Anyway, back to the facts. So our self proclaimed Prince of Persia got second in the GC behind Hiroshi Matsuyama, mainly for what happend at the stages 4 and 5, well prepared and well executed by the Donkeys. And not very well defended by the FLs. And then well defended by the Donkeys, and not much the FLs could do. Still, it could have been worse. Not only was Afshin still able to win a stage (the most obvious one for him), he also won the points classement, as he was always there among the first to arrive at each stage. After all of this, the conlcusion is, it was fun. Some downers like nobody else really competing for GC or being too often not in front of a PC in quietly. But the race itself was fun and the group too. And 80'000 credits (or whatever) gained! Can you ask for more? Yes you can! You can ask for Afshin to go for the December Tour! Although looking at it, ah well, he will try... And if it is green at the end (which is highly unlikely looking at all the stages for sprinters), he is happy too.
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Post by team fl » Wed Dec 19, 2018 5:46 pm

Two seconds to victory

In a outstanding last effort in the final ITT, Afshin Pirhashemi won the Atlas Tour, this year's December tour, by a margin of only two seconds.

The Afternoon edition showed again that it's the best and most prestigious edition of them all, with proven teams like Big Donkey, CircleCycle, Luques, Rasmussen, Tukhtahuaev or SV Furpach. And last but not least, Team FL with its Prince of Persia, Afshin Pirhashemi. 13 Teams joined this group and at least 4 of team threw an eye on the GC win. In the end, it was an upside down race with 4 riders in the yellow jersey until finally Afshin Pirhashemi could bring it home. Rumour has it, that he was the only one taking the title of the tour seriously and brought himself a number of maps with him, building a tour atlas all together. Some also claimed, that he used his knowledge for a shortcut in the final ITT, where he started with a disadvantage of 55 seconds in the GC against Houssem Matoussi from CircleCycle but was still able to win it by two seconds. Besides that, Pirhashemi could also win a stage, as well as Thibault Rossard, who rode a successful attack on the second last stage, right before this ITT.

After all, Team FL is very happy about this victory and looks forward to a quiet conclusion of 2018, to be able to start with full motivation in 2019. Not at the start will be Maik Schramm and Jiri Mrkvicka, two of the main factors for Pirhashemis Atlas win. They both decided to quit professional cycling already and have a cosy 2019 getting big and clumsy. But Team FL has prepared already something for the spring classics in 2019 with the acquisition of a young pavé talent, who will be revealed in January.
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Post by Tukhtahuaev » Wed Dec 19, 2018 7:10 pm

team fl wrote:
Wed Dec 19, 2018 5:46 pm

First biological warfare during the tour and now this insult. This will have consequences

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Post by team fl » Wed Dec 19, 2018 7:31 pm

Tukhtahuaev wrote:
Wed Dec 19, 2018 7:10 pm
team fl wrote:
Wed Dec 19, 2018 5:46 pm

First biological warfare during the tour and now this insult. This will have consequences
I knew something was not right... must have coughed at that particular moment ;).
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Post by team fl » Wed Jan 09, 2019 10:51 am

New Year's resolutions

New year, new resolutions. What are the ones for Team FL? How did 2018 go? What will happen 2019? Read and find out.

31 December 2018, 19:00, the Team FL new year's eve party begins. The headquarters are filled with people, including the complete Team FL riders' roster. In it's speach, the Team FL management reviews 2018, mentiones Pirhashemi's Tour de France win (under big applause and cheers) but also critically acclaimes that the team hasn't won any classic race for the first time in years. Anyway, everyobdy is eating well (Ribel with applesause) and drinking too much alcohol.

1 January 2019, 01:16, the Team FL management is still playing with the things from the party bomb, slowly feeling dizzy from too much alcohol, too much to eat and the heat in the room. They reminice the 30 race wins last year. Somebody is clear enough in his head (Hugo Marxer?) to do the calculations and adds that the team rode 179 race and made an average ov 192.6 points per race, 34'480 point in total.

1 January 2019, 4:49, the last person in leaves the new year's party, the mood went from high to low in less than one hour. After Pirhashemi was called out as the team's rider of the year 2018, Ngo Nguyen und Lukas Marxer left the room in a hurry.

1 January 2019, 08:37, William de Worde calls the headquarters to ask if there is a press conference today. Nobody answers the call.

1 Januar 2019, 10:00, Team FL press conference. The team's new rider Karl Kopinski from England is introduced to the press and the public. He will carry the burden for the pavé classics 2019 and most likely even for 2020. Besides that, the plans for 2019 seem to be unsure. The first real challenge will be the Tour Down Under, most likely. After that, the Team management is not really clear in its communication about future plans, rider acquisitions, etc.

1 January 2019, 10:52, the press conference is over. The Team FL management's hands out a bunch of Aspirin to each other. Not so much because of the alcohol, but because of their 2019 outlook...

Maybe now you're wondering: But where are the resolutions? To make the story short: There are none.
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Post by team fl » Mon Jan 14, 2019 3:09 pm

Instead of detailed statistics, here the current numbers for Team FL after 2018:
team fl wrote:
Tue Mar 02, 2010 10:57 am
Image Presentation Team FL founded 3 August 2006

Current Team Roster (January 2019):

- Image Wael Afifi, 34, Pavé specialist, Egypt

54-85-64-47-51, 81 Pavé, 46 Reg

- Image Baltasar Banzer, 24, Flat sprinter, Liechtenstein

48-76-55-52-76, 69 Pavé, 36 Reg

- Image Pieter Coolman, 24, Flat specialist, Belgium

52-83-55-48-56, 75 Pavé, 35 Reg

- Image Carlos Kaiser, 33, Hill specialist, Chile

74-78-79-46-59, 68 Pavé, 57 Reg

- Image Karl Kopinski, 21, Pavé specialist, Great Britain

49-74-77-54-66, 76 Pavé, 43 Reg

- Image Afshin Pirhashemi, 32, Climber, Iran

85-61-71-62-59, 65 Pavé, 41 Reg

- Image René Ritter, 31, Flat specialist, Liechtenstein

51-87-66-56-46, 74 Pavé, 39 Reg

- Image Thibault Rossard, 25, Allrounder, France

59-80-74-53-49, 69 Pavé, 56 Reg

- Image Kahlid Satour, 32, Hill specialist, Morocco

72-79-58-47-47, 72 Pavé, 41 Reg

- Image Sandro Spaeth, 29, Helper, Switherland

52-82-77-62-47, 72 Pavé, 58 Reg

- Image Luca Spirito, 25, Allrounder, Italy

58-82-76-68-56, 74 Pavé, 56 Reg

Team Statistics:

Stage Wins (425):

25 - Image Fran Peterlin
22 - Image Ngo Nguyen
21 - Image Stefano Benni
18 - Image Phineas Federspiel
13 - Image Cédric Schmarotz
13 - Image Perry Henzell
12 - Image Jean OlléOllé
12 - Image Iwan Franko
10 - Image Gaudenz Taverna
10 - Image Xaver Unsinn
10 - Image Carlos Lampe
9 - Image JungGi Kim (NC)
8 - Image Stefan Küng (3x NC)
8 - Image Joe Friesenbichler
8 - Image Elwyn Oxley (NC)
8 - Image Afshin Pirhashemi*
7 - Image Harald Mühlenberg
7 - Image Lorenz Dürr (U23 WC, NC)
7 - Image Luigi Mastrangelo
7 - Image Ryan Kilfeather
7 - Image Nodirkhan Kadyrkhanov
6 - Image Eric Lichtenstein
6 - Image Breyten Breytenbach
6 - Image Lukas Marxer (NC)
5 - Image Pedro Garrido
5 - Image Severino Nicolosi
5 - Image Kari Steinsson
5 - Image Martti Rosenblatt
5 - Image Carlos Tejeda
5 - Image Harrison Tasher (2x NC)
5 - Image Pavel Sitko
5 - Image Feliciano Centurion (NC)
4 - Image Omar Pene
4 - Image Steve Hasler
4 - Image Gilles Braas
4 - Image Roy Lichtenstein
4 - Image Jan Flachbart (NC)
4 - Image Royston Lighting
4 - Image Robertlandy Simon
4 - Image Bambang Megaranto
4 - Image Tony Woodcock
4 - Image Serghei Pascenco
3 - Image Andrea Clavadetscher
3 - Image Sylvain Boss
3 - Image Louis Thuilliez
3 - Image Raffael Kämpfer
3 - Image Keyser Söze
3 - Image Alex Goop
3 - Image Guus Nederlof
3 - Image Victor Fargas
3 - Image Eddie Sixpence
3 - Image Ariel Weisman
2 - Image Roger Schnitzer
2 - Image Jens Scholz
2 - Image Frantz Granvorka
2 - Image Toni Hassler
2 - Image Nathaniel Biedermann
2 - Image Janis Smedins
2 - Image Wilhelm Wahlforss
2 - Image Paul Betancourt
2 - Image Valentin Bratoev (NC)
2 - ImageHassan Dif
2 - Image Otto Ospelt
2 - Image Amartya Sen
2 - Image Anselmo Grau
2 - Image René Ritter*
2 - TTT (TdS'18, TdF'18)
1 - Image Josef Fichtl
1 - Image Knut Bakke
1 - Image Bill Schneider
1 - Image Ewald Wolf
1 - Image Dimitri Jiriakov
1 - Image Elmar Goop
1 - Image Zak McKracken
1 - Image Tommy Zech
1 - Image Larry Erkisson
1 - Image Steve Becker
1 - Image Hannes Büchel
1 - Image Chuck Bass
1 - Image Hugo Marxer
1 - Image Wesley Lichtenkiesel
1 - Image Tim Hamberger
1 - Image Harry Hole
1 - Image Tomasz Kowalski
1 - Image Lars Hirschfeld
1 - Image Alain Yoda
1 - Image Elvis Bodganic (NC)
1 - Image Desideriu Vatca
1 - Image Fridolin Tschugmell
1 - Image Samir Sellami
1 - Image Dong Dong (NC)
1 - Image Juan Villafuerte
1 - Image Carlos Kaiser*
1 - Image Thibault Rossard*

Classic Wins (34):

3 - Image Phineas Federspiel (Gent-Wevelgem'14, Scheldeprijs'14 + '15)
3 - Image Iwan Franko (Omloop'16, RVV'16, DdV'17)
2 - Image Harald Mühlenberg (Züri-Metzgete'07, MSR'08 )
2 - Image Pedro Garrido (Omloop'11, Gent-Wevelgem'11)
2 - Image Luigi Mastrangelo (Flèche'11, Tre Valli'11)
2 - Image Stefano Benni (Lombardia'12, MSR'13)
2 - Image Kari Steinsson (Scheldeprijs'13, P-R'13)
2 - Image Perry Henzell (Brussels'16, Paris-Tours'16)
1 - Image Andrea Clavadetscher (Lazio'08 )
1 - Image Roger Schnitzer (Scheldeprijs'09)
1 - Image Keyser Söze (Tre Valli'09)
1 - Image Guus Nederlof (Omloop'10)
1 - Image Jens Scholz (Flandern'10)
1 - Image Gilles Braas (P-R'11)
1 - Image Hugo Marxer (Piemonte'11)
1 - Image Stefan Küng (Omloop'12)
1 - Image Harry Hole (Quebec'12)
1 - Image Alain Yoda (Montreal'14)
1 - Image Elwyn Oxley (Hamburg'15)
1 - Image Eric Lichtenstein (Quebec'15)
1 - Image Breyten Breytenbach (LBL'16)
1 - Image Carlos Lampe (Emilia'16)
1 - Image Pavel Sitko (Gent-Wevelgem'17)
1 - Image Omar Pene (San Sebastian'17)

-> 2. Plätze: Josef Fichtl (Züri-Metzgete'06), Ewald Wolf (P-B'07), Steve Hasler (Placci'08, Hamburg'08 ), Sylvain Boss (Piemonte'08 ), Elmar Goop (Harelbeke'09), Mavolio Bent (Omloop'10), Luigi Mastrangelo (AGR'11), Cédric Schmarotz (MSR'12), Toni Hassler (E3'12), Stefano Benni (Omloop'13, LBL'13), Jean Ollé Ollé (GW'13), Jan Flachbart (MSR'14), Fran Peterlin (LBL'15), Perry Henzell (Hamburg'16), Iwan Franko (Omloop'17), Feliciano Centurion (PR'17)

-> 3. Plätze: Schavi Nator (LBL'07), Ewald Wolf (Fourmies'07), Andrea Clavadetscher (MSR'08 ), Tim Hamberger (PR'11), Stefan Küng (E3'12), Xaver Unsinn (Tre Valli'12), Arni Steinsson (RVV'13), Wilhelm Wahlforss (Harelbeke'14), Eric Lichtenstein (GW'15), Fran Peterlin (RVV'15, San Sebastian'15), Perry Henzell (MSR'16), Breyten Breytenbach (San Sebastian'16), Iwan Franko (Harelbeke'17)

Stage races (29):

4 - Image Fran Peterlin (Solidarnosc'14, Alberta'14. Minas Gerais'14, Romandie'15)
4 - Image Carlos Lampe (Lux'16, Sibiu'16, Utah'16, Argentina'16)
3 - Image Gaudenz Taverna (Bayer '12, Elk Grove'12, Moldova'12)
2 - Image Kari Steinsson (Sachsen Pflaster'12, De Panne'13)
2 - Image Iwan Franko (Sachsen Pavés'16, Tour des Pavés'17)
2 - Image Nodirkhan Kadyrkhanov (SPIH Nostalgia'17, TDU'18)
2 - Image Afshin Pirhashemi* (TdF'18, AtlasTour'18)
1 - Image Luigi Mastrangelo (Akropolis Tour'11)
1 - Image Jan Flachbart (Beijing'13)
1 - Image Janis Smedins (Tour des Pavés'14)
1 - Image Tomasz Kowalski (De Panne'14)
1 - Image Phineas Federspiel (WPC'14)
1 - Image Valentin Bratoev (Tour des Pavés'15)
1 - Image Paul Betancourt (Down Under'15)
1 - Image Harrison Tasher (Tour des Pavés'16)
1 - Image JungGi Kim (Sachsen Pavés'17)
1 - Image Lukas Marxer* (BinckBanck'18)

Youth jerseys (16):

2 - Image Fran Peterlin (Solidarnosc'14, Wallonie'14)
1 - Image Gilles Braas (Sachsen Pavés'11)
1 - Image Luigi Mastrangelo (Tour Med'11)
1 - Image Stefan Küng (Tour des Pavés'11)
1 - Image Stefano Benni (Correze'12)
1 - Image Roy Lichtenstein (Oman'13)
1 - Image Eddie Sixpence (Trentin0'13)
1 - Image Wilhelm Wahlforss (Sachsen Pavés'13)
1 - Image Phineas Federspiel (WPC'14)
1 - Image Valentin Bratoev (Sachsen Pavés'14)
1 - Image Royston Lighting (Tour des Pavés'15)
1 - Image Carlos Lampe (Ruta del Sol'16)
1 - Image Bambang Megaranto (De Panne'16)
1 - Image Samir Sellami* (Tour des Pavés'17)
1 - Image Afshin Pirhashemi* (Giro'18)

Mountain jerseys (6):

1 - Image Luigi Mastrangelo (Giro'11)
1 - Image Wesley Lichtenkiesel (PN'12)
1 - Image Eddie Sixpence (Scotland'13)
1 - Image Alain Yoda (Down Under'15)
1 - Image Carlos Lampe (Utah'16)
1 - Image Afshin Pirhashemi* (TdS'18)

Points jerseys (31):

6 - Image Stefano Benni (EAT'13, Down Under'13, Ruta del Sol'13, Trentino'13, Romandie'13, Giro'13)
6 - Image Fran Peterlin (Alberta'14, Minas Gerais'14, Mexico'14, Tour des Pavés'15, Romandie'15, Giro'15)
3 - Image Elwyn Oxley (Ruta del Sol'16, TA'16, Giro'16)
2 - Image Cédric Schmarotz (Burgos'11, Qatar'12)
2 - Image Iwan Franko (Sachsen Pavés'16, Tour des Pavés'17)
2 - Image Ngo Nguyen* (TdF'17, TDU'18)
1 - Image Afshin Pirhashemi* (TdS'18, Andes'18)
1 - Image Luigi Mastrangelo (South Alps'11)
1 - Image Nathaniel Biedermann (California'12)
1 - Image Kari Steinsson (Sachsen Pflaster'12)
1 - Image Phineas Federspiel (WPC'14)
1 - Image Carlos Lampe (Lux'16)
1 - Image Fridolin Tschugmell (Oman'17)
1 - Image Pavel Sitko (Giro'17)
1 - Image JungGi Kim* (Sachsen Pavés'17)

Team classement (24):

4 - Tour des Pavés ('10,'11,'16,'17)
3 - Tour Down Under ('15,'16,'17)
2 - Dunkerque ('12,'14)
1 - Alberta ('14)
1 - BinckBank ('18)
1 - California ('12)
1 - Denmark ('12)
1 - De Panne ('12)
1 - Deutschlandtour ('16)
1 - Dubai ('18)
1 - Giro della Toscana ('17)
1 - Oman ('13)
1 - Romandie ('13)
1 - Sachsen Pflaster ('12)
1 - Sibiu ('16)
1 - Tour de Suisse ('13)
1 - Tour du Maroc ('09)
1 - Trentino ('13)

Most Points:

17667 - Image Stefano Benni
16332 - Image Fran Peterlin
10147 - Image Luigi Mastrangelo
9408 - Image Nodirkhan Kadyrkhanov
9067 - Image Carlos Lampe
8104 - Image Roy Lichtenstein
7794 - Image Iwan Franko
7780 - Image Xaver Unsinn
7620 - Image Ngo Nguyen
7553 - Image Paul Betancourt
6997 - Image Elwyn Oxley
6571 - Image Stefan Küng
6552 - Image Eddie Sixpence
6433 - Image Cédric Schmarotz
5850 - Image Phineas Federspiel
5789 - Image Jean Ollé Ollé
5672 - Image Breyten Breytenbach
5484 - Image Nathaniel Biedermann
5432 - Image Pedro Garrido
5361 - Image Gaudenz Taverna
5326 - Image Perry Henzell
5273 - Image Pavel Sitko

Most Races:

282 - Image Victor Fargas
276 - Image Stefano Benni
268 - Image Henri Bienvenu
267 - Image Kenny Banzer
262 - Image Wesley Lichtenkiesel
262 - Image Niels Hörnö
256 - Image Stefan Küng
245 - Image Daniel Clavadetscher
242 - Image Fred Colon
237 - Image Frantz Granvorka
233 - Image Stéphane Antiga
232 - Image Tim Hamberger
230 - Image Pit Schlechter
228 - Image Ronny Beck
214 - Image Haruki Murakami
208 - Image Walter Walch
206 - Image Xaver Unsinn
206 - Image Dominikos Petrakis
200 - Image Hannes Büchel

*still riding

Team FL rider's nationalities (80/80):

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
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Re: Team FL

Post by team fl » Tue Feb 12, 2019 9:28 am

National Championships galore!

At the National Championships, the Team FL riders win four titles: Egypt, Great Britain, Italy and Morocco.

Team FL race wins in 2019 until the National Championships: Zero. Team FL race wins in 2019 after the National Championships: 4! Boy did the team need that. After having lost all cereals in January, this was more what Hugo Marxer envisioned for the Liechtenstein Cycling team. The only bummer is: The Liechtenstein NC could have been won too, but Banzer and Ritter were asleep already after celebrating too much with the others… Anyway, it is the first time ever Team FL wins four NCs in one day. And usually it is October for the team to win NCs, last time October 2017 (3 wins). Overall, Team FL has won 19 NCs so far, obviously the most in Liechtenstein (4, 3 of them won by Stefan "King" Küng). Yesterday, the team added the North African duo Egypt (Wael Afifi) and Morocco (Kahlid Satour) as well as two "big" NCs with Great Britan (Karl Kopinski) and most importantly: Italy (Luca Spirito); all for the first time. So the riders will have a lap of honour in Egypt today, where the team was celebrating after being invited by Wael Afifi's family, that is pretty rich apparently.
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Post by team fl » Tue Mar 05, 2019 9:59 am

Klaus does Brussels, Afshin retires

While he already got his first race win at the British Championships, Klaus Kopinski won his first "real" race on Sunday at Kuurne-Bruxelles-Kuurne. In the mean time, Afshin Pirhashemi retired from professional cycling quietly

The plans for the weekend were clear as Crystal for Klaus Kopinski: To ride Omloop Het Nieuwsblad on Saturday and Kuurne-Bruxelles-Kuurne on Sunday. The team was prepared and so was the staff. Now here would be an excessive report about how these races went, what the riders did each km and how great the Team FL tactics were. But I fear it would be too complex to understand for the majority of the readers. So, to make it short: Team FL got the whole podium covered adding both races as Kopinski and Coolman got 2nd and 3rd at Omloop and Kopinski won KBK the day afterwards.

For some it was surprising that Team FL didn't win Omloop as it seemed there were 18 Team FL riders in the race. Later on, the Team FL lawyers were occupied by checking the law about a copyright infringement by the Welsh team olafcelts, that wore the exact same jersey as the Liechtenstein cycling team. After some discussions the team management decided to appreciate the free marketing and didn't pursue legal steps.

Anyway, one of the riders who stood out the most in the Team FL jersey in 2018, Afshin Pirhashemi, retired from professional cycling quietly. The "Prince of Persia" who won the Tour de France for the first time for Team FL was not convinced by the path his team was following. While he still looked out for major tour wins, the team has been focussing more on one day races again lately. And hence, the Afshin's motivation and fighting spirit got lost on the way. After desastrous training results, both the team management and Afshin's camp decided that it is best for him to retire and remember the great wins. So, he's gone but not forgotten as the first (and probably only rider ever) who won the Tour for Team FL.

After that upset, Team FL also has some new Young riders with Ron Zwerver from the Netherlands and Max Funk from Luxembourg. The team management continus looking for future leaders though, although Klaus Kopinski already showed what he's worth, potentitally.
I didn't mean to say it. But I meant what I said.

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