Insulting by r Taka

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Insulting by r Taka

Post by schappy » Mon Mar 25, 2024 4:58 pm

Today 14h Race
r TAKA(15:55): couldn't I get a better bitch in my wheel
My Sprinter is on his wheel at the sprint.
I´ve got the magic in me

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Re: Insulting by r Taka

Post by Hansa » Mon Mar 25, 2024 10:23 pm

Big Donkey(16:07): 150... Inui was slightly ahead of me there... so I don't go to the front far...
High Flyer(16:03): sorry again for going off in the break
Elaska(16:03): Gw
SouthWest Packers(16:03): Mhh 150 for me save donks win anyway nice race
Elaska(16:03): Should have listen to me petit singe
r TAKA(16:02): forcing me to lose Emir like that is super shitty, he gets not benefits from it
Big Donkey(16:02): Deserved
High Flyer(16:02): generous swp making sure the other teams can finish higher and make more money :)
Big Donkey(16:02): GW
SouthWest Packers(16:02): Gw
bergwerk(16:02): gw
Alive And Dead(16:02): Gw
r TAKA(16:02): it's not a gift
High Flyer(16:02): gw
Alive And Dead(16:02): Taka expecting gifts everywhere
Big Donkey(16:01): At 100 can't go, I'll just end up blocked somehow
r TAKA(16:01): Why make me lose Emir?
Big Donkey(16:01): I'm ok with whatever it will be
SouthWest Packers(16:01): Looks late donks so ITS for taka
Elaska(16:01): Of course
Dreizehn(16:00): Elaska was right😅
Elaska(15:59): If you want to win
Elaska(15:59): Go now verveke
Big Donkey(15:59): His name is Verkerk and he's a HC sprinter
Alive And Dead(15:58): Nice border block
Elaska(15:58): Verveke has to go from home 150
r TAKA(15:58): why are you sprinting right?
r TAKA(15:58): fuck off swp
High Flyer(15:57): he's also on my wheel grumble grumble
Big Donkey(15:57): Didn't even load Longbottom for most of the race.. just Magritte and Verkerk, still not sure why Verkerk is actually in the peloton...
Big Donkey(15:56): He's influencing me!
Elaska(15:56): Schappy on taka's wheel hihi nice
Big Donkey(15:56): The other day Taka said I bring troll teams.... Milano-Sanremo was kind of one, this here definitely was one...
r TAKA(15:55): couldn't I get a better bitch in my wheel
Big Donkey(15:55): HC everything!
bergwerk(15:54): ah there they are ... to blind
Elaska(15:54): Tier HC sucker
Big Donkey(15:54): What is he doing there?
Elaska(15:54): Verveke don't deserve to win today
Big Donkey(15:54): Annoying... Magritte was supposed to sprint from the front...
bergwerk(15:54): oh nice ... 2 of my ssprintsettings are not in
r TAKA(15:53): Japanese American jersey
Big Donkey(15:53): Somebody else's fault, of course...
Alive And Dead(15:53): Was leaving the train 😃
bergwerk(15:53): me too ... waited for aad to go in
SouthWest Packers(15:52): Good Job guys
Alive And Dead(15:52): Bw
Alive And Dead(15:52): Me too but decided to let be decided
Big Donkey(15:52): Surprised you carried the 60 guys over all the hills...
Elaska(15:51): Was a good try
bergwerk(15:51): or 2
bergwerk(15:50): grrr. 1 km to long
Elaska(15:50): Ah yes
Big Donkey(15:50): That he's still riding
Big Donkey(15:49): He has reg, os maybe on purpose
Elaska(15:49): What do you mean?
r TAKA(15:49): All in for the last 3 SWP?
Big Donkey(15:49): Group behind the peloton...
Elaska(15:49): Yassine?
r TAKA(15:47): Yes I got the same replacement
Big Donkey(15:47): Elaska, Yassine on purpose?
Big Donkey(15:47): Hm, Emir and Dogan are not the same? Or did Dogan change his name and is now Emir? Looks the same to me somehow.
Big Donkey(15:46): And next time just put Emir on follow and win in front!
r TAKA(15:45): I'll yes alone until the end xD
Big Donkey(15:45): Just put in yes alone if you don't want my star's in tempo
bergwerk(15:44): he had not really time
Alive And Dead(15:44): He is the gift expert
bergwerk(15:44): ? 3x aad ...
Big Donkey(15:44): He's quiet today anyway...
r TAKA(15:44): Another fucking gift for bw
Big Donkey(15:43): So waiting immediately made more sense.
Big Donkey(15:42): Was wondering if that was an option, difficult in -3... -1 maybe gain time, but -3 not enough to get them fast...
r TAKA(15:42): Ilya too slow
r TAKA(15:41): You should try to catch the 1st group first
High Flyer(15:41): looks all fine, just have to refresh for changes to show on opposite device
Big Donkey(15:41): I have nothing for downhill unfortunately
Alive And Dead(15:41): From 191
bergwerk(15:41): only chance for us ... km 191
Alive And Dead(15:41): Hm all in?
SouthWest Packers(15:40): Come in big rTaka
r TAKA(15:40): Don't wait
Big Donkey(15:40): Go SUDA!
Big Donkey(15:40): We'll lose lots of time here... who should ride, not planning drops
High Flyer(15:40): ill test tempo on my mobile next km
Big Donkey(15:39): That I would sometimes worry, if you click something here, then there.. .but if you actualize it SHOULD work.
High Flyer(15:39): Mobile test
High Flyer(15:39): laptop test
Big Donkey(15:38): Don't know... make sure to have him in at 193 then.
High Flyer(15:38): it won't mess up attacks or tempo if they are both logged in at the same time too?
r TAKA(15:38): Hmm Did Emir miss it?
Big Donkey(15:38): It's actually NOT a hilly race. Just badly designed.
High Flyer(15:38): ok im going to test it out quickly now then
r TAKA(15:37): leave me the +4 Donkey
Big Donkey(15:37): Same IP address for 2 different teams gives you *
r TAKA(15:37): I'm always having to ride for a 50mountain in hilly races, I need a new leader xD
High Flyer(15:37): everytime i've had to switch to mobile i logged out of my laptop and vice versa
High Flyer(15:36): wait really?
Big Donkey(15:36): Or at least not the way it should work.
Big Donkey(15:36): Not the way it works
High Flyer(15:36): wanted to sneaky log in on mobile but would prob get a * for logging in 2 devices at the same time
High Flyer(15:35): was the break through if i was on or anything happened?
Big Donkey(15:34): From now on we know who is to blame for the lack of managers.
r TAKA(15:34): Not your fault
Big Donkey(15:34): AND YOU DIDN'T SHARE C4F?????
High Flyer(15:33): sorry, had to share my screen n a meeting
Big Donkey(15:33): See? HC sucker it seems, now I'm actually one of the favorites it seems...
Big Donkey(15:32): Well, and ride at some point...
Big Donkey(15:31): Actually yes, well, if you hurry up
r TAKA(15:30): you're going to wait for me Donkey? xD
Alive And Dead(15:30): hm rest from smartphone
Big Donkey(15:23): Not sure to what you reply, but since I said I can wait until next time....
Alive And Dead(15:23): imo high flyer should be on
Alive And Dead(15:22): thats your opinion
Big Donkey(15:22): But since you're not in the mood I'll stop for today and ask next time on why you are so intent on feuding with me.
Big Donkey(15:22): But can't refrain from one more comment.. to give a -3 in a race where there were no problems at all between us as far as I remember is weird....
Big Donkey(15:21): Damn, my keyboard is overly motivated
Alive And Dead(15:20): hm high flyer off gr
Big Donkey(15:20): I'll ask what this means in detail next race then.
Big Donkey(15:20): I'll ask what this means in detail next race then.
Big Donkey(15:20): I'll ask what this means in detail next race then.
Big Donkey(15:20): I'll ask what this means in detail next race then.
Big Donkey(15:20): I'll ask what this means in detail next race then.
Big Donkey(15:20): See, wasn't that difficult..
Alive And Dead(15:19): accumulated -3 over the last 4 weeks
r TAKA(15:19): hopefully one day he gets banned lol
r TAKA(15:19): No need to ask him
Elaska(15:16): Ask Schappy
Big Donkey(15:16): Plus how much fun do you think it is to get a -3 with the comment "pathetic" after a race where you don't remember having any"problematic" nteraction with the guy who gave it to you?
r TAKA(15:16): we need faster tempo in the back
Dreizehn(15:15): Lets go red
Big Donkey(15:15): You already prolonged it unnecessarily...
Big Donkey(15:15): Then don't make endless and just explain...
Alive And Dead(15:14): should we go red?
Alive And Dead(15:14): as said, not in the mood, want to enjoy the game, endless discussions with you kill my fun (IMO)
Big Donkey(15:13): IMO my question now is perfectly normal. Maybe my "sender" is off too?
Big Donkey(15:12): You once told me to just ask politely (or maybe you didn't say politely but normally) and you would then answer.
Big Donkey(15:11): You're the guy who told me my receiver wasn't well calibrated... so of course I wonder what you meant with "pathetic"
Alive And Dead(15:10): sry forgot to say IMO
Big Donkey(15:10): Not really.
Alive And Dead(15:09): no, not ignoring your question, but I am not in the mood of answering it. One has to be very precise talking with you as you put every word on the gold scale.
Big Donkey(15:08): With you I mean AAD...
Big Donkey(15:08): Hm, ignoring my question? In case it wasn't clear that question was for you.
High Flyer(15:02): we should prob go blue infront , osing too much time
Alive And Dead(15:02): should we go faster in front?
Big Donkey(15:00): Then I can ask a question: What was the Milano-Sanremo fairness vote and comment for?
Big Donkey(15:00): Ah, he's back, good
Alive And Dead(14:59): was getting a coffee
Alive And Dead(14:59): sry, how much did I miss
Enigma1(14:56): ride
Dreizehn(14:56): Aad offline
Dreizehn(14:55): Ok
Enigma1(14:54): ok
High Flyer(14:54): 114km green fresh riders?
Enigma1(14:53): when u decide, i've not experience :/
Dreizehn(14:51): Tymovy empty
High Flyer(14:50): green soon infront?
High Flyer(14:42): lets go red infront
Big Donkey(14:40): now
Big Donkey(14:40): I helped enough no!
High Flyer(14:40): Poska the money man
Alive And Dead(14:29): hm will have to do the final 10km in the train station
Schappy(14:28): ZL = best ever
r TAKA(14:28): But the races were bad
Big Donkey(14:27): Except Zauberlehrlinge, what a bad idea!
Big Donkey(14:27): Was a good idea actually.
Big Donkey(14:27): Plus limiting my possible wins to the World is kind of insulting, I want to win the Universal Tour.
r TAKA(14:27): Someone tried to honor those in December tour
Big Donkey(14:27): Honor the programmers of the game!
Big Donkey(14:26): But now I like Buhmann Division etc.
Big Donkey(14:26): I was used to that
r TAKA(14:26): How is Div1,2,3..better?
Big Donkey(14:25): Kind of like today I mean...
Big Donkey(14:25): Can of like we have today actualy.
Big Donkey(14:25): Not here. So we really just take the names from the UCI... so in a way being FOR World Tour etc could mean that we just want the names of the races, but not the actual routes!
Alive And Dead(14:24): every non afternoon edition is also fantasy
r TAKA(14:24): that's a minor detail
High Flyer(14:24): blue infront 51km?
Big Donkey(14:23): It's not like the World Tour here means the same as the World Tour in reality... in reality you have to ride the Giro, Tour etc etc.
Big Donkey(14:23): Why?
r TAKA(14:22): Then the races should be fantasy in your logic Donkey
Alive And Dead(14:22): it should be ordered alpabetically
Big Donkey(14:21): Should be Buhman Division-lesossies Division-Luques Division-Alkworld Division-Gipfelstuermer Division-AAD
Alive And Dead(14:21): Ah, so taka is not really a Division 1 champion, just a World Tour winner
r TAKA(14:21): Want to try for Canute and Dumisani? D13?
Big Donkey(14:20): More important topic of course is "World Tour" etc. Stupid names!
Elaska(14:20): We need a lot of threads
Alive And Dead(14:20): as long as you don't call them "professional suckers" it should be fine
r TAKA(14:19): But I don't know if it's in off topic or in riders and teams
Big Donkey(14:19): Yes, we need action in the forum.
r TAKA(14:18): I should make a forum thread about tiers of suckers
Big Donkey(14:17): Can I be HC sucker?
Big Donkey(14:17): Who's a tier 2 sucker and who's a tier 1 sucker?
r TAKA(14:14): If tier 2 suckers aren't riding, not expecting tier1 to ride xD
Elaska(14:14): But since taka is here he might win
Elaska(14:14): Usually schappy has 0 impact on the races
Alive And Dead(14:13): did you ask them if they can?
r TAKA(14:12): since he won't ride anyway
r TAKA(14:12): Ignore his riders*
Big Donkey(14:11): I think they can handle any disagreements by themselves, don't need you to start meddling in it AAD.
Elaska(14:10): So I m starting being favorite? Hihi nice
Alive And Dead(14:09): doesn't look like ignoring to me :D
r TAKA(14:09): Schappy I just ignore him
Big Donkey(14:08): But interesting, so the pavé cut off is between 70,4 and 70,7?
Big Donkey(14:08): Here!
Elaska(14:07): Where is Matisse?
r TAKA(14:06): Rochet then Bican, and Chibani. But of course they tried to escape
Alive And Dead(14:06): everybody tired from Catalunya/Gent-Wevelgem
Big Donkey(14:06): VERKERK, excellent
Dreizehn(14:06): Verkerk maybe
r TAKA(14:05): bw xD
Big Donkey(14:05): So who's the favorite in this fantasy race?
Big Donkey(14:02): Hi
Dreizehn(14:01): Hi all
Elaska(13:55): Hola
bergwerk(13:46): glückauf and hello
r TAKA(13:39): Hi
Alive And Dead(13:35): hi freaks!

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team fl
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Re: Insulting by r Taka

Post by team fl » Tue Mar 26, 2024 9:33 am

Just to make it clear what Hansa implied: FPC is reviewing this case.
I didn't mean to say it. But I meant what I said.

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Re: Insulting by r Taka

Post by cataracs » Mon Apr 01, 2024 1:49 am

schappy wrote:
Mon Mar 25, 2024 4:58 pm
Today 14h Race
r TAKA(15:55): couldn't I get a better bitch in my wheel
My Sprinter is on his wheel at the sprint.
Sorry schappy, that wasn't meant as an insult, just a joke, I still launched early :)

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Re: Insulting by r Taka

Post by schappy » Mon Apr 01, 2024 12:12 pm

Blabla, in every race you say something against me, so be youself and no false apology here
I´ve got the magic in me

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Re: Insulting by r Taka

Post by cataracs » Mon Apr 01, 2024 12:56 pm

I talk about your bad way of riding, but doesn't mean I want to insult you :)

if the FPK was fair and gave you a temp ban for not making tempo, maybe you'll change and we'll be good friends :lol:

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Re: Insulting by r Taka

Post by Gipfelstuermer » Thu Apr 04, 2024 7:34 am

FPC Decision: Fine of 100k. FPC decided that it was offensive language. Please be mindful when you chose your words.
Gameplay: Flexible Min-Tact. Improve Sprint System. Windkante.
Marketing: Re-attract old players. Advertisement. Social Media.
New Players: Fair Start Budget, New Tutorial.
Fairplay: Improve FPC features, Fair Prize Money Disribution.

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