Multi team darsseul and pontepiscopiens

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Multi team darsseul and pontepiscopiens

Post by Hanse » Sun Mar 28, 2021 9:33 pm

These 2 teams are either multies or they break rule: Die Trennung von Freunden aus der Realität und den Teams aus RSF wird dabei vorrausgesetzt!

After having "Multi stars" during the first days of 21h Catalunya they then started cooperating for MS on the 2nd last stage despite team darsseul not having a sprinter. they also used some cooperating during the last stage to chase the group without any reason.

Team darsseul even commits he often rides in favor of other team. Which is also illegal:

Team darsseul: i just want poke win one more time
Team darsseul: my sprinter want to ride i let it ride ;)
Los Galacticos: how you explain this tempo now?
Team darsseul: i prefer rode for a good player who respect the others
Team darsseul: how many time i ride for nothink ? lot of, ask to poke, i ride some times for him because i want to do it

Lets try to make RSF great again.
The game is great but lets try to get old Players back and get some new ones.

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