Many insults from CBJ

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Many insults from CBJ

Post by Idéfix » Tue Dec 03, 2019 12:56 am

Dear FPK,

Please find below today's race chat on the 22h one-day race.
In bold red the denominated insults. I let you decide the appropriate sanctions to avoid such reactions next time.
At least he congratulated my riders for theirs results and said "hi" in the beginning.

Carrera Blue Jeans: congrats to 10 and 11 today
Carrera Blue Jeans: i dont watch nothing, im just laughing about you
Carrera Blue Jeans: tiger woods
Idéfix: just watch at your GC
Carrera Blue Jeans: maybe you can reach 2 wins
Flolandria: hole in one?
Idéfix: lol you have a full sprinter team, your only goal was stages. Not mine.
Carrera Blue Jeans: improove your next giro...
Carrera Blue Jeans: :D
Carrera Blue Jeans: weak idefix
Carrera Blue Jeans: 2 wins for me....think 1 for him, or zero
Idéfix: Flolandria: what hole? --> he is talking about himself.
Carrera Blue Jeans: a pepper in idefixs hole.... last giro
Flolandria: what hole?
Carrera Blue Jeans: it hurts
Carrera Blue Jeans: like a pepper in your hole, hahahahaha
Idéfix: good night guys
Carrera Blue Jeans: 2 vicotories, more than idefix, hahahahahahahahaha
Idéfix: lol Flo :D
Idéfix: Carrera Blue Jeans: learn to put the right team for such a race --> says the guy with a full sprinter team with a single flat rider in last Giro
Flolandria: we just wave them goodbye at the beach
Flolandria: we still stay in europe after brexit!
Carrera Blue Jeans: serious ?
Idéfix: Flo = "United Kingdom" (see the flag). Ok, it's "United Kingdom of Belgium" :D
Carrera Blue Jeans: you are behind my train and want to cry now ?
Carrera Blue Jeans: learn to put the right team for such a race
Flolandria: I am not part of french connection!
Carrera Blue Jeans: learn to sprint, a guy without train
Flolandria: no belgium
Carrera Blue Jeans: :D
Idéfix: always funny, CBJ, thanks for this race and the insults and the blabla, much appreciated
Carrera Blue Jeans: but benfica ok too....Portugal or France or Germany.... Portuuuugaaal
Carrera Blue Jeans: better pistacho than you
Carrera Blue Jeans: a 92 in the back
Idéfix: :D
Carrera Blue Jeans: easy sprint with form 85
Flolandria: you learn how to sprint
Carrera Blue Jeans: what you buy with your palmares ? pizza in auxis pizzeria ?
Carrera Blue Jeans: dont need your palmares, is not so important this game
Flolandria: i still remember my win there haha
Flolandria: and poké likes to launch people in rvv
Idéfix: well, just reach half of our palmares, and then talk again
Flolandria: tuk is far from that
Carrera Blue Jeans: frenchs are just weak
Carrera Blue Jeans: tuk
Idéfix: Poké
Idéfix: nothing trash excepted your insults. Or my truth.
Flolandria: who is the best pavé player ingame?
Carrera Blue Jeans: easy win
Carrera Blue Jeans: 4 man train.... waht again how weak he begins
Idéfix: (by player I mean manager)
Carrera Blue Jeans: no idea of best trains
Carrera Blue Jeans: trash talking of a really stupid guy
Idéfix: win 2 RVVs against the best pavé player ingame and we'll talk again
Idéfix: :D
Idéfix: I only see best sprinter with best train, too much helped during the race, and fucking himself in the final sprint. Let's wonder who is "so stupid" here, in these conditions
Flolandria: what you should have done is to launch with silvio from at last 250m
Carrera Blue Jeans: but ok, ide ist the star manager here
S L Benfica: tks! desta vez tive sorte!
Carrera Blue Jeans: so stupid guys here, incredibel
Idéfix: but very good sprint
Carrera Blue Jeans: with a 92 on the back i for sure go from 150
Idéfix: you began 50m too early Pistacho. Don't do that excepted if you are desperate, or if you have really great form like 97+
Pistacho Team: gw :( parabens!
Idéfix: yep Flo. Don't trust cbj skills, or you trust nothing :D
Pistacho Team: fonix!!!! bahhhh
S L Benfica: yes! :)
Idéfix: gw Benfica
Carrera Blue Jeans: gw and good night all
Pistacho Team: gogogo
Flolandria: 2nd place with that form was much better, maybe i have to sit on a better manager train next time
Idéfix: very good Pistacho ! it's Raul vs Julio now!
S L Benfica: está a correr bem!
Idéfix: CBJ again brighting tactics... that was an obvious move :o
Flolandria: maybe to easy, seems like he fell asleep
Flolandria: you will know in 5 minutes
Idéfix: pfff easy for Alessandro. I hope you have the form, Flo :D
Idéfix: if you were not alone, noone sees you back!
Idéfix: very good attack, Fdgames!
Idéfix: please keep going
Idéfix: perfect
Carrera Blue Jeans: yes, im rude again you
Idéfix: no, I repeat, you insult me because you are rude
Carrera Blue Jeans: stupid idiot
Carrera Blue Jeans: again
Idéfix: yeah, beg for help you favo!
Carrera Blue Jeans: i insult you, because your are a stupid guy
Carrera Blue Jeans: pistacho now !
Idéfix: too much insults here again, thanks CBJ
Carrera Blue Jeans: so stupid this poor guy
Carrera Blue Jeans: lot of freinds ? your french mafia ?
Idéfix: you are weak, you don't improve your manager skills, you are insultant. This game doesn't need you
Idéfix: it's funny. Please go back to your family, CBJ. And let us enjo RSF without you :)
Idéfix: no time but you ride more than me those last 6 months
Carrera Blue Jeans: but improve ide, you will not be alone anymore
Idéfix: and not that much races. I also had monster opponents on my best wins
Carrera Blue Jeans: made your tours, lonly guy
Carrera Blue Jeans: sry, no time..... family...
Idéfix: only 5 years, not 10
Carrera Blue Jeans: consider the monster teams 2018
Idéfix: if you consider one-day shitty races, maybe. But I also ride far less "seriously" than you this kind of races.
Carrera Blue Jeans: consider the amount of races ?
Carrera Blue Jeans: 10 years playing ?
Idéfix: ok don't consider tours. 2 Monuments vs 0.
Carrera Blue Jeans: no tour, no points
Carrera Blue Jeans: points are nothing, because there are major points for tours
Idéfix: and I don't see the 2 Monuments win in your palmares.
Idéfix: anyway, 140 pts/race vs 87. You are a little bit better than half of me.
Carrera Blue Jeans: oh yes, our arguments....strong idefix...
Idéfix: I almost didn't ride since July, so...
Carrera Blue Jeans: me weak ?
Carrera Blue Jeans: september ?
Carrera Blue Jeans: your last stage win ?
Carrera Blue Jeans: its not like i never won....
Carrera Blue Jeans: only truth ? let you help idefix....really....
Idéfix: nope, it's the only truth of my pov
Carrera Blue Jeans: why out of tempo now ?
Carrera Blue Jeans: read your text, this is just trash talking.
Idéfix: not if you are smart in your tempo, but if you have no strategy, of course you lose, but you cannot complain of that. Just improve yourself if you wanna win. Anyway, today you don't deserve it once more, so let's hope someone else gets it!
S L Benfica: no chances in front! tks
Carrera Blue Jeans: with a normal sprint he wins, hope youre happy than.
Carrera Blue Jeans: all wins are good, but not yours
Carrera Blue Jeans: but ok, pistacho win is ok too for me
Carrera Blue Jeans: not now, but a long part of race
Carrera Blue Jeans: without tempo he is savin of course 1 more than me
Idéfix: as you seems not having understood, the reason I say that Pistacho has almost no chance, is that because in a 7 riders race, he CANNOT protect the 4 riders of his train. So your 74-91-93 are very very favo in these conditions. Of course it is not the same in a 8 riders race, but here, it is obvious that you should have done all the work alone until the last 30 kms. Really. But well, you crying, you get help. It is sad, but it's the world :D
Idéfix: please do, it will show again that the only stupid here is you :)
Carrera Blue Jeans: and i would write it here 1000 times
Carrera Blue Jeans: your just a stupid guy idefix
Idéfix: just assume your weakness as a manager, and do your job to improve yourself, instead of blaming others for your own characteristics
Carrera Blue Jeans: proper work, a balless team like yours
Idéfix: I have a team. See points/race indicator... you don't even reach 100... poor level !
Idéfix: yep Flo, CBJ loves blabla instead of proper work :D
Carrera Blue Jeans: make a team.... and ride
Carrera Blue Jeans: balless is your talk....out of race
Carrera Blue Jeans: aber laber du nicht....
Idéfix: but you prefer being ballless and profiting abusively from a newbie
Carrera Blue Jeans: ja weil ich so kein stich habe
Idéfix: I also have a 4 men train, but do I have a single % of chance in this race? No. Your criteria are half-blind..
Carrera Blue Jeans: red pistacho
Flolandria: too much blabla whil you let escape go, congratz
Fdgames: fresh green in front when it goes down again
Carrera Blue Jeans: 4
Carrera Blue Jeans: pistacho has a man train, and you have the opinion he shouldnt work ? i have rider to save a sprint team and a blocker ?
Carrera Blue Jeans: ok idefix, so than let it be. it would be ok.
Idéfix: well, your idea of sprint teams is investing little to get much, not my view of cyclism, obviously
Carrera Blue Jeans: easy to control Poke and Gipf together after siebing.....of course
Carrera Blue Jeans: serious
Carrera Blue Jeans: i just remember you have no idea of sprint teams, just a big mouth
Carrera Blue Jeans: should i insert the chat here ? your words ?
Idéfix: or you don't remember what happened
Idéfix: well, you are reminding yourself here your lack of respect for Giro...
Pistacho Team: I am still learning. never won a race
Carrera Blue Jeans: since giro d italia, its not new
Carrera Blue Jeans: for others , yes
Carrera Blue Jeans: no education for you, yes
Idéfix: no, you insult me because of your poor education and self-respect
Carrera Blue Jeans: french guys are strange
Carrera Blue Jeans: ;-))
Carrera Blue Jeans: your totally out of race but you must play god
Carrera Blue Jeans: i insult you because i dont like you :D
Idéfix: and btw, keep calm and remove your usual insults from your language please
Idéfix: I have no problem excepted that you cry for help while you are the top1 favo. It's PTT style, I highly dislike that, so I say it; Nothing more, don't take it too personal
Carrera Blue Jeans: shut up stupid guy
Carrera Blue Jeans: with a stronger man train....
Idéfix: but well, let's see, people are free to help or not despite your begging ^^
Carrera Blue Jeans: and again, whre is your problem ? why against me if you are totally out of sprint with your team ?
Idéfix: you still should do 50 kms alone again, and then get helped the last part
Carrera Blue Jeans: flo maybe 20 ?
Idéfix: "alone with flo" is not alone :D
Carrera Blue Jeans: and you are just trashing always against me with your shitty team
L RSV: I agree
Idéfix: well, it's good
Carrera Blue Jeans: im working now again alone
Idéfix: no kidding, but well, with you as a manager, not shocking in fact :p
Carrera Blue Jeans: i worked 50 alone... with flo
Idéfix: with your team, it's quite shocking
Idéfix: ofc he should not do zero work, but seems you were begging a bit too much/too early
Carrera Blue Jeans: are you fucking kidding me ?
Idéfix: it's 80%/20%
Idéfix: pistacho has very few chances versus your 74-91-93
Carrera Blue Jeans: 72-74-88-91
Carrera Blue Jeans: or you just always are against me ?
Carrera Blue Jeans: you saw pistacho ?
Carrera Blue Jeans: hi idefix
Idéfix: PTT style :D
Idéfix: CBJ lol, a 3-riders train in a 7 riders per team race, best train by far, and expecting help :D
Pistacho Team: ahhh , OK!
S L Benfica: porque se a fuga é alcançada, novos ataques podem surgir, e essa fuga esta controlada! entendes?
S L Benfica: pára!
S L Benfica: para o ciclista! estas a ir muito rapido!
S L Benfica: ou fazes como te expliquei, lembras? ou entao metes o teu corredor a seguir outro melhor em sprint!
Carrera Blue Jeans: a new grouop will go
Carrera Blue Jeans: dangerous
Carrera Blue Jeans: pistacho to fast.....
Pistacho Team: eu estou a aprender como se joga isso! não é assim tao facil! nunca ganhei uma corrida! :(
S L Benfica: a ver se hoje ganhas! tens hipotese disso! :D
S L Benfica: oi. sim tudo!
Pistacho Team: boa noite benfica, tudo bem contigo?
Carrera Blue Jeans: let them 3 mins again
Pistacho Team: sorry guys! dinner problems! :D
Pistacho Team: hello
Carrera Blue Jeans: guys to fast
Carrera Blue Jeans: dont believe with the lineups of today i would work zero, but ok.... if you think
Flolandria: second thing
Carrera Blue Jeans: me working zero ?
Carrera Blue Jeans: similar issues ? me off ?
Flolandria: maybe he is having personal problems
Flolandria: i had some similar issues with you in the past if i remember very well
Carrera Blue Jeans: "fair play"
Carrera Blue Jeans: after beeing on the first 6 km... a joke...
Carrera Blue Jeans: 4 man train and off....
Flolandria: i ride until pistachio comes back
Carrera Blue Jeans: of course i prefere the front group than
Carrera Blue Jeans: pistacho together ?
Carrera Blue Jeans: hi all
S L Benfica: boa noite!
L RSV: hi
Idéfix: Philippon in da place! 77340 la famille !
Idéfix: hello !
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Re: Many insults from CBJ

Post by Robyklebt » Tue Dec 03, 2019 6:13 am

Giving Carrera 500'000 seems appropriate. Not fine him, give him money. Having to endure comments of such a low level as he had to, deserves money.
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Re: Many insults from CBJ

Post by scorpsche » Tue Dec 03, 2019 10:34 am

where in the red highlighted stuff exactly is the insult?
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Re: Many insults from CBJ

Post by team fl » Tue Dec 03, 2019 11:35 am

Besides your initial conclusion hat these are (minor) insults, the best way to avoid those is to behave more properly, not to "let" the FPC decide about the punishment (implicitly taking the verdict away beforehand by yourself...). Even the starting post oozes with hubris and sarcasm, let alone your chat behaviour.

But I guess it's best to "let" the FPC decide about all facets of this case.
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Re: Many insults from CBJ

Post by CarreraBlueJeans » Tue Dec 03, 2019 12:16 pm

Gw Idefix

Tries to manipulate other against me in races

Tries to let fine me

Next step ?

For me just ridiculous...

Should i post here your words i saved during giro 2018 ? Just another classless action from you....
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Re: Many insults from CBJ

Post by Gipfelstuermer » Thu Jan 02, 2020 1:19 pm

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