Joy Ride

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Joy Ride

Post by CircleCycle » Sat Sep 14, 2019 11:39 am

Again JoyRide using "ho" instead of "who". Chat attached below. Also using "fuck off" when being reminded about this viewtopic.php?f=16&t=5613

race Chat copy from 1130, maybe need to copy it another time, when the race has finished since it can't be ruled out Joy continues with his rampage.

JoyRide: and Btw Mark still rolling
JoyRide: yes yes
SV Furpach: acused?
JoyRide: NOW THATwas really educational ;)
JoyRide: oh oh and i really liced when you acused Luques but took advantage vs Herakles
JoyRide: but you just like to being the smart one huh?
JoyRide: what do you care about my HO? wasn't that nonsense i was finned and you know it
SV Furpach: so how would you call it, purposely using "ho" instead of "who" again?
JoyRide: hope youre proud :)
JoyRide: and btw youscrewed Furpach's yellow now
JoyRide: i insulted tjhis SV Furpach: your habits show just poor education
JoyRide: indeed
SV Furpach: if you don't like that I try to defend yellow, there is still no need to get insulting
SV Furpach: so funny.
JoyRide: those are youre weapons lately
JoyRide: you can too it was for you CC
SV Furpach: nothing. Furpach can decide if he reports the "fuck off"
JoyRide: so?
SV Furpach: you were already told about "who" and not "ho"
JoyRide: so what has to do with education?
SV Furpach: so?
JoyRide: english not my native languedge OK?
JoyRide: fuck off
SV Furpach: your habits show just poor education
JoyRide: Who can handle ok Who can't ....
JoyRide: it's a habit i have
JoyRide: idgaf
SV Furpach: it is "who" not "ho"
SV Furpach: again insulting?
JoyRide: gap*
JoyRide: ho closed the gab?
SV Furpach: and who pulls his helpers?
JoyRide: go FCSB
JoyRide: claap clap
JoyRide: ME? Minko in front for GC and he'll seeb having 2 helpers now
SV Furpach: you are making his
JoyRide: you're making his job,but ok
JoyRide: now fcsb chance
JoyRide: i would rode with him
SV Furpach: and make use of you
SV Furpach: if, he should attack km1, not 10
JoyRide: km10
SV Furpach: km1
JoyRide: to manyfolowers on him
JoyRide: then stopd
JoyRide: he did
SV Furpach: strange today, that Furpach didn't attack, but ok
JoyRide: insane Vuelta definetly
JoyRide: all goodthen
JoyRide: or all good?
SV Furpach: no, why?
JoyRide: should i stop?
JoyRide: droped
SV Furpach: teamattack?!
SV Furpach: Ledgard is in, Schartner
SV Furpach: Hi CC here. Furpach said he should leave around 11
JoyRide: for not playing it
Schartner Bombe: furpach interesten in ledgard in the back
Rasmussen: Why that?
JoyRide: you should be banned too :)
Rasmussen: I guess his account is still banned.
JoyRide: beeing your multi,right?
JoyRide: still ..where is he now?...oh no he is banned
Rasmussen: Maybe I should go offline again. Or at least stop chatting.
Rasmussen: He was surely better than you.
JoyRide: definetly MG was better then you
Rasmussen: Why it is a Problem to be offline? You have a big advantage.
Rasmussen: I have to Hang some helpers that my leader has helpers if they are caught.
JoyRide: offline so long only following and now youwant us to colaborate?
team FCSB: i can t belived,you are online today Rasmussen:))
Schartner Bombe: you can pull us niet hoe we pulled you
JoyRide: guess again
Rasmussen: Yes they are both fresh, but I guess yours are also fresh?
JoyRide: you where off long enough so i guess your guys are fresh
JoyRide: ride
Rasmussen: Nobody interested in the Front group?
JoyRide: :))))))
Rasmussen: Good morning.
Schartner Bombe: i m on app today for schart. so neef to look how it Will Go.

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Re: Joy Ride

Post by schappy » Sat Sep 14, 2019 2:15 pm

JoyRide: ho would lose podium,but he dosn't care as far as i know
In this Sentence he sure not mean "who".

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