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Man Sergiu
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Re: Using sexist and offending language - JoyRide

Post by Man Sergiu » Thu Jan 10, 2019 10:04 am

team fl wrote:
Thu Jan 10, 2019 9:48 am
I also never wrote that this is "no case for this topic". I just tried to explain my view of the matter as addition as I was watching it in the spectator chat.

I think you, JoyRide, misunderstand the process of a fairplay case. First, there is a report, wether the report is correct, appropriate or whatever. Then the accused team(s) or "witnesses" (or smartasses like me and others) may add to the presented position and then the FPC should review the case IN ANY CASE. That doesn't mean that the accused team has done something wrong in the first place...
And i have not said that FPC should not review this case
And apparently i misunderstand many processes in this game ;)
And as far as i know i was the very first manager to be fined for a team attack after i droped the riders,so i might expect a fine in this case to be the very first ho gets fined/baned for trolling/missspelling YOU name it :)
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team fl
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Re: Using sexist and offending language - JoyRide

Post by team fl » Thu Jan 10, 2019 10:12 am

Man Sergiu wrote:
Thu Jan 10, 2019 10:04 am
And i have not said that FPC should not review this case
But you clearly showed your discontent polemically with this:
Great this case ( really easy job when bored)
I have said what i had to say.
"I'm glad" you're focusing on all the nonsense instead of really doing something useful for the game (i know i know... it's not my job to attract attention)
And nobody wrote that you've written that you have said that the FPC should not review this case, other than you when you clearly wrote that I wrote that:
when it is a case,and YOU-forDonkey here- said is no case for this topic
Others have been ciritcised in this thread because they didn't present the facts right or just plainly presented "wrong" facts. In this case, this applies to you too. The first quote showes the problem with your "tone" which I guess led to this thread in the first place (meaning: which lead Coesitz to think that you mean "ho" in a bad way), the second one with your interpretation or presentation of other's opinions/statements. Maybe you could just work a bit on these two things and you could avoid stuff like this.

Additionally, try to stop victimising yourself and write like a conspiracy theorist with things like this:
o just some of player can be rude/trolling/bullying others (like big dogs^^)
That's my opinion how you could have more fun playing this game. It's also my opinion that you don't deserve a penalty for this (just to be a bit on topic here...), but as you've written correctly: I am not a member of the FPC :).
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